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Love Is Blind part 1


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Layla wakes up from her dream about telling Luke about how she feels about him, and sees everybody there. She feels kind of embrassed but Uncle Jesse says it's okay, the docter had just told us the news on Luke. Layla walks in Luke's room to see him in pretty bad shape, she thought it was just a dream but it is very real. How can this be happening to her first her Dad in 1975 ,then her Mom in 1980 then her race crash a couple of years ago. Then last year she gets literally left at the alter and now this. Layla is crying and Uncle Jesse ask what wrong, and she says that nothing in her life is going right up now. Layla ask if anybody has any idea where Sally and Roy are at right now, and she wondered and hoped they were okay. Uncle Jesse says to her that sometimes things just happened in life and maybe things will get better for ya. But Luke is in pretty bad shape and he needs everybody that he will looking out for him.

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Well Friends so Far the Dukes luck hasn't been going good since Luke might not make it Luke's doctor was just coming out to the waiting room to tell the Dukes and Layla about Luke's condition so about 10 minutes later a rather short man came walking out he said " Are you the family of Luke Duke ? and Uncle Jesse said "

Yes Sir we is this here is my other nephew Bo , my neice Daisy , and a family friend Layla my other boy's Ex- Girlfriend then the doctor got a sullen look on his face " I don't know how to tell you Y'all this but when we got Luke back and started checking him over we noticed that he quit breathing and so we had to hook him up to an full Oxygen face mask , his heart rate is a weak , he has alot of burns on his face , neck , and Body all in all he is in pretty bad shape he is also still pretty unconicous he is also in a very deep Sleep he won't wake up from which i'm gussing is from some type of medicene i doubt of him wakeing up soon he is pretty weak . And Layla started saying " But Doc is he gonna be okay i mean he can't die he's too young please" , Bo said " Uh Doc something exploded in mine and my Cousin's car when his wreck so he probably inhaled alot of Smoke .

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Layla had started crying and had said that is probaly has something to what happen when my crash happen. Bo, Uncle Jesse and Daisy when I came for my last pit stop the water taste funny, but at the time I thought it was just warm. And then sometime after that during the race I had blackout and then the crash happen, at least that what the docter had told me. Apparently whatever they gave wasn't strong enough at the time, well anyways after that I quit racing. Because I had thought I had blackout because of something else going on, Bo had intreputed her and said you mean that you was pregant and you till the officals. Well, whatever they gave had caused me to have a miscarriage and I had never told Luke this right here. But I think the fact that I was pregant saved me from being any worst. Uncle Jesse had said to Layla " And If recall ten years ago, the same thing happened to your father, except for the miscarriage." Layla had said " Well yes, and it was real deadly because he didn't get out of his car when it had the wall and he killed instantly." Daisy asked did Luke have any idea that you was pregant, and was you planning on telling after the race. Bo had said the only one that knew was me , and Layla was going to tell him after the race so it wouldn't brother. He had explained almost as a victory celebration she had wanted to say it on national tv so everybody had heard. Uncle Jesse had said" That Rosco and Enos will get them people sooner or later and that maybe if you should stay with Luke, in case he wakes anytime soon."

Layla had stayed with Luke she had told him for real that she had loved him, and that she was pregant a couple of years ago but she lost the baby. She had said that she had wanted to name the baby after her father if it was boy, she just kept on talking for at least three hours. Bo had peaked in and thought to himself that girl is gabby once you get her started, he had always thought she was on the quiet side. In the meantime Sally and Roy O'Neill came to see how Luke was doing seeing how their sister had once dated Luke. Sally had asked Uncle Jesse how is Luke doing right now, and Uncle Jesse had said that not good at all. And that their sister was in their talking to him right now.

Narrator: Anybody got any tissues right now."

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Balladeer : Fate has Dealt The Dukes a bad card they have no idea of how to get a handle on it and Bo is worried about when he tells Luke that Kate may have caused his wreck that he won't believe him so he is trying really hard to avoid telling Luke cause he don't want to hurt his Cousin who he loves very much , So Bo asked his Uncle " Jesse Do you think that Kate may have caused his wreck ?" , Then Uncle Jesse says " Bo i wouldn't tell him that unless of course you have proof on accont of Luke loves her you know how hard it is for him to go serious with someone .

