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  1. http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/news/ap/20060317/114262512000.html
  2. found this on a site...its a bunch of clips from the movie played with the song "Animals" by Nickelback...pretty sweet vid: http://www.youtube.com/?v=nTqRpIv200Y
  3. sry thats not it...i listened to the whole song and its not it....sorry
  4. hey i can help u out with the cage 9 one go to this other dukes site and go to the sounds page and its there: www.hazzardretreat.com
  5. yeah ive been trying to make out some of the stuff the singer is saying but its too fast...
  6. sry dont kno it but that scene shouldve been an alternate beginning in its self
  7. i thought they should have put them in the movie, they were hilarious!...you guys should check em out, im sure you guys would like em...
  8. to tell you the truth, do u really think that if it were EXACTLY like the show people would come and see it? they had to make a movie where it would catch the eye of people today...i highly doubt that the producers and writers hoped to please only the "true" duke fans.
  9. NICEE i love the unrated cover version alot better...i cant wait for it to come out!!
  10. How does that actually work? is it a type of manual transmission? cause i remember bo always shifting it down to speed up and stuff...heres a pic
  11. how do you actually pull off a well executed hood-slide? ive been wanting to do it on my cars but afraid i might break a bone or somthing...
  12. i was readin my copy of 'hot rod' magazine today with the general on the cover (im sure you all have it) and i came across a piece of interesting info about the jumps involved in the movie...there were actually 4 jumps, 3 which were launched by catapults, and 1 which was manned...now if you remember in the movie there were only 3 jumps: the bridge, highway, and courthouse...well the courthouse jump scene was first performed with a stunt driver...the stunt cooridinator thought that the jump was too short, so the first unit guys performed a catapult jump with the same car...so in the courthouse you actually see 2 jumps (different angles), not one.... just wonderin if y'all would find this interesting...
  13. thanks man, i looked it up on wikipedia and its actually spelled "keyser soze" well for any of you who care, in the movie "the usual suspects" keyser soze is a druglord who takes part in a plot to kill someone and goes under a different alias called verbal kint....he is arrested by police under his alias 'kint'...the police agree to release him if he tells them about how he worked for "keyser soze"...he fabricates much of the story and they release him, fooling police once again....Moments after Kint/Soze left on bail, his interrogator figured out who Kint really was, but it was too late: keyser soze was gone, vanished without a trace. hope everyone understood that
  14. when bo and luke are talking about going to the university after getting the core samples, bo mentions katie and how "she pulled a goddamn kaiser-sozy and like that (puffing gesture) she was gone" anyone?
  15. heres the link, it seems as tho the confirmed date for the dvd is december 13, and this also confirms the Dukes movie coming out on the same day...:http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4022 (taken from the general discussion board)
  16. it also says that we should expect to see the movie come out on dvd the same day
  17. my favorite lines were: "play hard to get little buddy" "thats gotta be a new record" "well they dont blow up moo-shu pork my friend" "what is the purpose of this circle?' "how bout the special sir?" '"BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!" the highlight: "letsputanothershrimponthebarby!"
  18. cause they escaped from the back of the police car with the help of daisy
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