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Love is Blind Part 2


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Roy tells Rosco he broke his arm when one of the guys grabbed Sally and I just jumped him, but you know it works better in the movies. Roy saids that then he fell and Sally slipped out of his hold and I fell on her causing her to sprain her ankle and me break my arm. Rosco says "You mean you did all that for your sister, and that they almost took Sally with them. Roy then when they get back here they got attempted kidnapping since you and Sally are minors. Which is much more serious charge , then before." Roy says that when me I fell I hit a rock and don't remember anything after , I hope your not to mad at me Sally. Sally says you fell on me not the other guy!. Ya , because the guy spun me around and plop I went on you and the rest is history. Rosco says " The two of you really stick together then for twins" And Sally said besides Layla and Granpa we are we got right now. :p:p:p:p

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1936(Cleveland, Tn in their hospital)

Big Jim was waiting on news on how his wife Reba was doing the docter had made him wait. Big Jim had heard some crying but wasn't sure it was his baby crying. Big Jim's father Patrick O'Neill was waiting with him as well he remember when his son was born as well. Big Jim had heard a loud cry and he thought to himself that has to be my son now. That is the cry of a O'Neill for sure, the docter comes out and says Mr. O'Neill you got yourself twin sons . By now, Big Jim and Patrick O'Neill looks surprized and Big Jim says I thought I was only having one son and the docter looked well your wife and god surprized you with two. Big Jim went in to see his sons and his wife , he took a look at the first one with the green hat on and said to his wife what about Jame PatrickJr. for the first one , and she said that sounds like a good name but what about the other guy here in the blue cap here. Big Jim looks at the docter and ask what is your name, and the docter had said my name is John. Reba said I like that and it is John Patrick O'Neill it sounds like a real Irsih name to me.

Patrick O'Neill comes walking to see his son, daughter-in-law and his two new Grandsons and he is amazed at how much they look like his wife who is gone now. Reba says hi and says to Patrick O'Neill that the guy in the green cap is James Patrick O'Neill Jr. and the guy in Blue is John Patrick O'Neill and Patrick says to his son and his wife that my father's name was John Patrick O'Neill and it will be a honor to have my grandson carry the my father's name. Patrick says if only Rebecca was around to see these babies her she would be so pleased and they look like her to, they carry the Presley looks. Big Jim says that as soon I can I am calling my Vernon Presley (Elivis Presley was born in 1935) and telling him about the twins Reba.

Back to the present and he is smiling thinking about what happen to his two grandkids just today. Rosco is done talking to the Sally and Roy and he wants to tell Big Jim something and he says that maybe you should sit down for this. Big Jim asks what is the news Rosco and Rosco goes to tell him that Roy got hurt defending Sally, and those people in Sweetwater tried to take Sally as a hostage Big Jim. By the way what was you thinking of just now, and Big Jim says to Rosco just of when my twins was born. Rosco says that he didn't know he had twins , that he heard of John through Layla but what was the other twins name. And Big Jim with a tear in his eye said that it was James Patrick O'Neill Jr. and that he died when he was six years old , and I thought that was going to be the only lost in my life Rosco. :p

I :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Narrotor: Doesn't that just make you want to cry now. Patrick lose his wife before all this and later Big Jim lose his son James Patrick Jr.

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Uncle Jesse and Bo are about the leave the station when Kate calls Bo over.

Bo: Go ahead Uncle Jesse.

Uncle Jesse walks out to start up the truck as Bo goes over to talk to Kate.

Bo: Now what.

Kate: Oh Bo. You are such a sweet boy. You ain't gonna let them put us in prison are you?

Bo: Don't you try any of that sweet talk on me lady! You've done enough damage to Luke. Not to mention what he'd do to me if I took his girl anyway.

But while Kate is talking, Mark clubs Bo over the head with his fist and knocks him out. He then gets Bo's jackknife out of his pocket and picks the lock.

Chris: Good work Kate.

Kate: You too Mark.

Mark: (opening jail) Okay, I'll hold the knife to him as you two get some guns.

The three of them exit the jail. When the cops see them, they hold Bo up with the knife to his throat. Bo is starting to regain consciousness and realizing what's going on.

Mark: Drop your guns!

