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Love is Blind Part 2


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Balladeer: So this is what's going on, in case ya'll are as lost as I am. Luke met this pretty lady named Kate at the Boar's Nest...and that was it. After falling for her like a ton of bricks, he and Kate went off on a romantic rendezvous. Meanwhile, a couple of goons are asking about Kate at the Boar's Nest and Daisy sent Bo to find Luke and his girlfriend.


Bo: Luke! Where are you!?>

Balladeer: Bo came back to the Boar's Nest and it finally dawned on him where Luke was at and he told the goons where to find Kate. The two men drove off in a green chevy and Bo followed them out there later in Daisy's Jeep, as Luke had the General. But once Bo got out there, the goons and Kate were gone and Luke is nowhere to be found.

<Flashback of explosion>

Balladeer: Bo only found Luke when something exploded in the General Lee. Deputies Cletus and Layla arrived and helped Bo take Luke to the hospital while Rosco and Enos chased a green chevy that's speeding away. At the hospital, Luke is stable, but unconscious, and Daisy gets off the phone with Enos with news about the crooks.

Bo: That dang dipstick lost them.

Daisy: He did what he could. At least we know that the car belonged to Kate.

Bo: That green chevy. Was it the same car those two guys drove?

Daisy: What guys?

Bo: The one's looking for Kate.

Daisy: Yeah it was! They drove off in it when you told them where to find them.

Bo: It's all my fault! I shouldn't have...

Daisy: It is NOT your fault. How were you supposed to know they were up to no good?

Bo: It must've been them that put that dynamite back there.

Daisy: How do you know it wasn't already there? You two use dynamite all the time.

Bo: Because I distinctly remember helping Luke clean out the General yesterday. He said he didn't want any women to see dynamite back there, which means he wouldn't have gotten any more either.

Daisy: So someone else had to put it there.

Bo: But who? The girl? Or one of those two hoods?

Meanwhile, Kate and her friends traded the car for something different in Choctaw county.

Mark: We'll take it. And this time, I'm driving.

Kate: Excuse me. It's my car.

Chris: Kate honey, no offense, but you drive like my grandmother.

Kate: Well hopefully we're done with the business and we won't need to go any faster.

After more arguing, Mark lets Kate drive the faded red-orange 1980 Chevy Caprice Classic.

Chris: Man, this thing is a boat.

Mark: Yeah it's ugly, but there's plenty of room for merchandise.

Kate: Don't go doggin' on my car. Let's go.

They take off down the road. The sign behind them reads...

Ace's Used Car Lot

Balladeer: Now in case ya'll forgot, Ace used to have his car lot in Hazzard, until he had a little run in with the Duke boys and a Rolls Royce. Now he runs he crooked business in Choctaw county, and it's still as crooked as ever. Take the car Miss Kate just bought. It was freshly stolen from a couple of young college students from Atlanta...and of course, ol' Ace didn't bother changing the liscense plate.

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Balladeer : Luke is still Stable but he is out like a light and Bo is feeling guilty cause he told the bad dudes where Luke and Kate Mcormick was if Luke don't make it then Bo will be living with that feeling.

Meanwhile back at Tri-County Bo and Daisy was trying to think of a good way to find out why these people did this to Luke " Daisy why would they want to harm Luke he didn't do anything to deserve this unfortunetly i led them to where they could find him he now is suffering", Then Daisy looks at Bo and says " C'mon Bo it's okay Luke won't blame you it was an accident they happen I'm just lucky that Luke is here in the Hospital not with them but anway we can't tell Luke about this on accont of he may not believe us ".

Bo then walks over to Luke's window he looks at Luke just lying their thinking why in the world did this have to happen to you if it wasn't for me and my big mouth you wouldn't be here i'm just happy though your not dead yet ", then Bo walks into Luke's room he bends down by the bed he says " Luke c'mon wake up Uncle Jesse , me , and Daisy we really miss you and these people are gonna pay for what they did ya i can't believe that ENOS LOST THEM !!!! He tried at least Luke i need you to come out of your shell please wake up then Luke's doctor comes in he says "

Bo i'm sorry but visting hours are over Y'alla are gonna have to leave don't worry Luke is in good hands". Then Bo said " Um Okay Doc will be leaving now but please i don't wanna lose him try to save him then the Doc said " Well Bo i can't make you any promises but i'm trying to he is in bad shape though but is getting plenty of rest for sure then Bo says " Well goodbye Luke i'll see ya later so then Bo walks out of Luke's room with tears in his eyes cause he really feels bad for Luke :(:(:(:( he wishes that his cousin would wake up tell him everything is okay don't worry but Luke ain't showing any changes unfortunetly this don't look good Bo is stuck having to for the first time thinking his way out of a bad situation with Luke out colder then a dead fish he is stuck.