Then Bo says " I Know Uncle Jesse that is why i don't want to tell him cause i know he'll hate me for it then we'll get into a huge argument plus Luke may not make it then i'll never get the chance to tell him the truth i knew she was trouble and those two buddies of her's that she was meeting at the Boars Nest they looked very sneaky , mean , and cruel.

Then Luke get's hurt critical from them dudes for what reason he ain't done nothing to them !" .

Speaking of Luke in his hospital room he was still doing about the same only he began to move some which made Layla think that he heard her but she just realized that he must be dreaming so she said " Luke honey if you can hear me please i love very much and i wish this never happened to you i hope Rosco finds those people that did this to you they'll gonna pay but unfortunetly Luke just layed their and breathed through his Oxygen Mask then Bo came in a few seconds later he said " Hey Layla could i have a few minutes with my Cousin ? ", She said " Sure Bo he ain't woken up yet i don't know why i ..... , i....... , i .... do't want to lose him i wanted to ask him if he felt the same way about me but know i don't have the chance he looks so helpless so Bo said " I know honey i wish i could have been their to prevent this cause I'm gonna miss Luke too if he goes i don't know what i'll do if i lose him. So Bo then took Luke's hand he said " C'mon Luke i know you can hear me Luke , Luke , Luke , Bo then layed his hand on top of Luke's he said " Danit Luke if you don't wake up i don't know what i 'll do i just wish i could have been their that way you would be safe and happy Luke you are my soulmate i don't want to lose you Cousin Uncle Jesse is worried sick , and Daisy is threating to hurt Enos if he don't find who did this you ", Luke just kept sleeping though and dreaming of him and Bo all the fun times they had how he would miss it if he died his heart moniter suddenly started going beep beep , beep "CODE Blue ROOM 109 WE NEED A CRASH CART IN HERE HURRY !!! , Well friends O'l Luke is sure suffering he ain't been having a very good day if Roscoe , Enos let them bad dudes get away that would only make the day worse he just couldn't wake up to save hi s life anyway when the Doctor came into Luke's room he was shocked he said " OH NO QUICK HURRY WE CAN"T WASTE Any time . So anyway the Doctor had to Shock Luke's Heart at least about 10 times before he finally got him back but unfortunetly friends Luke was far from being out of the woods he was still pretty much out of it he was sleeping good but the doctor figured he'd try anyway so he said " Luke , Luke , Luke , can you hear me Luke , so the so doctor then tried to slap him across the face he said something incoherent so the Doctor said " Just write down talking nonverbal he is in a Deep Coma or some type of Drug Induced Sleep i don't want to take him off of the Oxygen Mask yet he is very weak still i don't think he is ready to breath on his own yet considering his Cousin told me that he inhaled alot of Smoke when he got into his wreck. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Balladeer : Friend's this don't look good Y'all is gonna need a Box of tissues. Cue Jamanda

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Uncle Jesse, Bo, Daisy, and Layla are still waiting at the hospital. The doctor informed them that Luke was stabalized, but it would still be a while before they could expect him to wake up.

Layla was in the room with Luke when the phone rang. Daisy took it.

Daisy: Hello?...Oh Enos, did you catch them?...WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY GOT AWAY!?...Oh you did...So who does the car belong to?...Katherine McCormick?...You're sure it's the same girl?...Positive?...Yes Enos, I know you wouldn't lie, but I'd sure hate to tell Luke that...what?...She is?...Do you have proof of that?...Oh you don't...Oh my...Well Luke isn't awake yet anyway so...No, he's stabalized...right...okay...I'll let them know...bye.

Daisy hangs up the phone.

Bo: (anxious) Well?

Daisy: That car they were chasing belongs to that girl, Kate. And she's been indicted before.

Bo: For what?

Daisy: Different things. But in all three cases, there wasn't enough evidence to convict her. And there really isn't any evidence to show she was involved in this either.


Daisy: Hard evidence Bo. We can't prove that she was the one who planted that dynamite in the back of the General.

Bo: Yeah but still...Wait a minute...It was dynamite?

Daisy: Yeah, they found the casing in the back of the General Lee. Why?

Bo stands still with an inquisitive look on his face as if he's trying to figure something out.

Balladeer: I sure hope Bo can figure this out on his own. I don't think Luke'll be much help.


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