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Love Is Blind part 1


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I'm Seeking Help with this story so could Somebody start it for me

Thanks tell me when you have posted .

Tonight on the Dukes : When Luke falls in Love with a young woman named Kate this time he thinks it is for real but little does he know that this girl is no good but unfortunetly Luke is too in love to know the truth and Unfortunetly When Bo tries to tell Luke the truth Luke get's mad at him he says " Bo How dare you it's just like you to ruin my love life go away i hate you then Bo and Luke get into a big argument about it Unforttunetly the boys friendship is put to the ultimate Test

Will Bo and Luke go from being Best Friends to Bad Company ?


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Bo and Luke are hanging out in the Boar's Nest drinking beer as usual when a really pretty girl walks in. Bo doesn't notice, as he's too busy watching Bessie Lou, but Luke does.

Luke: Helloooo there!

Bo: Huh?

Luke: You just keep watching Bessie Lou. I'm about to meet myself a real woman!

Luke approaches the girl at the bar.

Luke: Hey there. You new around here?

Girl: Yes I am. I'm Kate.

Luke: I'm Luke. Nice to meet ya.

Kate: Nice to meet you.

Luke: Nice enough to let me buy you a drink?

Kate: You sure move fast don't ya cowboy?

Luke: When I see something nice I do.

Kate giggles and lets him buy her a beer. Daisy watches them out of the corner of her eye, but Bo is still distracted by Bessie Lou.

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Meanwhile Bo is still watching Bessie- Lou and Luke is playing Cupid

Luke : So Kate do you like the beer it's a little watered down here .

Kate : Thank-you for the Beer it tastes good so do you have a girlfriend ?

Luke : No Unfortunetly most girls go for my cousin Bo who is sitting at our table .

Kate : So how do you feel of the girl who kisses on the first date ?

Luke : I don't mind at all sugar

So Kate leans in and she gives Luke a passionate Kiss

Kate : What did you think of that Luke ?

Luke : :oops::oops: he is speechless.

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Bo glanced over to Luke just time time to witness the kiss and spit out his beer.

Bo: What the...?

Daisy: (refilling Bo's beer) If you'd have been paying attention instead of watching Bessie Lou, you may have noticed that you're not the only one with hormones in this bar.

Bo: (wiping his face) What the...?

Daisy: Oh Bo, you just don't get it.

Bo watches Luke and Kate with his mouth open.

Kate: Well? You haven't answered yet.

Luke: (somewhat dazed) You need a ride anywhere? I uh...got a car.

Kate: Well that sure is sweet of you. I suppose I could use a ride to town.

Luke: O-kay.

Kate walks out of the bar with Luke following her like a zombie.

Luke: I'll be taking the car Bo. Don't wait up.

Bo: Uh sure cousin. I'll just get a ride from Daisy.

They exit and Bo looks at Daisy.

Bo: Is it just me, or did that happen awfully fast?

Daisy: Well Bo, you've moved that fast before.

Bo: I know, but Luke? He usually thinks things out beforehand. This isn't like him.

Daisy: I admit, I'm a bit surprised too, but Luke's a grown man. He can do things differently if he wants to.

Bo: I guess. But this sure is a LOT more different than what he usually does.

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Meanwhile out on the highway Luke and Kate decided to do some parking.

Luke : Still somewhat dazed he says " That Kiss was so magical i love you

Kate : I've always been fond of Country Boys you are pretty hansom

and I love you too

Luke :" Would you like to meet my Cousins Bo and Daisy ? even though they

probably find it strange that I'm moving too fast but their is just something

about you ".

Kate Then Says " Luke you are a Sweet Boy you have made my day i'm so happy that i met you cause i don't have nobody else .

Luke : Well that's shame a pretty girl like you should have at least some boyfriends

Kate : Luke Kiss Me and let's make love baby do you have any parents cause i would love to thank them for having a sweet innocent son

Luke : :(:(:(:(:(:(:( My parents died when i was just a little tyke

Kate : Oh that's a shame about how they died in a car wreck

Luke : How did you know that i ain't told you that yet so how could you guess that ?

Cue : Jamada

BALLADEER : Sorry to say friends but this girl is pulling Luke's Chain incase your wondering why that Girl said that well she knows because she was their she is nothing but bad news she is even badder then Luke and Bo but Luke is too in love with her to see that

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Kate: Oh how'd I know? You are Luke Duke aren't you?