Meanwhile back in Luke's hospital Room the Doctor was checking out his reflex's he lifted up one of Luke's eye lids he shined a light in it he said

" Eye movement is slow but looks good then he checked Luke's heart moniter he sees that it is good " Well so far nothing new i just hope he don't have another heart attack.

Balladeer : Friends Luke is gonna need some kind of miracle.

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Bo is back in Luke's room, holding his hand a praying when he hears a soft noise.

Luke: <groans> Wha????

Bo: LUKE! Luke wake up! Oh boy am I glad to see you!

Luke: What in tarnation...?

Bo: Now you just take it easy Luke. Somethin' blew up in the General Lee while you were in it.

Luke: The General?

Bo: Don't worry about the General. Cooter's working on him right now.

Luke: Is Kate all right?

Bo was afraid Kate's name would turn up.

Bo: She wasn't there Luke. She uh...left before it happened.

Luke: Where is she?

Bo: Well I don't know. She left with those two fellas who were looking for her at the Boar's Nest.

Luke: I need to see her.

Bo: You need to rest.

Bo leaves and lets Uncle Jesse and Daisy see Luke. They pretty much tell him the same thing when he asks about Kate. Daisy adds a little more.

Daisy: Don't you worry about her none Luke. We're actually trying to find her.

Luke: Good. I really want to see her again.

Daisy: Oh Luke.

Daisy, having hung around Enos too long, didn't want to lie. But she wasn't ready to tell Luke the whole truth either.

Meanwhile, back at the police station.

Rosco: Enos? Have you seen Flash?

Enos: She's taking a nap under your desk.

Rosco: Oh there you are little velvet ears. It's time for your lunchtime snack.

Enos: (under his breath) She gets more snacks than I do.

Rosco: I heard that you dipstick!

Enos: Hey sherriff! There's something coming over the APB!

Rosco: Ooooh Oooh! Read it!

Enos: All points bulliten. Stolen car sighted on highway 75 heading north.

Rosco: Oh goody! We got 'em now!

Enos: It's not that green one we were chasing though. It's a red-orange 1980 Chevy Caprice Classic.

Rosco: Well radio the others anyway.

Enos: Sure sherriff.

Enos gets on the CB to inform the other deputies of the stolen car, not knowing that it's the same people they had chased earlier.


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Layla pick up the radio and she is driving because she thinks that Cletus drives like her grandmother. Layla says "This is car three , what do you want now."

Enos says" Cars three is that you out there?

Layla says "Ya, it is me what happen now?

Enos says " Well, a apb came out for a Green 1980 Chevy Caprice Classic being spotted in another county."

Layla says " Do you know how Luke is doing right now, me and Cletus are pretty worried about him."

Enos says " I check for ya, when I talk to Daisy again is she'll talk to me again."

Layla says " Oh Enos, do me a favor the twins cars isn't running again can you pick them up for me."

Enos says " Sure no problem on that"

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Sally says " Roy you knucklehead why did you flood the Bel-Air this morning, and why did you want to drive.'

Roy says "Because , I can drive better than you Sally.":

Sally says " Oh., who says Rosco after he was chasing you."

Roy says " Oh, Nevermind who says so Sally, there's Enos I think he is might giving us a ride."

Sally says " At least it's not the Sheriff picking us up from school.":

Roy says " You got a point there sister , now I think he is waiting for us and besides the principal wants to talk to me about something now. "

Sally says "What did you do Roy, flood his car as well"

Narrator : It sounds like Sally and Roy are quite a handful now, wouldn't you agree with me here.

Cue Anybody

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Back at the hospital, Luke is awake enough to tell the other Dukes to go on home.

Luke: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Just go on home and let me know when you find Kate.

Bo: Well, we'll go home if you promise to rest and not worry about her.

Luke: What? Do you not like her?

Bo: Now I didn't say that. I just don't want you to worry.

Luke: Worry about what?