The cops drop their guns and Chris and Kate take them away. The three of them get into a police car. Chris hotwires it while Mark gets in the backseat with Bo and Kate rides shotgun with a shotgun.

Kate: (pointing gun at Bo) No quick moves now pretty boy. You'll be seeing that handsome cousin of yours real soon.

Bo: Do what you like with me. Just don't hurt Luke. You've done enough to him.

Mark: Apparantly not, seeing as you gave it away that he's still living.

Chris: But he won't be for long if those little pills do their job.

Bo is scared out of his wits as they drive off towards the hospital.

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The Telephone rings and it is Uncle Jesse and he is explaining he driving back by himself. Luke is wandering what did Bo do now in Sweetwater and he says that it not that simple to tell ya.

Uncle Jesse says "That Kate and those two guys got Bo, Luke."

Luke says " What was that Uncle Jesse?"

Uncle Jesse says " That they got Bo right now, and are headed for the hospital."

Luke says " I'll warn Rosco and Big Jim seeing how I found out that Enos, Sally and Roy are here as well Uncle Jesse."

Uncle Jesse says "What was that again, Luke."

Luke gets the nurse again and she thinks he is flirting with her again, and he tells her to go ahold of the Sheriff real quick and Big Jim that their is trouble on the way right now."

Narrator : Don't leave yet folks,."

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So The nurse says " Okay i'll tell them but i know you stay in the bed ",

Then Luke says " I will don't worry doc has me confined to this bed i just hope my cousin Bo will be okay cause I don't want to lose him".

Ballader : So now we have double the trouble Bo and Luke's life is hanging on the line .

after Luke did his part he layed back and chilled he suddenly felt funny like he was falling into a deep slumber again " Oh i feel so sleepy

but i don't know why oh my eyes i can't ......... i can't ...... keep them op..

then Luke falls again into his deep Comatosed state and he may not wake up due to the pill that is in his body unaware to him folks.

Meanwhile Bo and the baddies are pulling into the Hospital parking lot Kate get's out first followed by Mark who is in the backseat with Bo he says " Alright C'mon pretty boy let's go get your cousin so the bad dudes come into the hospital try to not draw any attention until the reach Luke's room she says " Oh No his door is locked now what ,. Then Mark says " Well Kate honey i guess where just gonna have to pick the lock so Chris handed him his credit card and mark put it in he said " Oh alright it worked they saw that Luke was asleep Bo got a quick glance at him he said " DON'T YOU HURT HIM HE HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH ", So then Mark said " Oh we ain't the pill will though then Mark picked up an Comatosed Luke he carried him out to the car he layed him into the backseat then he put a blanket over him then he said " Sweet Dreams Luke and don't worry your girlfriend is okay.

Balladeer : Oh Lord friends this don't look good.

Cue : Jamanda

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Chris: What about the cop?

Kate: I'll go take care of him.

Bo: Oh come on now! Ain't you done enough damage already?

Mark: What do you care about some cop pretty boy?

Bo: He happens to be our friend...not to mention that he's in love with our cousin Daisy.

Chris: Well that's just all the more reason to take care of you boys...you hang around cops to much.

Kate sneaks back into the hospital.

Bo: Please, can you at least let me try to revive Luke.

Mark: Oh go ahead. But it ain't gonna work.

Bo: Luke! Luke buddy, you gotta wake up.

At that time, Daisy and Cooter arrive at the hospital, looking for Bo and to check on Luke. Cooter checks the front parking lot as Daisy goes to Luke's room. Daisy finds that Luke isn't in his room and starts to panic.

Daisy: Luke! Where are you?

Kate: (putting a gun to her back) Oh he's with us honey. How about I take you to him?

Daisy: Kate! Oh I ain't ever gonna forget this you dirty...

Kate: Save the names for later dear...come on this way...

Cooter gets worried when he can't find Daisy. He checks Enos's room, where Enos has just woken up.

Enos: Cooter? What's going on?

Cooter: Daisy been in here?

Enos: No. Why?

Cooter: Well, I hate to bother ya but Bo's in trouble. Me an' Daisy came here to find him, but I lost her.

Enos: Cooter...

Cooter: I shouldn'ta told you that.

Enos: (getting up) Let's go.

