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  1. that was really fast paced trying to watch , read and type !
  2. that tire thing doesn't work or else the tires we tried it on were way too old
  3. Looks like John Schneider actually did the barn door stunt ?
  4. As Waylon said in other episodes....she'd a done had my boots and guitar
  5. Possum shoot ?? Really is that a thing ?
  6. I like this movie ranch so much better than the later Stuffs green and has foliage
  7. she cut her sharp alright hear the power steering pump squeal
  8. When is the other Rosco "hate"....seems like I should know ?
  9. Enos has his barbells and cold showers poor dude
  10. I sure will Sheriff....I just LOOOOVE doing that !
  11. They are always kicking up dust on the laundry on the clothes lines
  12. Daisy and her unmentionables ! NO SHAME lol
  13. I think it's funny Enos busting Rosco for not using correct radio procedure
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