Bo: About a girl you just met. We'll let you know when we find her. You just rest up.

Luke: Why do I get the impression you're not telling me something?

Bo bit his lip. On one hand, Luke had the right to know, but on the other hand, Luke didn't need to be upset.

Meanwhile, Layla and Cletus spot the red-orange chevy and start going after it.

Kate: Now what?

Mark: I don't know. You're the one who wanted to go back through Hazzard.

Kate: I didn't think they'd recognize us in a different car!

Chris: Kate honey, you'd better stop thinking and start driving!

Kate puts the pedal to the floor as Cletus radios for back-up.

Cue Kitty

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Luke is totally confused he can't seem to understand what is going on .

Luke : I don't know what is going on this is the first that Bo has kept a secret from me.

Luke : I hope Kate's okay cause i Love her with all my heart she is too Cool , nice , funny, and my girlfriend but i promised Bo i wouldn't worry and get some sleep so i guess i'll get some so 15 minutes later Luke fell asleep.

Outside in the hospital Parking Lot Bo was trying hard to find a way to tell Luke so he wouldn't be upset .

Bo : I really don't know how to tell Luke about this Uncle Jesse cause i don't want to hurt him i know he is gonna be in Pain.

Uncle Jesse : I know Bo and i wish i could tell you that it will be easy to tell him but it won't cause he loves her so much true Luke will be in Pain but he'll get over and he'll forgive you at least i hope he will.

Bo : I sure hope your right about that cause Luke and Me have always had words sometimes but i just think this time is different uncle Jesse.

Luke meanwhile was sleeping away not under any drug infulence so as Luke was sleeping was dreaming about how great it will be to have Kate back only he doesn't realize that she is no good he is gonna wind up with a brokenheart once he finds out Bo's news about his love interest.

meanwhile back at the DukeFarm Bo and Uncle Jesse was trying to figure out how to tell Luke about Kate without hurting him even though he'll be in pain when he finds out Bo is praying that he won't stay mad at him.

Bo : Uncle Jesse do you think Luke we'll hear me out when i tell him "?

Uncle Jesse : Well Bo if i were to bet i would say that Luke will probably be mad and hurt don't be surprized if your friendship is affected by it .

Bo : What do you mean are Friendship what does that have to do with it ?

Uncle Jesse : Well uh you boys have fought over girls in the past but this time it's different Luke is inlove for real this time Bo he may not see the truth because he is too blind.

Bo : Well I'm gonna go to Bed cause I ain't got a good feeling about this Uncle Jesse why did Luke have to fall in love with a girl he just met ?

Uncle Jesse : He has been smitten Bo he ain't the first young man to be fooled by a woman only this really ain't like Luke but i'm happy for him Bo he rarely falls in love but when he does it's special.

Cue Jamanda

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Meanwhile, Cletus and Layla are chasing the bad guys without realizing it.

Kate: Okay fellas, I have some good news and bad news.

Mark: What's the bad news?

Kate: They're gonna catch us.

Chris: What's the good news?

Kate: I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

Mark: You've got to be kidding me!


Kate: Then do something.

Chris: I will.

Chris leans out the window and starts shooting at the cops.

Cletus: Aack! They're shooting at us!

Layla: I can see that! Do something!

Cletus: (on CB) Hey Enos and Rosco? These folks are real serious. They're shooting at us!

Rosco: Ooooh Oooh! I'll be right there.

Enos: I'm coming too.

Cletus: We'd sure appreciate it.

Layla: Haven't we seen that guy before?

Cue anyone

<author's note: Sorry about the commerical. We thought it could use some comic relief...and it's late and we really need to go to bed. >

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Cletus and Layla are still chasing Kate at full speed, while Chris is trying to shoot at them.

Kate: Chris! You couldn't hit the side of a barn!

Chris: All right, you do it then.

Kate: I will if you'll take over driving.

Mark: That'll make everybody happy.

Chris slides under Kate as she slides across his lap and takes the gun. Chris puts the pedal to the floor as Kate peers out the window.

Layla: (into CB) Rosco! Enos! Where are you?!

Enos: I'm coming! Rosco had a flat and I had to drop off the twins. I didn't figure you'd want them coming along.

<gunshot hits the side mirror>

Layla: I appreciate that. You think you can cut them off? We're going north on 75 and we just passed the junction.

<gunshot overhead>

Cletus: And they're shooting!

