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  1. Along comes a girl named Courtney Benton and asks Jessica to come and talk to her. Courtney says to Jessica "Hey Jessie, you deserve to die and be dead for being in a relationship with Bo! He's the guy of MY dreams and I want him for myself! It's time for me to get back at you for being in a relationship with him!" So Courtney acts on her feeling of wanting to physically hurt Jessica!
  2. "KILL JESSICA MAE PARKER!" Courtney Benton thinks to herself because she absolutely hates any other girl having Bo Duke. Courtney has a crush on and lives in a dreamworld with Bo and wants to punish any girl who's in the place that she wants
  3. Brakes on the schoolbus screach as the bus comes to a stop at the Duke place. The door is going to open as Bo gets off the bus & pats Sam on the shoulder & says " Thanks for the ride ,Sam, see you tomorrow!" Sam says "What are you talking about? It's Friday, you won't see me tomorrow. Unless you see me at the racetrack." "You bet I will!" Bo says "My Cousin Luke and I are in the race". Come on ,Bo Courtney says Let's get off this bus!" I'm staying over for dinner today with you and your family, let's do it!" "Okay okay!" says Bo "What's your hurry?" I've been sitting all day in these t
  4. I know a few episodes where Bo has a temper, like "Carnival of Thrills 1 and 2" "10 Million Dollar Sheriff" and "Twin Trouble" I don't know this other eps
  5. What eps was this picture from?
  6. Oh that's right! Mason Dixon's girls! Which season was it?
  7. Where these 2 women are in like racecar suits and they come and punch Bo and Luke and then they take off their helmets and Bo is suprised that him and Luke are getting beaten up by women
  8. Courtney says to herself alone: "I want to be Bo Duke's Girl, I want to be Bo Duke's Girl, that's the most important thing to me! I will destroy Jessica Mae Parker for sure! I will! I will! I WILL!!" There's no right for any gal but me to have Bo Duke, he's the one who I dream of. any girl who's with him will soon be destroyed!
  9. And it's also terrible that he was still young and still had alot of his life ahead of him! I think he went way too soon!
  10. There's a few Dukes cast up in heaven, like:Sorrell Booke,Denver Pyle,Waylon Jennings Peggy Rea,Nedra Voltz and Neva Patterson. May there be Dukes in heaven and some still on earth and when it's our time to go we'll join Hazzard up there.
  11. I remember one episode where Boss Hogg eats saurkraut and kielbasa
  12. Carnival of Thrills 2 and 10 Million Dollar Sheriff 2
  13. I love your avatar image!

  14. Like in "Arrest Jesse Duke" That tune played by a harmonica is being played while those gals are stripping cars and I realize that it's always being played whenever somebody's taking parts off a car
  15. Of course he's cute and a guy who likes girls. Since he was always after the girls "I" would be going for him and hope that no other girl goes for him.
  16. He also had an injury in "Find Loretta Lynn" That guy ,Bubba gave him a punch
  17. Listen (Jessica Mae Parker) character, Bo is *MY* dreamlover since he was on the look out for girls *I* want to definately be his girlfriend! it's un acceptable for a different gal than me to have him. If so I'd want to harm her

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