Luke: Well yeah...

Kate: Then I was right. I read about how several people from the Duke family died in a car wreck a long time ago. I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions though...

Luke: Oh don't worry about it. Yeah, that's how my parents died. Bo's and Daisy's too. We all had to go live with our Uncle Jesse after that.

Kate: (snuggling up to him) Oh how tragic...

Luke: Oh we do fine. I would like to have you meet them.

Meanwhile, back at the Boar's Nest, Enos and Cooter walk in and sit with Bo.

Enos: Hey Bo. Where's Luke?

Bo: Oh, he went out with some girl.

Cooter: Isn't it usually you who does that?

Bo: Yeah it is, but...I dunno...something about that girl hit Luke like a ton of bricks. It's been a while since I seen him act that way.

Daisy: (putting down drinks) Me either. But like I said...Luke's a grown man.

Enos: Even so, grown men can do strange things around women.

Cooter: You oughta know.

Enos: Oh you hush!

Bo: You do have a point though. It's just not like Luke to pick up on a woman that fast.

Cooter: Yeah, that's your job.

Daisy: Oh you guys. Leave him alone.

Bo: All right Daisy.

Daisy leaves to wait on other tables.

Bo: (whispers) But I'm still gonna try to find out who that girl is.

Cooter: I don't blame you.

Enos: Well Luke would introduce ya'll to her wouldn't he? I mean, if he was serious about her.

Bo: I hope so. If he doesn't, then he's really not himself!

Balladeer: Friends and neighbors, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna agree with ol' Bo on this one.

Cue Kitty

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It Was getting late and Luke was getting sleepy so they decided to call it a night and Luke asked her if she wanted to go to the farm ?

Luke : So Kate would you like to go over to where i live now it ain't that

far from here we live a few miles down Mill Pawn Rd.

Kate : Well Okay that is if your Uncle don't mind Company that he don't know ?

Luke : No Uncle Jesse won't mind why Me and Bo bring girls home mostly on Friday nights but he don't mind .

Then Kate says " Well are you gonna be able to drive without falling asleep ? cause you look tired honey so maybe I should drive "?

Luke ( Puzzled) :-?:-? Uh....... Suger I don't (Yawn) mind except i don't know what my cousin Bo will say since it's his car too ".

Kate : :) Why would we get into trouble for me drving not you on accont of your sleepy "?

Meanwhile Back at The Boars Nest Bo , Daisy , and Cooter was still talkiing about Luke

Bo : I'm awful worried about my Shy , Innocent Cousin even though he is older i just feel funny.

Cooter : I Don't blame you Buddy you said earlier that you was gonna find out who she is but what if a certain DukeBoy don't want you to and of course he probably won't even listen to you either , So why risk your's and Luke's friendship ?"

Daisy : Didn't i tell you two to quit picking on Luke he is a grown man

even though i'm a bit curious myself i'm happy for him cause he

don't fall in love much so don't ruin this for him Bo okay quit

your worrying about Luke okay Cuz ?"

BALLADEER : I Agree Daisy but what if Luke falls under her Spell ?

Cue Jamada

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Luke really is sleepy, so he scoots over and lets Kate drive the General to the farm. The only thing is, he falls dead asleep before he can tell her exactly how to get there.

Kate: Oh I hope this is it.

She gets out of the car and knocks on the door. Uncle Jesse answers it.

Kate: Mr. Duke?

Jesse: Yeah?

Kate: Um, you don't know me but...well I was with your nephew and he's gone and fallen asleep.

Jesse: Oh well...thanks for bringing him home. There's Bo and Daisy now.

Daisy and Bo drive up and Bo wakes up Luke and takes him inside while Daisy offers to give Kate a ride home.

"Well I'd appreciate it," said Kate. "I actually just need a ride to the hotel. I don't really have a place to stay in town."

"Well if you need a place to stay," said Daisy. "We can put you up. You can share my room."

"Oh could I?" Kate asked.

"If it's okay with Uncle Jesse," Daisy said.

"Well sure," said Uncle Jesse. "As long as Luke don't start sleepwalkin'."

"I just need to make a phone call," said Kate. "I have some friends meeting me tomorrow and I need to let them know I'm here."

"Sure," said Uncle Jesse. "Now I'm gonna get to bed. 'Night girls."