Enos: I can tell. I'm on my way. Hang in there!

The chase continues while the Dukes are still at the hospital.

Bo: You know Luke, we've been friends a long time.

Luke: I know.

Bo: And you know I'd never lie to you.

Luke: I know that.

Bo: But uh...Well you ain't gonna like what I'm about to tell ya.

Luke: Like it or not, I got the feelin' you're gonna tell me anyway.

Bo: Well Luke, I think you got the right to know.

Luke: Know what?

Bo: Well...We think we know who did this to you.

Meanwhile, back at the chase...

Mark: Hey! There's another cop up ahead!

Kate: I'll take care of him. Keep going.

Kate makes a magnificent shot. The car ahead flips over when the driver is hit and Chris swerves around it.

Mark: Great idea! They'll have to stop to help him and leave us alone.

Chris: But we better get away. That's two counts of murder now.

Kate: Just keep driving. At least I didn't know that one.

They speed off as Layla and Cletus screech up to the wreck and pull Enos out of it.

Cletus: (wiping blood off of Enos) Oh no. Enos! Oh please don't be dead!

Layla: (into CB) Emergency! We need an ambulance on Highway 75 pronto!

Cletus and Layla administer first aid to Enos as they wait for the ambulance.

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Meanwhile back in Luke's room Bo was trying hard to tell Luke what he had to tell him even though he had trouble find the right way.

Luke : Bo what are you trying to tell me i don't understand ?

Bo : Well Cousin it's just that i know your gonna be in Pain when i tell you this and i hope you'll one day forgive me .

Luke : Well i have no idea of what your talking about except it has something to do with me wreck right ?

Bo : Yep Luke it does you ain't gonna like this but the person who started your wreck was ......... um , a person you have come to know recently and care about.

Luke : Wait a minute Bo are you saying " KATE " caused my wreck you don't have proof how Dare you Cous this is just like get out ! :cry::cry::cry:





Then Luke turned over on his side he fell asleep.

Meanwhile out in the hospital waiting room Uncle Jesse was waiting for Bo to come out so 10 minutes later Bo come out he said " Well Luke didn't take it good Uncle Jesse he said he ain't never gonna forgive me for it ",

Uncle Jesse : Well it don't surprize me I'll have a chat with him later he is probably all confused right now .

Bo : Uncle Jesse i know Luke has always had trouble in the Love department but why is it my fault ?

Uncle Jesse : Because Bo you always have had it easy Luke has always tried to make a reationship but he is always afriad of being rejected whiich is why can never open his heart.

Balladeer : I wonder what Uncle Jesse can do to fix things between his boys.

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Meanwhile, Daisy is down in the Lobby when Rosco rushes in.

Daisy: Rosco? What are you doing here?

Rosco: Huh? Oh! Daisy...I uh...oh.

Daisy: What's the matter?

Rosco: You haven't heard. Oh shoot...I didn't want to tell ya...I just got here...Cletus and Layla are still after those crooks but they've got too much a head start now and...

Daisy: Rosco! What are you talking about?

Rosco: Sit down Daisy.

They both sit down and Rosco catches his breath.

Rosco: I'm still trying to figure it out myself Daisy. Layla and Cletus were chasing a stolen car...and they called for help cuz they were being shot at...and Cletus said that they looked like the same people who hurt Luke.

Daisy: Oh my! Did they catch them?

Rosco: Well see...I was gonna go help...but I got a flat...so Enos went...and last I heard...well...

Daisy: What?

Rosco: Layla and Cletus wanted me to come here and check on him...so they could try to track down that car...they think it was the same people that hurt Luke.

Daisy: You told me that. But why are you...?

Rosco: Daisy...Enos has been shot.

Daisy gasps and covers her mouth.

Rosco: I really didn't want to tell ya right off...Luke still being hurt and all...

Daisy: (in shock) He's not...he's not...

Rosco: I don't know Daisy...I really don't know...

Rosco holds Daisy, who's still in shock. After a few minutes, she bursts into tears. Rosco tries to be strong, but cries a bit himself.

Rosco: <under his breath> You dang dipstick...why'd you have to go and do that?


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So After Daisy had gotton herself under control she said to Rosco who was anxious to get whoever did this to Luke and Enos.

Daisy : Oh Rosco i hope what i'm thinking ain't true i hope Enos ain't dead ?

