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  1. 2 hours ago, HossC said:

    That looks fun - great work.

    You might be able to use my Fan Art version of Daisy's Jeep for the decals you need for the hood.

    BTW. A image hosting site like Flickr is the best way to go for posting pictures, and yours are showing up perfectly.

    Figuring out how to do that is way beyond me. Maybe I can copy it and send it to my cousin and have him print it and glue it on. That's about as High tech as I get. Cooter's was literally done with a ruler, pencil, crayons, a marker, and a razor knife. 

    i love looking at your stuff, Hoss, I'm just not tech enough to make it work for me. :(

  2. 1 hour ago, RogerDuke said:

    Um, that would be 9 EST. I hope you can make it. Have the DVD in the player. We will TRY to all start at the same time and post comments on this thread as it plays. 

    Dang, 9 o'clock is past the boys bedtime. I'll probably do it with you and Colt and I will tune in tomorrow afternoon for Deputy Dukes at 3


  3. 2 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

    The Big Heist

    -- Neil Bishop is a chicken farmer who got gyped by Boss so he put on a facemask and robbed Boss of $30,000 of moonshine money. His car got impounded so Daisy got it out and convinced him to come to the farm. Despite holding Jesse and Daisy at gunpoint he ended up becoming friends with all 4 Dukes.

    -- When he was holding Boss up there were stacks of money on his desk. Even so, Boss said "I never keep any money in my office"

    -- Bo getting the mail order boots reminds me of how often people shop today online without actually seeing the item in person. 

    -- The opening scene was a roof camera with the General Lee going down the road. Wow! I could watch that all day.

    -- I liked this Jesse quote while holding his gun. "Being around a still without a shotgun is like being in church without a shirt on. It don't feel right."

    -- We discussed this awhile back. Very few episodes show a TV in the Dukes living room but this one shows it the best. It is right by Bo at the end. Of course it was off. It would have been nice to see "One Armed Bandits" in the background!

    -- I loved this episode. It's one of many to have all the ingredients necessary to be classic Dukes. Your thoughts? 

    It's a fairly good episode. I would have enjoyed it more if Daisy wasn't such a sucker for doofy guys. 

  4. 13 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

    Luke's Love Story 

    -- I think from now on I'll first do a short reminder of what the episode is about before adding other comments. 

    -- This is the episode where Luke falls in love  with Powder Puff champion Amy, his competition in the Hazzard County Obstacle Derby. In the meantime Amy's female mechanic and Bo make a side bet: Ownership of  Lucifer (the black Ford Mustang) against the General Lee. 

    -- Boss hid his Mama's ashes in the trophy so he could have her close to him without Lulu knowing about it. When the trophy was in the Boar's Nest he said "My Mama sitting on a bar, and her a good Baptist." Later someone threw the trophy behind the bar. It hit an ash tray and made a puff of smoke. Boss thought it was his Mama's ashes and tried to catch them with his upside down hat. Then Rosco said "Boss, did your Mama smoke?" LOL 

    -- Luke was terrible at falling in love. After telling Amy he wouldn't be able to stop dating other girls but he wanted her to stop dating other guys he apologized in the morning but then did it again. At least he was honest.

    -- Gas at Cooter's was 66 cents a gallon. 

    -- It was sweet to hear Jesse mention his dearly departed wife. (spell check changed it to "deadly departed" just now...lol). I wish they would have done a flashback of her but they never did in 7 years. Her name was Martha or Livinia. I speculate that he was only married once but one of those names was either her middle name or nickname. 

    -- There was a bad guy named Turk. That reminded me of Enos's partner in his spin-off series. His name was Turk. 

    -- This episode was okay but I wasn't crazy about it.  I'm sorry but I was never really crazy about Amy. I don't really know why. The race was awesome though. 