Uncle Jesse goes to bed as Daisy goes to prepare her room for their guest. Kate smiles and dials the phone.

Balladeer: I don't know about you, but I'd sure like to know who she's calling.

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After Bo had gotton Luke inside the farmhouse he started asking Luke

how his date went unfortunetly Luke is still too sleepy to give him the details so he said " I'll tell you (Yawn) In the morn...ing Bo I'm to sleepy.

Luke : Goodnight Bo i'll see ya bright and early but don't wake me up too early Cuz .

Bo: Goodnight Luke Sweet Dreams i'll see ya tommorow morning looking forward to hearing about it i hope you had fun .

Luke meanwhile is asleep in bed while Bo , Daisy , and Uncle Jesse is talking in the Kitchen about Luke's new girlfriend .

Bo : Uncle Jesse I'm worried about Luke it ain't like him to just dive into an relationship so fast i mean she seems like a nice girl but i don't know her at all .

Daisy : Bo i know how you feel but what are you gonna do you can't control who Luke dates and goes out with cause who know you and Luke could get into an argument i don't want that to happen.

Uncle Jesse : Well I'm just happy that she did the right thing brought Luke home instead of having him fall asleep somewhere's else she seems like a nice , resposible person , who Luke happens to have a crush on

Bo : What if he decides to go serious with her which wouldn't be too bad.

Daisy : No not all Luke derserves to be happy i want him to be cause i know he would just feel crushed if he got his heartbroken again.

Meanwhile in the boys bedroom Luke started sleepwalking but luckily Bo was still up and he said

Bo : Hey Luke we was just talking about you i thought you was in bed ?"

Luke : I think I'll just lay down here at the table .

So Luke goes to but he misses the chair and hits the floor

Bo : Oh Luke why is you up sleepwalking Cuz c'mon wake up

Luke : huh ...... oh my head i thought i was in the bedroom

Bo : Laughs C'mon Luke you are crazy Cousin but i love you

Kate meanwhile was making a phone call to her so called friends

Kate : Hey Y'all well i made it I'm here he is so sweet and just right i just don't know how i'm gonna do it yet

Chris : Is Luke willing to go through with it yet i mean he is only 25 or 26 you and him can go seriously he can be in your hands.

Kate : I just need to think of a way to fool him he is rather shy and young but i've burned a few bridges before i can do it again.

Sam : where should i meet you tommorrow

Kate : you can meet me at this bar in Hazzard called the Boars Nest it's a really cool place Luke is so into me i can't believe it i love him too

Chris : He won't know what hit him I'll bring a little insurance policy so that boy will be Counting Sheep before we know it and he won't be able to do a thing cause he'll be out colder then dead samon.

Kate : Too bad his family is gonna miss him oh what a shame a Evil laugh.

Balladeer : Something Strange is going on with Luke what do Y'all think ?Oh No looks like this girl is gonna be playing with Luke's Heart.

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The next day, Luke is wide awake and happy to be with Kate. Uncle Jesse wants her to have breakfast with them, but she politely turns him down.

Kate: I'm meeting up with a friend of mine, if Luke would be so kind as to drive me out there.

Luke: Sure thing, honey bun.

Kate: It's been a real pleasure meeting all of you.

Luke: Where you meeting your friend?

Kate: At the Boar's Nest.

Luke: Ah, you should've said something. We could've hitched a ride with Daisy.

Kate: (flirting) Exactly why I didn't. I mean, she's nice and all but...three's a crowd.

Luke: True...but you are meeting up with a friend...who's gonna make three.

Kate: Yes, but that really won't be for a while. I thought maybe the two of us could be alone for a bit.

Luke: You done read my mind.

Luke and Kate take off in the General as Bo watches from the window.

Bo: I dunno Uncle Jesse.

Jesse: You don't know what?

Bo: I'm not sure what I don't know...but I'm sure I don't know something.

Jesse: Bo (sarcastic)...sometimes you make a lot of sense.

Bo: <laughs> I guess you're right. Maybe I am getting all worried for nothing.

Bo gets started on some morning chores. While he's out chopping wood, Daisy comes in over the CB in the pickup.

Daisy: Bo and Luke? Miss Kate? Any of you out there?

Bo: This is Bo Daisy.

Daisy: There's a couple of people here looking for Kate, but she ain't here yet. Are they still out at the farm?

