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  1. Was anyone else disappointed that John didn't show any of his General Lee's or mention them?
  2. i understand where y'all are coming from, but still, I've heard him say in interviews the only reason he has anything to do with the Dukes is because of his connection to John. Well what about the fans? If it werent for people like us, he most likely wouldnt be as famous. Not to mention the DOH has paid his bills for all these years. For these reasons, plus what the show stands for and how well loved it is, if I were him I'd be showing a little more respect towards the show and the fans.
  3. Am I the only one thats noticed that Tom seems to want little or nothing to do with the DOH? It seems like he's very reluctant to participate in any events such as the dukesfests for example. And when he talks about the show it almost seems he wants everyone to forget he was a part of the show. I understand the Dukes isnt the only thing he wants to be known for, but if it wasn't for this show, he probably wouldn't be where he is today. Am I reading too much into things or have u noticed too?
  4. I think Garrett said it best! The DOH is so appealing to so many people in my mind because it represents and celebrates a lifestyle that most people want to live or already live. Not to mention it always has a happy ending. Its so nice to see a positive TV show in contrast to todays negative programming. This show has somehing for everyone and it teaches good moral values as well as things the Good Book teaches us.
  5. I guess no one feels that strongly about this...I still would want the series on DVD. Maybe John would be able to do something about it if enough people expressed interest.
  6. No one knows? I think we should all rally together and petition Hanna Barbera or WB or whoever owns the rights to it to have them release it on DVD along with Enos.
  7. That's cool, I;ve watched it since I was a kid too. You got a favorite wrestler? For me its Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels (HBK).
  8. Why haven't they released it on DVD? I know there's not as big of a demand for it as other older cartoons like the Smurf's but still?
  9. I guess the thing that makes me feel weird about all the music I like being a DOH fan and all, is that I think what would uncle jesse think about my tastes in music? lol
  10. Thats funny you mention that, I'm a big fan of WWE myself! How about you? And I can go from listening to Alan Jackson and then listen to Pantera or Slipknot. Thats how far my musical tastes reach.
  11. I know most people my age would make fun of me for it, but I liked Little House on the Prairie. Mostly when I was a kid, but I'll still watch it even now if I see it on TV. Its not as entertaining as DOH, but it usually had a good plot and the story always seemed to have a moral or some lesson about life, kinda like the Dukes. People can rip on these shows all they want, but I don't think we'd have nearly as many problems in our society today if there were more good family shows on the air like little house and doh.
  12. Recently, me and my fiance went to a local ice cream shop to get ice cream and I had my good ol' general lee t-shirt on. It's was just the plain orange one with 01 and "general lee" in blue above it just like the car. So anyways, the guy that took our order was african-american and the second he saw my shirt he would not look at me. He looked at my fiance and took her order and even looked at her while he made the ice cream. The entire time he took my order and made mine he did not look at me once. I was the one paying and even when I paid and we exchanged receipts and everything he still didn't look at me. I felt kind of shocked because to me it felt like he was offended by my shirt and maybe thought it was racist (which we all know is not true). Do you think I was reading too much into this? Has anything similar to this happened to you?
  13. Yeah, I used to be on this forum all the time, but I was without internet access for quite awhile and I got away from it. So yeah, I'm gonna try to post as much as I can. DOH will always be my favorite show.
  14. Cool! That's good to know! Now I don't feel like such a weirdo! lol
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