Cooter: Enos...you really shouldn't...

Enos: Daisy's in trouble <ow> and I ain't gonna lie here <oooh>

Cooter: I don't think...

Enos: I'm going with you, now git!

Cooter: Well at least put some pants on.

Enos pulls on his pants and follows Cooter out of the room. They head over to a window and see Kate walking Daisy out to a police car.

Cooter: Oh man...I knew it.

Enos: That's that lady Luke was with.

Cooter: Yeah, and tried to kill him.

Enos: I can see Bo and Luke in that car...but it looks like Luke is out.

Cooter: I thought he was getting better?

Enos: Now they got all three of them.

Cooter: They took Bo as a hostage so they could escape...they took Luke cuz they wanted him dead to begin with...but why take Daisy?

Enos: <sighs> They wanted me dead too...

Cooter: Uh oh. You mean...?

Enos: If anything happens to Daisy...I might as well be...

Cooter: Ain't no one gonna wind up dead Enos...Come on.

Kate walks Daisy out to the car.

Chris: I thought you were getting the cop.

Kate: This is better...at least if he's really in love with her.

Daisy: You mean you're gonna use me to...?

Mark: That's right.

Daisy: What's wrong with Luke?

Bo: He won't wake up.

Kate: Oh get in there. Chris, get us to the hideout.

Chris: Yes ma'am.

Chris drives the car as Kate holds Daisy at gunpoint up front. Mark has the knife to Bo in the back, but doesn't really need it as Bo is busy trying to revive Luke. But as they drive off, they don't notice a dirty towtruck following them.

Enos: Just don't let them know we're here.

Cooter: I'm trying. You'd think they'd lose the police car though.

Enos: They will soon. Dang, I wish I had my gun.

Balladeer: Me too. I'd shoot anyone who'd try to hurt Daisy.

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Bo : Oh C'mon Luke please you gotta wake up buddy !!!



Daisy You Ain't gonna Kill Luke is you cause what good would he be if he was dead ?


Kate : No I ain't gonna to but the drug will but he'll be okay well lose them.

Mark : Hey where here what are we going to do with Plowboy and his Cousin who is out cold , Dollface here ?

Kate : Well why don't Chris Take Daisy and Mark and me will handle Bo and Luke .

Chris : Okay C'mon Daisy i won't hurt you but i can't promise something won't happen to Luke and Bo .



Cooter : Oh ding danit where in the world could they have gone well i guess we is gonna have to search around Enos ?

ENOS : C'mon Cooter I don't want anything happening to Luke or Daisy they can't die i won't let that happen.

Meanwhile out a the hide out Mark was dragging a Comatosed Luke out of the backseat along with Bo who is not happy.

Bo : Why couldn't i revive Luke he is just asleep why won't he wake up ?

Kate : Bo he is drugged with a heavy naroctic pill but don't worry he won't feel a thing.

Bo : if you kill him you'll pay dearly



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Chris pulls Daisy out into the woods while Mark and Kate take Bo and Luke out to an old still site.

Chris: Now you just stay out here with me baby.

Daisy: I ain't your baby. What are they gonna do to Bo and Luke?

Chris: Don't worry. It'll be quick and painless. Frankly, I'm quite glad they let me take care of you.

Daisy: You stay away from me!

Mark: No quick moves now boy.

Bo: Luke...please wake up Luke.

Kate: (holding Luke's head) Oh he will...he'll wake up with the angels.

Bo: You know he loved you right? He got so mad when I told him you were a crook.

Kate: So did the last man I charmed into giving me what I want.

Bo: What is it you want anyway? Why'd ya'll do this to Luke?

Cooter and Enos find the general area, but aren't sure where the hideout is.

Cooter: They've gotta be around here somewhere.

Enos: Hey...I think Mr. Hogg has a still somewhere around here.

Cooter: You remember where?

Enos: I think it's right over that ridge.

Cooter: I'll go check it out. You stay here.

Enos: But...

Cooter: Enos, you just busted out of the hospital and you're not even wearing a shirt.

Enos: Well I wasn't about to go running around in a hospital gown and my pants.

Cooter: I sure wish you had your gun though.

Cooter sneaks over to the ridge where Mark and Kate have Bo and Luke. At the same time, Enos hears something in the woods and goes towards the noise.