Bo: No. They left about...an hour ago.

Daisy: I've been trying to reach Luke, but I ain't getting anything.

Bo: Don't you worry. I'll try to find them.

Balladeer: You know, I sure wish I was as confident as ol' Bo is about finding Luke.

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Luke is driving Kate to a very romantic place named Lover's Rock Unfortunetly though Luke don't know it yet but Kate is not who she appears to be he don't know it yet but he'll be falling into a deep sleep later by way of narcotics , plus Luke maybe an Angel tonight.

Luke : Well Kate here we is this is Lover's Rock it's a nice place to be with someone you love .

Kate : Luke I just love you and i was wondering if we could go for a walk then later i need you to drive me over to the Boars Nest ?

Luke : Sure Sweet Thing i'll take you their after we get back from our walk c'mon let's go i know this pretty site by the Lake it is a pretty picture .

Kate : Okay we'll what are we waiting for let's go honey you are so hansom , polite , and Funny.

Meanwhile O'l Bo was poking around trying to find Luke who he has no idea where he is and he still can't shake this feeling that he has about Kate.

Bo : I Wonder where that Cousin of mine went off to i better find them quick so Kate can meet with her friends at the Boars Nest I sure hope Luke is okay i don't want anything bad happening to him.

Bo : Well i guess i'll go call Luke on the CB " Lost Sheep 2 to Lost Sheep 1

come back Cuz .

Luke meanwhile was on a walk with Kate not anywhere's near the CB which was bad cause Bo is gonna find Trouble with this girl.

Luke : Well so What brings you to Hazzard Miss Kate ?

Kate : Well it's kinda a Secret but you'll see later okay not that you'll be awake

Luke :-? Um ...... What does that mean is this a trick question you is so funny girl

Kate : Well i'm glad you find it so funny Luke and i like you alot would you like to be friends

Luke : Sure i would love that then Luke Kisses her compassionately

Kate ; Oh Luke you are such a good Kisser you must have had alot of practice

Luke : Well i was chasing girls when i was 13 that was long time ago.

Kate : C'mon I have to go the Boars Nest soon.

So they finally arrive near the Lake Luke ask's Kate if she would like to go for a nice little dip she said " Sure i would love too.

So They go do a little skinny dipping and have fun

Luke : Oh Kate you look so atracttive with that wet look i know i don't my hair is a mess.

Then Kate Dunks Luke under he get's some water up his nose

Luke ; I've never had that done before oh i'm water logged and i'm getting cold.

BALLADEER : Well Friends i don't know about you but i sure would love to know what this girl has planned for O'l Luke later ?

Cue Jamada

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Meanwhile, Bo shows up at the Boar's Nest.

Daisy: Did you find them?

Bo: Nope. Of course they may not want to be found.

Daisy: Well if that's the case, where would you go if you were with a girl and didn't want to be found?

Bo: (smacks himself in the head) Of course! Why didn't I think of that!

Man: Excuse me...are you the one who's been looking for Miss Kate?

Bo: Uh, yes sir. She's with my cousin Luke...probably down by Lover's Rock off of Willow Road.

Man: Thank you for your help. We'll just meet them down there.

Bo: Um...okay. Be sure to remind Luke that he was gonna pick up a new fan belt for the truck on the way home.

Man: Right.

The man and a couple of other people leave the Boar's Nest.

Daisy: Bo, Luke wasn't going to pick up anything.

Bo: I know. That's just to remind Luke that we still exist and not to forget to drop by.

Daisy: That's what I thought.

Bo: Now Daisy, if it was just Kate I wouldn't worry too much...but I didn't like the looks of them other fellers at all.

Daisy: Bo, you're not...

Bo: I'm tempted to tail them.

Daisy: (hands him keys) Here...use my Jeep...and be careful.

Bo: (takes keys) I will Daisy.

Kate's friends leave in an old green chevy. Bo follows in the Jeep.

Cue Kitty

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Meanwhile still out by Lover's Rock Luke and Kate are sitting by the lake they don't hear two cars pull up.

Mark : Alright c'mon let's get this over with Kate wants him to be in a deep slumber.

Chris : Uh ...... did you bring the stuff or like always did you forget it ?

Mark : No you Dummy i brought it but i can't do it now with her still with him tell her to get over here.

Chris : Okay Chill geeze Kate said we have to do it before his family shows up .