Rosco : I hope he ain't either um............ , Daisy i gotta go but tell Luke i hope he feels better soon and I'm sorry about Enos.

Meanwhile in the boys room Luke was just waking up from a nap he was none too happy with Bo now unfortunetly it is about to get worse cause when Daisy finds out that was his Girlfriend that Shot Enos it could be Cousin against Cousin.

Luke : Oh that nap felt so good i hope what Bo told me is just a dream cause i would hate him if it was for real i mean c'mon please Kate is a nice girl why would she do these things that i know are no why near true.

Uncle Jesse decided that he would go try to convince Luke that Kate ain't who he thinks she is .

Uncle Jesse : Well Hey Luke how is you feelin ' today boy i heard Bo just told you about the news that i told him could have waited when you was better .


JESSE : LUKE NOW YOU LISTEN BO IS ONLY DOING THIS TO SAVE YOU A LIFETIME OF PAIN . Which is unfortunetly what you'll be feeling once you find out what Kate's secret .

Luke : I ain't never had anybody Uncle Jesse a girl takes one look at Bo she falls madly in lovw with him i try to do that she looks at me funny and Daisy has Enos why ami i always left out in the cold ?

Uncle Jesse : Well Luke i think that has alot to do with your feelings you see you keep your Heart under lock and Key you have always had trouble showing your emotions.


UNCLE JESSE : I just hope one day you boys can work this out.


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Uncle Jesse returns to the waiting room and shakes his head at Bo.

Bo: He won't listen to you either?

Jesse: Nope. But at least he's feeling better.

Bo: I dunno...would I rather have Luke sick and be on good terms with him? Or well and hating me?

Jesse: You know durn well that you'd rather he be healthy.

Bo: I know that, but shoot Uncle Jesse. Why's he being like this?

Jesse: Well, he's in love. Love does that to people.

Bo: Well, it ain't ever done that to me.

Jesse: Well maybe you've never really been in love before.

Bo thinks about this as Uncle Jesse looks around.

Jesse: Now where'd Daisy run off to?

Jesse is about to go look for Daisy when she comes in with Rosco.

Rosco: Oh there you are.

Jesse: What? What're you doing here Rosco?

Rosco: Er...you two might want to sit down.

Jesse and Bo sit down. Daisy sits next to Bo and is crying on his shoulder, but he's not sure why.

Bo: Luke's better Daisy. He's mad at us, but he's better.

Jesse: What happened Rosco?

Rosco: Well...it ain't easy to say...my deputies were chasing a stolen car and...well those folks who uh...who we think did this to Luke...well they were driving it...

Bo: Kate and her buddies stole a car?

Rosco: Well they were driving a stolen one...anyhow...the girl in the car well...she started shooting at them and...

Bo: Oh no...

Jesse: Who was hit?

Rosco: Enos.

Bo and Uncle Jesse look at each other.

Jesse: He's not...

Rosco: We don't know...I don't think he is but...I ain't heard nothing...

Just then, a nurse calls Rosco up to the desk to take a phone call. Bo holds a weeping Daisy as Uncle Jesse prays that Enos is alive. Rosco gets off the phone and goes back over to the Dukes.

Rosco: Uh...that was Layla. It seems that car was apprehended in Sweetwater county. They have to go over there to identify whoever it was that shot Enos.

Bo: I should go too. I should identify that they were the one's who nearly killed Luke too.

Jesse: Now you just wait on that. Perhaps we can get Luke to come to his senses if there's hard evidence that his girlfriend's...you know.

Meanwhile, Luke is looking at the ceiling, wondering to himself.

Luke: She couldn't have...those people must've kidnapped her...that's it...the guys who tried to kill me framed her...I gotta save her...I gotta get out of here and save her...

Balladeer: Ya'll tell me what happens...I gotta go blow my nose.

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Now remember at the time Enos went to pick-up Sally and Roy from school and we still don't where they are at right now. Big Jim O'Neill come walking in and he says is my grandkids here, Enos said for me to meet me at hospital so I give them a ride home after they visit with Luke. Rosco is looking at Big Jim and say well Enos is hurt, and don't know where any of your grandkids are right now at moment.

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As Bo , Daisy , and Uncle Jesse was talking to Rosco out in the hallway about going to identify the crooks Luke was trying to get out of his bed so he can go rescue Kate but unfortunetly friends O'l Luke's heart is gonna be in pieces.