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Luke being still out like a light not making a peep he is gonna be sleeping with the Angels seeing as how they gave him a heavy dose Bo: "C'mon Luke you have to snap out of this ", . As the bad dudes was out of the way for the moment bo leans down he whispers in luke's ear " Luke wake up cuz " LUKE KATE AIN'T WHO YOU THINK SHE IS", . then Bo says " i don't understand this " Luke i ........ , i .........., your gonna die their plannng to do away with you

Meanwhile Kate and Mark was just coming back up to the ridge where they had Bo and Luke she said " We'll i guess i'll handle Luke you can take Bo ", Mark then said " Well Luke is sound asleep and Bo will be so full of pain too after all we can't let those two identify us. so they then make their way to the Still Site they take Luke out of the ropes he was tied in and the gag that was in his mouth is out his limp body just falls down he coughs some due to the injury to his lungs Bo said " No ain't you done anough damege to him why he might as well be Dead where he's standing ", Then mark says " you stay quiet i don't want to have to hurt you too and if your a good boy your Cousin can see you one more time .

cue Jamanda

Balladeer : Bo and Luke is gonna be Heaven's angels tonight.

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Bo: Can't I have one last goodbye...alone?

Kate: Well...

Mark: Are you crazy?

Kate: Two minutes...that's it...

Kate and Mark give them some space. As Bo is holding Luke, he looks up and sees Cooter sneaking around. He doesn't want to give Cooter away, so he redirects his attention to Luke.

Bo: Come on Luke. Wake up.

Luke: (groans) Bo...poison...

Bo: Poison?

Luke: Poison

Bo: Luke...you can't die Luke...

Luke: I won't...but you gotta listen...

Bo leans his head closer to Luke's, as if he's weaping, but Luke whispers in his ear.

Luke: I think I know what they drugged me with. Do what I tell you and I might make it.

Bo nods and listens to Luke's whispers.

Out in the woods, Daisy is still backing away from Chris.

Daisy: Stay away from me!

Chris: Come on doll face...no one's looking...

Chris keeps advancing and loosens his belt.

Back at the still, Bo pretends he's weeping as he uses some of the tubing from the still as Luke instructs him to.

Mark: Hey...what's he doing over there?

Kate: I'm not sure but...

Suddenly, a net drops down on them.

Cooter: Don't ya'll know there's always revenuer traps at a still site? Give me that knife...the gun too.

Bo: Hey Cooter! Come help me with this!

Back in the woods, Chris almost has Daisy cornered when something is jammed into his back.

Enos: Don't turn around.

Daisy runs behind Enos and over the ridge and Chris wimpers.

Enos: You have the right to remain silent.

Chris didn't even realize he was being held with a stick until Daisy came back with a gun.

Daisy: Here you go.

Enos: Oh, that's better.

Chris: What?

Enos: I didn't say you could turn around.

Daisy: What are you doing here anyway Enos? You don't have a shirt on.

Enos: We were kind of in a hurry Daisy.

Daisy: Oh you two. Cooter's got the others trapped in a net.

Enos: How's Bo and Luke?

Daisy: I don't know. Bo and Cooter are doing something to Luke, but I can't tell what it is.

Chris: Luke's done for. That pill we gave him'll work wonders.

Enos: If that pill you gave him is what I think it is, then all the ingredients for an antidote are right there by that still.

Chris: Huh?

Luke saw the same thing. Bo used some of the tubing and parts of the still to boil up some herbs Cooter gathered up. Luke managed to drink it before falling back to sleep.

Bo: I sure hope this works.

Cooter: Me too.

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Luke opens his eyes.

Luke: Bo? Cooter?

Bo: Hey Luke!

Cooter: Well I'll be...it worked.

Luke: (sitting up) Gah...I had almost forgotten that a buddy of mine got drugged like that in Vietnam. We managed to save him this way.

Bo: So you'll be okay.

Luke: I'll have heartburn for about two months, but I'll live.

Cooter: So drink some Pepto.

Luke: After I have a talk with that girl there.

Bo: Now Luke you ain't still...?

Luke ignores him and walks over to Kate, who's still trapped in the net.