Anyway Chris walks over to the Lake and then Kate turns around she sees her friends .

Kate : Luke really loves me so much and i love him too but i feel rather bad for doing this though his family is so nice , generous , and i don't want to Kill him but hurt him enough so he feels like he is dying.

Chris : Well don't you worry we brought the stuff that boy will be in Heaven by tonight he won't even feel a thing.

Kate : Well i'm going to go bye Luke i loved being with you but my friends are here so i have to go but i'll be seeing you soon.

Luke : (Confused) then Luke looks up Who are you i ain't never seen you here before are you one of Kate's buddies ?

Chris : you might say that your date is coming to a close but don't you worry your gonna have a nice reunion you just won't be awake or feel like doing anything .

Then Luke gives a :o he tries to run away but Chris catches him he gives him a few Punches in the Stomach , hit in the eye , Luke says " stop it your hurting me to make matters worse Chris takes a bandana out of his pocket he puts in Luke's mouth then he gives him another blow to the Stomach.

Then Luke doubles over in pain he moans a little chris then says " Well

Luke your gonna be sleeping good tonight c'mon let's go up to see your so called Girlfriend and my buddy .

Luke :o

Mark : Well Luke you is in for a nice treat then Mark puts a stick of Dynamite in the Front seat of the General .

Then he takes Luke's gag out just long enough to give him this heavy narcotic drug he says " Open Wide " So Luke opens then Mark gives it to him he says

Luke : What in ...... Heck did you gi..ve me i'm seeing double here

Mark : Goodnite Luke sweet dreams even though you maybe sleep for a long time (Laughs)

Luke : Oh i feel Dizzy , Oh OW !!!! my head it's throbbing then Luke's eyes started getting heavy.then Luke started walking sideways he said Kate , Kate , I can't see you .

Then Mark punches Luke right in the Jaw and in the mouth. Then Luke passes out on the ground and Mark puts his gag back in he then drapes Luke over his shoulder he tosses him into the backseat of the General they throw a blanket over him and Luke moans a little but he don't wake up he he'll be out of it for a long time.

Kate : Thanks Guys too bad his family is gonna miss him but who knows maybe Heaven will like having him their he is after all gonna be an Angel tonight but what are we gonna do now cause i think i hear a car pulling up .

Then Cletus , and Bo show up Bo goes down by the rock to see if he can spot Luke but he don't see Luke unaware that those bad dudes hurt his Cousin he may not be able to save him.

So As Luke was going on what could be his last ride Bo is left helpless and alone...



Cletus : Bo have you found Luke is he okay where are them people ?

Bo : :( I don't know Cletus oh God What if Luke is lying somewhere Hurt i can't find him



Cue Jamanda

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Kate: What do we do? Someone's coming!

Chris: Come on. We gotta get out of here.

The three of them get into to chevy and speed off. Bo sees them leaving.

Bo: Hey! Someone's leaving!

Cletus: I'll go after them! You keep looking for Luke in case he's here.

The police car takes off after the chevy.

Chris: Uh oh. Fuzz.

Mark: Well lose 'em! If they figure out we planted that dynamite in that car, they'll throw us under the jail.

Kate: I still don't see why we had to do that to him...he was such a nice guy...

Mark: You know very well why...do you want your cut or not?

Kate: Oh all right, but you better lose those cops. I never agreed to jail time.

Meanwhile, back at the lake, Bo finds Luke's shirt.


<close up of the stick of dynamite, burning down in the General Lee>

Balladeer: Ya'll keep watching and tell me what happens. I can't look.

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Well Friends O'l Bo and Luke maybe separted tonight due to the fact that O'l Luke may die if Bo don't find him soon so far the only thing that O'l Bo has come close to getting a clue is finding Luke's shirt.


Meanwhile Luke was laying down in the backseat of the General lee under a blanket having no idea of what's about to happen if Help don't come to Luke soon he'll be just a bluie mess in the backseat of the General with a Charcoal flavor that Dynamite is fixing to blow so something better happen quick .

Meanwhile Cletus is trying to gain on those bad guys but their about to lose him by Hazzard Pond and Luke's hope of making it are running thin.

Kate : C'mon Mark lose him so we can get out of here before we get caught.