Luke : I Have to go save Kate only i have to sneak out so Bo don't see me

let's see i know i'll put my clothes on try to get up if i can .

So Luke tries with all his strength to get up it wasn't until his third time that he managed to get up he said " Oh boy I'm weak i sure hope Kate's okay i don't want her getting hurt.

So meanwhile out in the hallway Bo , Daisy, and Uncle Jesse was getting ready to leave to go down to SweetWater County to identify the crooks which Bo was feelng good about but also sad cause of Luke who is mad at him and Daisy right now but hopefully friends Luke will be able to see the light soon.

Bo : C'mon Y'all let's go i'm hoping that Luke will stay here not get any ideas of following us cause he could end up getting hurt worse.

Daisy : I bet he can't anyway he is too weak to drive and plus the General is ruined so how can he follow us.

Jesse : Well I wouldn't put it past Luke he is pretty sneaky he could find a way to get their to see Kate who is loves very much Y'all know how hard it has always been for him to find a love match.

Bo : I know Uncle Jesse it's just that i feel bad for Luke that he had to fall in love with a girl who he just met he don't normally do that.

Luke meanwhile was trying to find a way to get past his family so they wouldn't see him which won't be easy.

Balladeer : Oh Lord Luke is in love with Danger.

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Big Jim walks to see Luke and sees that it seems he wants to leave, and they start talking about happened between him and Layla. Luke is trying to tell Big Jim that it wasn't his idea to break-up and he is was heart-broken and that Bo is lying about Kate being the one that set him up before everything happened.

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Luke uses the opportunity of Big Jim's visit to his advantage. He managed to get his pants on and sneak out of his room while the other man was in the gift shop. While still weak, he manages to hide under a gurney. A nurse wheels it into another room, lifts someone off of it, and leaves. Luke pauses a while, catches his breath, and then peeks out.

He's in another room, similar to his. Unaware that it's the Emergency Surgery Recovery Room, he gets up and looks around. All the patients in there are behind curtains and the only one he can see is the one next to him. Luke chances to look down and gasps.

Luke: Enos?

Luke bends down to look at his friend, not knowing what happened to him. Enos is out like a light, but breathing slowly, and had a lot of bandages across his chest.

Luke: Oh man, what happened to you?

Luke determines to stay with Enos until he wakes up, as he's forgotten about Kate for the moment.

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Sally and Roy by now don't know what happened they was with Enos, but now they seem to be in the hospital. Sally is wandering where is Roy and where is Layla right now, Oh man is Enos alive. Big Jim notices that Luke isn't there and that he is talking to himself right now. And he hears over the overhead that they are looking the family of Sally and Roy O'Neill he goes to ER ward and goes to see them there. He had thought he lost he youngest grandkids and that he couldn't handle at all, he went to that nurse wanted to talk to him at first. The nurse said that other than Roy broken arm and Sally sprained ankle that they are fine. He had to tell Rosco that Sally and Roy are okay and ask about Layla right now.

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Big Jim is asking why the twin and why them,. wasn't my son enough it such a close call. First John Patrick in Daytona in 1975, then his wife and his kids had nobody but me and Layla. Now Sally and Roy I am sure that Rosco could forgive them about the stop sign they are just kids. But he was luck that they had made, he had seen that Sally had woke in pain and wandering what is going on around her. Roy wakes as well to see that Rosco is walking in as well, telling them that they can't find Luke in hospital. And how he wen to talk to him but he was talking to a empty bed and the docters are looking for him right now. Roy is asking how is Enos, and Rosco tells he had Emergency surgery after the accident and that he is wandering if Sally or Roy remembers anything about the accident. Roy says that I had seen what those three had did to Luke, but they didn't see I didn't say anything before because I was cutting school and didn't want to get into trouble yesterday.

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So everybody was on a wild goose chase for Luke not realizing that he wasn't that far away he was in Enos's room but he'll have to leave before the Doctor finds him.

So Luke was wondering what he could do he said " Enos if you can hear me please wake up c'mon buddy i need to know if your okay i can't lose you or Daisy will not be happy you don't want that so c'mon ", .