Luke: I gotta hand it to ya. You had me going so bad, I almost forgot my survival training.

Kate: I admit, I hated doing that to ya.

Luke: Not enough to keep yourself from doing it.

Luke walks away as Uncle Jesse pulls up with Rosco.

Rosco: All right...hold it right there.

Jesse: They ain't goin' nowhere Rosco. Where's Daisy?

Cooter: Over there with Enos. He's holding the other one.

Luke: Enos is here?

Cooter: Yeah, and he's gonna catch his death of cold if he still hasn't put a shirt on.

Rosco finds Chris handcuffed to a tree, but Enos and Daisy are nowhere to be found.

Rosco: All right you. Where'd they go?

Chris: What do I care?

Rosco: Me either. Get on here.

Rosco unlocks his handcuffs, re-locks them when Chris is free from the tree, and takes him away. Bo, Luke, and Cooter sneak through the woods and find Enos and Daisy.

Luke: Just what I thought.

Bo: You know, I don't think she's ever seen him without a shirt on.

Cooter: He probably knew that would happen if he didn't wear one.

Bo: You'd think he'd go without one more often then.

Luke: If it was anyone else, yes. But not Enos.

Bo: Yeah, never gotta worry about him. See, they're just talking now.

Cooter: He ain't ever gonna get rid of his reputation this way.

Luke: Ah, leave 'em alone. We can trust him. But why is it I never get the girl in the end?

Bo: Now don't start that again.

Cooter: Don't speak too soon Lucas Dukas. Look who's here.

Just then, Cletus and Layla drive up.

CUE JulieDuke

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Layla and Cletus drive up and see that they will be apprecicated with there car and they see Enos and Rosco there to with Kate, Chris and Mark. Rosco says that Roy tells that one of you guys tried to kidnap his sister Sally , but apparently on of you guys will have one sore back soon. Layla is laughing and apparently nobody is catching the joke that she see's so funny. Bo is asking what Rosco mean by all that and he goes on to explain that when one those guys grabbed Sally, Roy jumped on their back and accidently tackled him and he fell on Sally that all. Then by then everybody is laughing about what Rosco had said about Roy, and Bo said that he figures that his football lessons to Roy has finally paid off. And Layla is looking and says , well I guess Roy is just a future Altanta Falcons Fullback then.

Narrator: Well it looks likes Roy used his head eariler.

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Just as Big Jim was getting worried for Bo, Luke and Daisy and everybody else especially his grandkids his grandson John Jr. walks in and says to his grandfather that I had heard through grandma that they twins got hurt.

Big Jim: Julie Duke how are you doing today?

Julie : It is Julie O'Neill now, and having my first baby any minute now.

Big Jim:Well , lets get the nurse over here then, and he yells for a nurse saying that my great-grandchild needs a proper welcome in the world. It my first great-grandchild.

Julie : Says will they please hurry up?

Nurse : If you will just come this way, and make sure that baby is okay.

Julie : Oh, it's twins you know that I am having.

Big Jim : Another set twins in this family, you know father was a twins, and you mother and father had twins and now you and Julie are having twins. What a fine a family tradition the O'Neill.

Narrator: Won't everybody be surprized by this news folks. :p:D:D:D:p

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As Luke was trying to digest the antidote from the poison his stomach was still feeling funny and he'll be having acid for about 2 months now. Let me tell ya friends o'l Luke don't do well with stomach acid his throat get's so sore.

Bo and Luke decided that it was time to go home unfortunetly as Bo and Luke was leaving Luke got this sudden overwhelming feeling of confusion on accont of miss Katherine Mcormick missed him up good " Oh I'll never forget her Bo i loved her so much then Luke said with tears :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: why did she have to play me like a fool l loved her so much Bo she was just so beautiful , funny, and nice. " Why every girl that i go out with breaks my heart i don't know why.

Then Bo said ' Well Cuz i don't know what to tell you except that maybe your shyness get's in the way ? but i ain't picking on you Luke it's just you have always been shy even when you was little kid and Suellen moore would chase you around the jungle jym just to get you to kiss her this was in like 3rd grade do you remember that cousin ?", Luke then stood their for a moment then he started chuckling he said " yes i do remember that she pushed down in the sandbox she tried to kiss me but the teacher showed up so she couldn't that was a funny girl she was a looker but i wonder whatever happened to her ? .