Mark : I'm trying WILL YOU RELAX LOOK BY THE TIME WE IS OUT OF THIS COUNTY HIS COUSIN WILL BE HEAVEN SENT HE'LL BE FEELING LIKE BROKENHEARTED Speaking of Luke he be blown to bits soon not that he'll be aware since he is out cold.

Chris : Mark How long do you get for Murder or are we doing Murder ?

Mark Chris you are the most Dummiest person i have ever met no we took Lukey on a Joyride THINK !!!

Kate : look would you lose the Fuzz

So they finally make a sharp left turn by Hazzard Pond like always Cletus didn't make it he said.

Cletus : Oh No Luke's Gone for good now i couldn't get those Killers Bo is gonna pop his top.

Bo Meanwhile is still out by Hazzard Lake trying to find his Cousin having no idea that Luke ain't too far off from where he's standing if O'l Bo don't find something Soon Luke is gonna be just a memory.

In the General Lee Luke is still out like a light not making any improvements that their Dynamite is fixing to blow OH NO IT'S ABOUT TO BLOW !!!

Then all of a Sudden Bo hears a Huge Explosion coming from behind the Rock so he goes up the hill he says " HOLY SMOKES THE GENERAL IT IS ON FIRE WAIT A MINUTE WHERE IS LUKE "?




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Bo rushes over to the smoking General, praying that Luke wasn't in there.


He sees something crumpled up and burning in the backseat. Bo pulls it out and rolls it into the pond to put the fire out.

Bo: Luke! You better be alive!

He rolls Luke out of the pond. His cousin was burned pretty bad and isn't breathing.


Bo starts to administer CPR.

Meanwhile, those hoods are celebrating losing the cops and hearing the explosion.

Kate: Oh Luke.

Chris: Will you stop mooning over that guy? He gone.

Mark: Yeah, forget about him. We did what we had to do.

Kate: I suppose.

Chris: Uh oh. More fuzz.

Rosco and Enos are both barrelling down the road, but pass by the crooks.

Kate: They must've heard the explosion. Let's get out of here.

Mark: You don't have to tell me twice.

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Bo still trying to bring Luke back but unfortunetly he is having trouble on accont of Luke got burned pretty bad , and hurt too.


Luke just lays their not moving even though he was already out of it before the explosion he is more out of now due to the impact of the accident . Luke's luck is running really low on surviving this and Bo was getting more , more worried by the minute for his beloved Cousin Bo wishes he could have been their to prevent this.

Then Bo stared down at Luke he said " LUKE C'MON CUZ BREATH LUKE !!!

But Luke was still motionless and not looking too good so Bo tried again to breath air back into him then all of a sudden Luke started moaning but he didn't wake up he just coughed out of reflex then Bo pulled Luke into his arms he held him while Luke was wrapped in the blanket still he said " C'mon Luke please wake up i love you :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::(:(:(:cry: i bet those rotten hoodlums did this to ya and they are gonna regret messing with the Dukes and i bet that so called girlfriend of yours was in the middle of this whole thing ", Then Luke started moving around in Bo's arms Bo looked down he said " Luke can you haer me are you okay Cuz ? not a peep came out of Luke he just coughed some.

Then Bo tried to CPR one more time he pushed on Luke's Chest about 3 times he got a pulse but it was weak , he tried to get Luke breathing again but he can't " C'mon Luke Breath you can't die on me Y'hear i ain't letting you leave me Luke would please wake up Bo then tries to Shake Luke he comes to no effort until help finally shows up it is Cletus .

Cletus : Hey Bo you won't believe this but I almost got those bad guys but they got away from me and i unfortunetly lost them.



BO : CLETUS I :cry::cry::cry::cry: don't KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED i wasn't their i just know that some how that girl that Luke met at the Boars Nest had something to do with this and those friends that she was meeting probably had something to witth this also.

Luke meanwhile was still suffering he tried to wake up but his body wouldn't let him he kept fallling deeper into sleep even though the Narcotic is still in his body though Bo ain't awere of that O'l Luke better make it or Bo is gonna be fighting off Rosco , Enos by himslef.

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Layla says to Cletus don't you know any better shortcuts around here, and he says he know one but it is kind of dangerous. Layla says than what are waiting for, take the shortcut, Bo and Luke are depending on I had seen the way Bo was upset when he found Luke in the back of the General under the blanket before the dymanite went off. Cletus I way not still being seeing Luke, but I don't know what I'll do if you let these guys and that gal get away.