So Enos finally opens his eyes he says " Oh what in the he...ck happened

"LUKE" your alive oh my god i thought you was dead after that horrible wreck you got into ding danit i was this close capturing those bad dudes that hurt me and you but one of them shot me ", Luke then looks down and frowns " Oh :( Enos I'm so sorry i hope Daisy doesn't see you like this or she'll probably think I had something to do with it ", then Enos laughed " Oh Luke you is funny no Daisy won't think that on accont of she probably will be happy to see you up and walking around how did you get up anyway "? , Then Luke said " I kinda sneaked in here when the nurse was bringing you in i just want to see if you was okay.

So Luke then tried to sneak out of his Room without making so much as a peep but unfortunetly his Doctor was walking the same hall he saw a patient wondering around he said " LUKE DUKE YOU STOP RIGHT THERE !"

I was worried about you how can you walk around when your body is still sick you is still very weak c'mon let's go back to bed then Luke said " But i can't i have to get out of here my Girlfriend is in trouble plus i feel better

" Well Luke i'm happy you do but your family would be really worried if you wasn't here so c'mon i pretty sure that they can manage cause in your condition it won't be good .

Meanwhile in Roy and Sally's room Rosco said " Hey Roy what did you see these bad people do to Luke cause i need to tell the Dukes .

Balladeer : Well Friends i think O'l Luke is gonna have to sit this one out.

Cue : Anyone

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Roys says" Ya, Sheriff I did one of the big dudes put a pill in Luke's mouth and hit him and then put him the General with a stick of dynamite."

Sally says " How come you didn't do anything Roy?

Roys says "Well, the only thing I had was a tire iron and that wasn't going to help Luke and Besides what if they would clobbered me and put me in the General Lee as well."

Rosco says " That is very good for to tell me about that then Roy, and you did the smart thing. But why didn't use your radio in your car then."

Roys says " Because Sally got mad at it when it cut out and it doesn't work anymore."

Sally says "That right it my fault the radio don't work Roy."

Rosco says " Hush both of ya."

Big Jim says " You know that the Sheriff is right of this right here."

Rosco says " I won't tell your sister about you cutting school,. I'll let you tell her Roy."

Sally says " I got to see you lie your way out of this one here."

Roys says " But I do remember it was a big red-orangish Capruce Classic and a lady was driving. when they left."

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While Rosco is talking to Roy and Sally about what they saw, Big Jim informs Layla that her siblings are okay. Luke, while confined to his room, is allowed to make a call home.

Daisy: <picking up phone> Hello?

Luke: Hey Daisy

Daisy: Luke! How you feeling?

Luke: I'm fine. How are you?

Daisy: I guess I'm okay.

Luke: You better be...I just wanted to tell you that Enos is okay.

Daisy: HE IS?

Luke: I just talked to him.

Daisy: Oh Luke, you just made my day!

Luke: Sure Daisy. Where's Bo and Uncle Jesse?

Daisy: Oh they went out to Sweetwater county to see if they can identify the people who shot Enos.

Luke: I'm telling you it wasn't Kate!

Daisy: Well if it wasn't, then there's nothing for you to worry about then is there?

Luke: I think she was framed.

Daisy: Luke, you've been hanging around Rosco too much.

Luke: But...

Daisy: Now you listen to me. You stay put. Don't think I didn't hear about you trying to get out of that hospital. You stay there and this whole thing will work itself out. If Kate is innocent...

Luke: Which she is.

Daisy: Then there's nothing to worry about. The people in Sweetwater are tough, but they're fair. They'll figure out who hurt Enos, if they were the same people that hurt you, and if Kate was involved.

Luke: Which she wasn't.

Daisy: Oh Luke, you are impossible. You must be feeling better.

Luke: Thanks.

Daisy hangs up and sighs. While exasperated with Luke, she couldn't help but feel relief that both he and Enos were okay.

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Bo and Uncle Jesse in SweetWater trying to identify those two bad dudes , the girl who Luke happens to care alot about unfortunetly friends O'l Luke got played a fool his heart is gonna pay the price.

Bo : Hey Uncle Jesse i sure hope we can find some hard evidence on Kate?

Jesse : I do to Bo but we have to make sure it is hard evidence on account of Luke is still pretty upset at ya he don't need to be upset now cause his body went through alot.

Bo : I know Uncle Jesse it scared me at the thought of Luke almost dying when i found him he was almost dead on accont of he wasn't breathing i would hate to have lost him.

Speaking of Luke he is confined to his bed he can't get up he hates the fact that he has to stay put out of the way of helping his family .

