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  1. these are my new pictures. heres the link. http://tearsofrage.proboards98.com/index.cgi?board=pictures&action=display&thread=1152906029&page=1
  2. hey y'all on my website, i have a roleplaying club called the Rosebud. it is new and i need staff members to run the Rosebud. there is positions open, and feel free to register and pm me about becoming a staff member. thanks, reese. Welcome to the Rosebud, a roleplaying club on this website. Our club has many features which I think y'all might like. FEATURES: Dancefloor: DJ, Karaoke, Dancefloor, and the Stage. Bar: You name it, we have it. Lounge: Place to chill. Stage: Any concert can and will be performed here. Arcade: We have every video game and video game system. Theatre: Whatever the hell you wanna watch is here. Indoor Pool: No life guards, but plenty of towels. Shooting Range: Rent any gun you want and shoot freely. The Basement: Justin's own personal torture chamber. The rules for the club are the same rules that apply for this site. This club is all roleplaying. Now, there is positions that will be needing filled. POSITIONS: 2 Bar Tenders 2 Security Guards 2 Bouncers 2 DJs. Welcome to the Rosebud
  3. yup. im having LOTS of fun.. WA HA HA!!! lol.... no, im having a great time. im glad hazzardnet is back up. for me, it wouldnt let me on cause of construction or something. weird.
  4. welcome to Hazzard! great site, yes.
  5. cool! hope your having fun. register on my site please. i mean, if you want to. would be nice to have another friend.
  6. oh, cool! what? are you in college?
  7. yes, it is fun. how are y'all?
  8. hi Josh. im reesie. *hug*
  9. im in chat often everynight. i dont know where yall live, but im in P.A. im on USUALLY on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday night at 8:00 pm. Hi Brandy.
  10. reesie


    Murdoc Nicalls plays the bass in the band. 2D (Stuwart Tusspot) plays the keyboards and he is the singer. Russel Hobbs is the drums and percussion. Noodle is the guitarist and vocals sometimes. I couldnt get the pictures to work, so click this link to see them. http://www.wanadoo.co.uk/images/editorial/generalarticle/entertainment/Music/Bands/gorillaz_apr05_250.jpg Russel (african american) Noodle (purple and yellow outfit) 2D (no eyes) Murdoc (upside down cross) Damon Alburn from BLUR (the band) and Jamie Hewlett, a comic artist created the band gorillaz, a virtual band. Damon alburn is 2D, singer and keyboards. Morgan Nicchols is Murdoc, the bass player. Im not quite sure who is Russel, the drummer. Noodle is the guitar player and sometimes she sings. Many girls have made up Noodle, Miho Hatori, Rosie wilson, Tina Weymoth, Simon tong. Noodle has various people play the guitar and sing for her. Gorillaz arent exactly real. When they are in concert, the band members are projecetd on to a BIG screen and they move. The real people play behind the screen out of view. Any more questions? ill answer ANYTHING.
  11. reesie


    here is the cartoon thing u dont get. Noodle Russel Hobbs 2D (Stuwart Tusspot) Murdoc Nicalls Did the pictures work? these are the band members (characters)
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