Narrator: It sounds like Layla still cares for Luke here , and she don't know she'll do if he don't make it. I wander what she do when she finds out about that little pill they gave Luke.

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Rosco and Enos drive up just as Cletus and Bo are putting Luke into Cletus's car.

Cletus: Sherriff, I gotta take Luke to the hospital.

Rosco: What happened?

Cletus: I don't know, but did you seen a green chevy?

Enos: Yeah, we passed one on the way here.

Cletus: Ya'll better go after it. I think they're the one's that did this to Luke.

Rosco: Well get right on it.

Rosco and Enos take off in the direction the chevy went as Cletus and Bo take Luke to the hospital. Bo drove the car so Cletus could administer CPR, as Cletus had a little more training with it than Bo.

Meanwhile, those crooks were just about to calm down when two patrol cars come after them again.

Mark: Dang it Chris! I told you we should've switched cars.

Kate: Well lose them like you lost the last one. I don't intend to go to jail.

Chris: I'm working on it.

Cletus and Bo get Luke to the hospital and Bo calls Uncle Jesse and Daisy.

Bo: (into phone) I'm telling you, I was out looking for Luke when there was a big explosion...something blew up in the General Lee and I found Luke in the back seat...I think that girl had something to do with it...I think he'll be okay...he was breathing and had a pulse when we got him here...

Balladeer: I think Luke needs to pick out better girlfriends, don't you?

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Layla is crying in the front seat and she is telling Cletus there somethiong that I didn't tell Luke when me and him was racing and before he went back home. Layla goes on to tell I even met sombody else, but I still kept think of Luke trough everything . I mean Cletus he really broke my heart, we had the wedding all planned out and just before the vows the guy just runs claiming something to do with his job. Cletus says "Layla you mean the fact that you are hopelessly in love with Luke, everybody in Hazzerd can see it."

Layla says" Everybody but the most important person outthere to me , Luke"

Cletus says " Why not you go tell him right now, while you got the chance to tell, Layla he has just come around now."

Layla says " Luke Kenneth Duke, don't you do this to me now. Dang blasted I love with all my heart and never stopped loving you."

Layla plants a big kiss on Luke and they keep going to the hospital.

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So After Bo hangs up the phone he walks over to the main desk and he says " M'am my Cousin Luke was hurt really bad today in a Car Accident

he is breathnig , has a pulse but his breathing is pretty Shallow , his heart rate is okay for the most part but he is still pretty much out cold.

He got burned pretty bad but i don't know from what on accont of i wasn't their he is in a comatosed state still we got him back to breathing again but he is pretty weak still so could you take him back now ?" ,

Then nurse says " We sure can she get's a bed she wheels it over to where Bo is and he lays Luke down on it she rushes by Doc. Applebee who said " Holy Smokes that looked alot like Luke he looks in Critical Condition i better go check this out . So then Doc walks over to Bo who is in tears on accont of his Cousin could die he can't bear to lose him so Doc Applebee tells Bo " Bo I just seen Luke pass by he looks pretty bad did he get into Accident "? Bo then said "

:cry::cry: he did Doc only i wasn't their so i don't know what happened only i almost lost Luke at Hazzard Lake he wasn't breathing when i found him and something blowed up In the General so i'm guessing that Luke inhaled alot of Smoke from whatever blowed up , He also got burned pretty bad Doc , he was out Cold in the backseat of the General before it blowed up so i don't know how he could have been unconicous by some sorta drug ?" , anyway when i found him the blanket that they had Luke wrapped in it caught on fire so i unwrapped him then i looked at him and he was ....... , was ............ , not BREATHING AND I COULDN'T DO A THING TO SAVE HIM HE WAS OUT COLD DOC HE STILL STANDS A RISK OF DYING I CAN'T LOSE HIM PLEASE SAVE HIM . HE IS TOO YOUNG TO DIE ". Then Doc Applebee said " Well Bo I'm gonna try but i can't promise you cause it sounds like Luke had a terrible Crash ", Then Bo said " He is still in a Comatosed state Doc he looks really bad i know he is desperatly Weak he has a Cough which i think is from the Smoke he is hurt bad.

Meanwhile Uncle Jesse , and Daisy was on their way to the Hospital unaware that Luke was in crtical condition

BALLADEER : You know Friends if O'l Luke does make it he may not be the same i sure hope he don't get brain damage .

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