    Couldn't have summed up my thoughts better. 
    -Not a fan of Amy either. Good actress but....
    Her mechanic was cute but her voice reminds me of Rudolph when he is wearing the fake nose. 
    -Cooter is still CRAZY  sends the motorcycle out the door of the Boars Nest

  5. 18 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

    Swamp Molly

    -- Welcome to California. Even though I like the Georgia episodes better it is nice to see some of these familiar places. 

    -- Jesse has a different white Ford truck. Speaking of trucks I love Molly's. I think it was used in other eps, Farmer Perkins? Didn't you post something about that truck awhile back Hoss? 

    -- This is the ep where Bo accidently had a live stick of dynamite on the arrow and blew up the outhouse and 5 years worth of Luke's car magazines. Later, Luke did just the opposite. He put a dud on when they needed a live stick. 

    -- Several years ago I learned from Ray Kohn of Northeast Ohio Dukes that Cousin Alice (Mary Jo Catlett) is the voice of Mrs Puff on SpongeBob. "Wanna rastle?" LOL

    -- I dont know why Boss said that Swamp Molly is ugly as sin. She looks good for her age.

    -- The first time I saw this episode I was as surprised as Luke to see weapons when the door was opened. 

    Oh well, it might be California but this was a great episode. At the end Jesse hinted that we would see Molly again. Sadly we didn't 

    -The truck (Swamp Molly's) is in the background in one of the episodes when they are in that one abandoned town, I can't think of the episode of the top of my head.

    -I REALLY REALLY wish they would have brought back Swamp Molly and Cousin Alice  at least once a season like they did with Huey Hogg. Cousin Alice was a great character played magnificently by Mary Jo Catlett. It would have been great to have her around to "wanna rastle" Bo,  or use her brute strength to foil bad guys. 
    The writers/etc really missed out  not using them again. 

    -now off to the fridge for some Butter Brickle Crunch....or maybe some Double Peanut Doo   with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

  6. On 4/3/2020 at 12:37 PM, RogerDuke said:

    High Octane 

    -- We learn that Luke's middle initial is K and Jesse's is L. I like to imagine that Jesse's middle name is Lee like mine and like the General Lee car. 

    -- I remember the gasoline shortage days. Thankfully I wasn't putting too many miles on my Mustang so it didn't affect me. 

    -- mouth to mouth recreation...LOL 

    -  When Agent Huntley first heard Daisy's name she thought they were talking about a dog. That made me miss our dog Daisy. 

    -- I loved Rosco and Boss in the woods with cammo, shotguns and binoculars. I really love all the woods scenes especially around the still. I wonder if that still was real. I bet it was. Hobie? 

    -- That was the only time in 7 years I can remember Enos wanting a date with someone besides Daisy. 

    -- There was a lot of clever stuff in this episode, like Bo throwing the match on the floor, hiding the shine in the gas tank and Bo drinking water when Roxanne thought it was shine. 

    -- Even though I don't drink this is my all-time favorite episode.....and no, you won't hear me repeat that in any future review. It really is. 

    -- now it's off to California *sobs* Oh well, I'll be used to it by the time Swamp Molly is half over. I sure will miss those Georgia trees though.

    Nothing to add. Best episode of the series in my opinion as well !

  7. On 4/2/2020 at 11:56 PM, RogerDuke said:

    Repo Men

    -- Those Duke boys will do anything to get that Richard Petty engine. I had forgotten that Petty was filming a tire commercial when the wreck happened. 

    -- It was exciting to watch this episode since Andrew is working on his model. I just hope it looks better than the Rolls Royce did at the end.

    -- I loved seeing the cars in Ace's lot. I remember the days when you could get a good used car for $600. Well, it didn't always end up good. 

    -- I love it when Luke explained Murphy's law and Bo asked him if Murphy was a race driver.

    --This ep is the first appearance of Lulu. She loved the Duke boys. She said that she wanted Boss to make her brother sheriff because it was a safe job. 

    -- When Rosco used the word redneck it might be the only time it was ever used in the series. For some reason they avoided that and went with hick, rube, plowboy, hayseed, etc but not redneck. 