Luke : Oh i hate this why did i have to get hurt so bad and nearly killed i wonder who did this to me ? i really don't remember the wreck but Bo is making the fact that Kate had somoething to do with this up i KNOW IT ! if Bo was here now i would tell him that he is lying to me she couldn't have caused this wreck.

It's a good thing O'l Luke don't remember that wreck considering he nearly died but when those bad dudes find out that Luke didn't die they may hurt him more worse then he already is unfortunetly Luke's memory loss of the wreck is a side effect of that drug those bad dudes gave him which knocked Luke out colder then a dead samon.

Luke : Oh my head why does it hurt i'm getting a headache probably from all that stress Bo gave me OH I AIN'T GONNA ....... UM ......., FORGIVE HIM !! OH WHY DO I HAVE TO FEEL SO WEAK I golly i want get out of this bed but i can't on accont of my family don't think i'm well enough yet oh my body hurts i'm gonna catch up on my ZZZ's and maybe Bo and Uncle Jesse have found something on Kate oh i'm so worried i wish i was their.

So Luke slowly drifts off to sleep while his mind is sending him pictures of an event he can't place the only thing that he can see is a pretty girl and him he is in love for real this time .

Balladeer : It's a Shame friends that Luke's heart is gonna be in pieces and who is gonna be their to pick them up ?

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While Bo and Uncle Jesse are talking, the phone rings. Uncle Jesse answers it and talks to Daisy.

Uncle Jesse: (hanging up phone) Good news Bo! Enos is okay and Luke was even able to talk to him.

Bo: Good. Maybe Enos can talk some sense into him.

Jesse: Now don't put all that on Enos right now. He has been shot you know.

Bo: Oh right. Well, I guess it's up to us then.

Balladeer: Now unbeknownst to them, Kate and her friends could hear them from their cell in the next room.

Kate: Oh my goodness...Luke is alive!

Mark: And so's that cop.

Chris: Now what do we do? That cop can identify us and Luke can identify Kate.

Mark: We'll just have to finish what we started.

Kate: How?

Chris: By busting out of here.

Mark: But this place is swarming with cops!

Chris: We'll need a hostage.

As he says this, his eyes rest on Bo, who's talking to the Sweetwater sherriff in the next room.

Balladeer: I don't know how many more twists I can take! Ya'll stick around.

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Meanwhile in Luke's hospital room he was still trying to catch up on his ZZZ's not realizing that trouble was gonna be coming soon unfortunetly in the condition he was in still it didn't look good .

Bo was just walking out of the Sheriff of SweetWater County's office when

Kate said " Hey Bo how is Luke doing is he okay i'm sorry i hurt him,

Bo : I don't care you and your friends here roughed by Cousin up pretty bad he almost died but unfortunetly he is still hung up on you.

Kate : Oh that's sweet and i love him still too but i don't think he'll make it.

Bo : Why is that because of some type of drug y'all gave him or is it because of the condition that he is in ?

Kate : Bo look if Luke takes a turn then you'll burn that bridge when you come to it.

Meanwhile Uncle Jesse was wondering if Luke was ever gonna be able to be happy again cause he loves Luke like he was his own unfortunetly Luke is gonna be a sad person he'll be under a cloud for sure he is gonna be a brokenhearted fool in love.

Luke was just starting to wake up his burns unfortunetly on his face and body are still their but they are slowly healing he is still pretty weak he is sleepy still " Oh i don't feel good oh i feel dizzy , my burns don't hurt as much anymore but is still their golly why can't i remember my accident and I'm still very angry with Bo he was lying to me i ........ ain't talkin' to him when i go home well at least i can breath good except i get a cough every now and then but the doctor said that my lungs are like that from the wreck .

Bo was thinking about how if Luke takes a turn for the worse what is gonna happen to him how is he gonna be able to make it ?

and he ask's Uncle Jesse what are we gonna do if Luke dies ?

Bo : i don't want Luke to die still but i know he is still weak .

Jesse : (Sighs) he's doing better Bo but he ain't all the way well yet seeing as how his injuries were pretty intense but the doctors are working hard on saving him.

Bo : Uncle Jesse in the condition that Luke's in he can't fight anybody or handle any stress right now , but it's a good sign that he's doing better.

Jesse : Yes it sure is Bo without Luke the farm wouldn't be the same.

Luke was suffering a nightmare about his wreck he couldn't get out of the smoke.



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