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  1. Yesterday i saw on the tv guide channel and yahoo listings that it's coining on ABC Family every day at midnight.
  2. So does mine cable listings and the abc family website
  3. Howday yall here in eastren may have power outages it is soposer to make landfall Tuesday but it is a c 1.
  4. IS the book set 4 sigle or dubble sided sets?
  5. Well all 7 seasons no but 1-3 are on dvd right now and can get them any were.
  6. I'm 84% Dixie! lol conserdering I'm from Rual NC
  7. Well it is over and Busch won the race.
  8. I was not talking about his previous apperices but now I know thanks anyway.
  9. On the TV tome website they seid that it is a 2 hour ep. it has the same air date.
  10. just the actual thing it self and the fight sene and found out that the former star is a atempted muder those "acendents" was from a cut fuel line.
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