Cue : Jamanda

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Balladeer: Well folks, after going back to the hospital, Luke was able to get all the poison out of his system, and a good prescription for heartburn. Now they're all back where we started.

Bo and Luke are hanging out at the Boar's Nest. Enos and Daisy are dancing, Cooter is talking to Rosco about car repairs, and Uncle Jesse is arguing with Boss Hogg about city taxes. Just then, a pretty girl walks in.

Luke: Well would you look at that?

Bo: Um...Luke?

And another girl walks in with her.

Luke: Let's go Bo.

Bo: Right with ya cousin!

Balladeer: Yep, some things never change...especially in Hazzard County.

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Layla and had went to the hospital after her grandfather had told her she about to be a aunt after all this. Layla was thinking that she hasn't seen her brother John since he went into the Marines. When she walks in she sees that her brother waiting with Grandfather and there was her Grandmother as well. John was asking Layla what is going on around this county, I know I haven't been around in a long time but the general is at Cooter's and Bo and Luke aren't no where to be found neither is Cooter is Enos and Rosco or Cletus and could that be are you a deputy here. The Docter comes out and says that he wants to see John , and he tells him that there is surprized in for him about Julie. John is asking what is the big surprized for me Doc,.... and the docter told him you know how your wife said you having Twins, well had one more to that. John had looked at the docter like he was kidding with him and he asked him , are you serious doc. The Docter said I certainly come back and see your new sons and daughter back with your wife. John went to see Julie, and she says well aint' this going to surprize my Uncle and cousins. And John says to her what names for these the O'neill three here, and John says the boy in Blue is John Patrick III and the boy in green is Jesse James and the this little girl is Rebecca Mae and that would fit right in. The docter said that the family could come back and see the babies and Layla, was so happy that she looked and John Patrick III, Jesse James and Rebecca Mae and she says that Julie that your Jesse is so going to so please that you named one of the babies after him. And Julie said that we figure with a name like Jesse James we are honoring both Uncle Jesse and Big Jim. And Big Jim says to the John that he is going to phone Uncle Jesse and tell him about the babies right now. :p:p:p

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Layla had realized that who this Chris guy was after awhile, Chris was the guy before she had met Luke and before she was racing on the Nascar Circuit.Layla had knew him in Alabama and they broken but he never got over her, that was how he knew about Sally and Roy. Roy never did like Chris that well. Layla was now on her way to see how John and Julie was doing and get there to let her grandpa know that she was okay, she had picked up her grandmother on the way over there. She had told Rosco her connection to Chris before she had left the Sheriff's station and he had looked stunned about him. Layla was so happy about being a Aunt for the very first time and she yet sad at the same time to, you see she had missed her parents and wished she hadn't had that miscarriage and accidents after a few years ago. Oh, how she still loved Luke, she must find a way to tell before it is too late.

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Two months later,

Layla is asking Luke isn't this odd about John asking me to be Godmother to the triplets and Julie asking you to be Godfather to the triplets. It almost like they know what they are doing with this, and well Luke do you think little J.P. or J.J. are going to keep a out of trouble as they get older now. Layla lets not forget there is little Rebecca Mae to consider as well, she is going to be a little heartbreaker you know she looks just like Julie.

Bo is asking how Roy doing Layla , and she had said that he gets his cast off tomorrow and he just can't wait to drive again. Layla says " You know Bo, I have bought Roy a Toronado and he will just have a ball with that car, at least no more agruement between him Sally anymore. Beside if Roy floods his car or breaks the cb he can't anybody but himself." Daisy sees Layla talking with Bo and Luke and is asking how is those triplets doing Layla. Layla said just fine but the J.P. and J.J. won't let there parents sleep through night now. Layla says that I know this for a fact because I watched them last night so John and Julie could go out for the first time since they had them. Daisy Big Jim says the boys looks like him and Daisy says that Uncle Jesse says those boys looks like him. Bo says will have to wait to the kids get older to settle that right there, and Layla says to Luke there is something I have been meaning to tell you for a long time now , but it kind of personal and not in front of everybody here.

Narrator: Now I wonder what Layla had to tell Luke Now. :p

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