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It was late in the evening two days later when Riddick would finally come out of his unconscious state. He’d been through two hard surgeries in a matter of a two day period of time. The first thing he became aware of was the refreshing, cool steady flow of air all around him. It was the hospital room, cooled to a low temperature with the intent to help bring fevers down, in Riddick’s case it was his first breath of life returning to him.

Machines an monitors beeped an hissed all around him, a pair of tubs went to his nose, aiding his breathing. Soon he became fully aware that he was taking his own breaths, a machine was not breathing for him, his lunges were drawing in the cool wonderful air of life. An doing so painlessly. Riddick would later recall how good it felt to awaken and know that he was very much alive.

“I remember the feeling of regaining consciousness, it was like coming up from underwater and taking a big breath of cool air. It was all painless now, there was know longer the dull aching pressure in my back and chest as there had been before.

I suddenly remembered everything, it all came back to me like the wash of a wave from the great oceans tide. Feeling slightly panic stricken I looked around and took a deep breath, forcing myself to calm down and relax.

Where was everyone? Where had Dr. Chance Walker gone?

Suddenly I remembered, my heart skipped a beat in my chest at the thought that suddenly returned to me. The cruel reality caused me to mentally and physically cringe. Had saving my life coast an honorable outlaw his life in return?

I wanted to know where Brian was and if he was alright. The last thing I remembered was warning Doc that Brian was in grave danger. Fear stricken now at these though I began to move around on the bed, with the intent to eventually for myself to get up, no matter what it could cause.

So help me God... I thought. If something had happened to Brian Coltrane because of me I would never be able to go on living. Knowing each day that he had given his life to save me, it would eat me alive from my insides out.

Never in my life had I felt such a painful pinch of guilt, my eyes burned with tears. Why... why couldn’t he just leave me there to die. What was it inside of a nobody, a worthless trouble maker like me, that would cause him to throw his life on the line... for me.

That was it, I just knew I had to get up, I had to find out the truth. Suddenly I winced feeling one of the IV’s in my hand get pulled out by my moving and hell bent nature to get up out of that bed. A monitor began a screaming squeal of beeping, but I did care, I just had to know the truth...â€

(Cue Chance Walker, MaryAnne or Brian.)

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