    -- I love the scenes from the Georgia episodes that lasted all 7 years in the opening song.

    -- When Rosco said you need a registration to have a vehicle (the wrecked Petty car) on a public road I wonder why the boys didn't say that it's not on the road, it's on a trailer? 

    -- It was funny when Jesse said the boys wouldn't do well in a jury trial because there would be too many parents on the jury of the girls they've been chasing since they were 13. 

    -- I liked Luke's response when Cooter said "What do ya think old Burt Reynolds would do at a time like this?" Luke said. "I'm not sure but I know he'd be doing it with someone a whole lot prettier than you." Luke was driving slow so right after that Cooter said he wanted out so he could run ahead. 

    -- Great episode. I have to admit the first time I saw it I would have never guessed the fate of the Rolls. 

    Great Episode.
    great review.

    Love Lulu  she is a scene stealer !

    I like the Enos moments in this episode as well...when he shows up at the farm to talk to Jesse on his lunch break, as well as when they stop the boys at the roadblock to take back the "Rolls"- Enos- "Now boys I'm on your side, but you gotta come up with a better excuse than that. Now what happened to those papers, boys ?"
    Luke-"We told you a dog ate them."  Bo- "It were a big ol Doberan dog!"

    I love Bo driving the old Chevy wrecker ripping apart the 2 counterfitters cars.

  8. So I've almost finished my err...I mean Colt's play set for Cooter's Garage. I've got to put some lettering above the main garage door and build one more dormer and then put the on....but we couldn't wait so let the play being and I'll finish later. 
    Coot's Garage Features:
    The main designs of the ones on the show.
    -Working Folding Front Garage Door
    -Opening Rear Door
    -Loft Area
    -Working door to the "Office"
    -working side garage door (I took liberties with this one and ignored the weird little tie in piece that would tie in to Rheubottom's Store) Mainly because this is much more fun to be able to use another garage door for play purposes for my 8 year old.
    -Dixie (I need to get a Gold Eagle on the front and write "Dixie" on the side still) but it was literally a $1 jeep from the Dollar Tree....just some paint
    - and a surprise glimpse of.....The Mean Green Machine...should be finished later this afternoon. 

    Ok THOROUGHLY pissed off now....I've spent over an hour trying to resize photos...they are all less than 10 kb and it still will not let me load them.....


  9. On 3/30/2020 at 1:45 PM, RogerDuke said:

    Daisy's Song 

    --It was funny when Waylon said that Jessi Colter was good but he is partial to June Carter, especially since Waylon and Jessi were married in real life. In case you didn't know, June Carter was Johnny Cash's wife. Jessi is 76 years old and lives in Arizona today. 

    --I loved it before the boys went to Atlanta and Jesse said not to take advantage of city folks since it ain't their fault they don't know no better. 

    --3 great Waylon quotes.... "You know there's a distinct advantage in never growing up"...talking about Bo and Luke.

    "It'd have been a lot easier to just give Daisy her 50 bucks back" 

    "Another good thing about Hazzard County. We tend to have happy endings"

    --This is my least favorite of the Georgia episodes but is still amazing! 

    In my initial reading I found myself surprised by your last statement that Daisy's song was your least favorite Georgia episode because I really like this episode and most people would choose Mary Kaye's Baby as their least favorite (I love Mary Kaye's Baby....the moonshine flying out the windows, the boy's running around with the bows and arrows, the small general store) anyway the more I thought about it Daisy's song is probably my least favorite of the GA episodes myself.

    HOWEVER that being said there were a lot of other good things I liked about this episode that you didn't mention:
    1-The HOOD SLIDE 
    2-You see Boss's Caddy with the top up !
    3-We get a glimpse of Cooter not being totally crazy- "So why don't you all tail the FBI? Then you will find Daisy."

    Personally I like the chase through the junkyard.
    And I love the scene where Bo lights the dynamite stick and hands it to Rosco.

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