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Two Men... One Past

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One day SG-1 was off world and Dr. Daniel Jackson was checking out a device. Daniel triggered the device and a glow covered him forcing the team to cover there eyes. When the light disappeared Daniel seemed to be replaced by another man.


"Danny?" Colonel Jack O'Neill asked.


"Yeah, Jack?" The man asked.


"You...look different." Jack said.


"Do I?" The man asked.


"Yeah." Jack said.


"I think when we get back I'm going to take time off." The man said.


"Danny..." Jack started.


"I don't remember much from when I was younger... but, there are some people I need to see in Georgia. The state I mean." The man said.


"Who do you know in Georgia?" Jack asked curiously.


"Let's see Uncle Jesse, Bo, Daisy, Enos, Cooter..." The man started.


"Cooter?" Major Samantha 'Sam' Carter asked.


"Cooter Davenport." The man said.


"He's not in Georgia he's in DC." Jack said.


"I'll have Hammond call the president. He's friends with Senator Davenport."


"The senator would probably tell you to call him Cooter." The man said.


"You done with that? I mean can we go back though the Stargate?" Jack asked.


"Oh yeah." The man said and gathered the device and put it in his bag.


"Let's go then." Jack said.


The team nodded and went to the Stargate. Sam dialed the gate and sent SG-1 IDC through. They were given the all clear to come through. Jack went through first.

“General, something happened on this mission.” Jack said.

“What happened, Colonel. Where's the rest of SG-1?” Hammond asked.

“They're waiting until I explain.” Jack said.

“Explain what?” Hammond asked.

“Daniel was affected by a device on the mission. He looks different now.” Jack said.

“Different how?” Hammond asked.

“You'll see.” Jack said reaching into the wormhole and pulled 'Daniel' through.

“Jack was that really necessary?” The man asked.

“Sorry, Danny.” Jack said.

“Actually... it's Luke.” The man said.

“What?” Jack asked confused.

“I've been using the name Daniel Jackson for years...But, I'm starting to remember the truth. My name is really Luke Duke.” The man said.

Jack nodded.

“Which reminds me call the president, General.” Jack said.

“Why?” Hammond asked.

“So we can get Senator Davenport clearance.”

“Colonel...” Hammond started.

“He's my best friend General... or was.” Luke said.

Hammond sighed.

“I'll call but, no promises.” Hammond said.

“Now I want you to go get you after mission check up in the infirmary.”

“Yes, sir.” Luke replied instantly saluting.

“Luke...” Jack started.

“I was a Marine I think.” Luke said.

Luke and SG-1 went to the infirmary. General Hammond looked into Luke Duke's military history.

“He's a Staff Sergant that's interesting.” General Hammond said as he continued looking into Luke's history.

“Put on probation for running Moonshine. Was that ever lifted.”

General Hammond found that Jefferson Davis Hogg had lifted the probation on both after Luke went missing presumed dead since Bo wanted to leave Hazzard and go to MetU. Then found Bo was missing. That was when General Hammond called the President.

“Hammond what is it?” The president asked.

“We want you to help get clearance for somebody.” General Hammond said.

“Who?” The president asked curiously.

“Senator Cooter Davenport.” General Hammond said.

“I'll see what I can do.” The president said.

General Hammond and the president got off and the president made a few calls and after a month of work he called Cooter Davenport.

“Cooter...” The president started.

“What can I do fer ya?” Cooter asked.

“Actually a black SUV should be pullin' up outside. They'll want to blindfold ya let 'em. They'll take ya to a private jet and they'll give ya some reading material read it.” Was said.

“What's goin' on?” Cooter asked.

“You're goin' find out about somethin' amazin'.”

“OK.” Cooter said.

Eventually he was reading about the Stargate program. Cooter wondered why he was being told about it. Cooter was taken to Daniel Jackson's.

“Senator Davenport...” Jack started as he led him towards Daniel's door.

“Cooter.” He corrected.

“Cooter... Daniel wanted us to bring you to his place then we'll take you to Cheyenne Mountain.” Jack said.

“He was right though.”

“About what?” Cooter said.

“He told us you would tell us to call you Cooter.” Jack said.

“Did he?” Cooter asked.

“Yep.” Jack said and opened the door.

There was two glasses setting on the counter. Teal'C and Sam already had glasses in hand. The liquid was clear so he thought it was water when Jack saw it.

“Have a drink, Senator Davenport.” Sam said gesturing towards the glasses.

Cooter picked up a glass and smelled it. Cooter took a sip.

“Woo that's some good 'shine.” Cooter said.

“Shine?” Jack asked.

“Moonshine, Colonel.” Cooter said.

“Moonshine?” Jack asked and picked up the last glass and tasting it.

“Woo that's strong.”

“Doesn't it taste familiar, Cooter?” Came a familiar voice.

“Yeah, thought I was drinkin' Duke Shine.” Cooter said.

“Cause you are.” 'Daniel Jackson' said turning to Cooter.

It was Luke Duke standing there. Cooter stared at Luke at first.

“Lucas...Dukas...” Cooter started.

“Hey, Cooter.” Luke said.

Cooter rushed and hugged Luke suddenly.

“Where did you get moonshine, Danny?” Jack asked.

Luke smirked at Jack.

“Do you really want to know the answer to that Jack?” Luke asked.

“He made it. I'm going to look the other way on that Staff Sergeant.” General Hammond said walking in.

“Staff Sergeant?” Jack asked confused.

“Daniel Jackson... Luke Duke that is was a Staff Sergeant in the Marines.” General Hammond said.

“See Danny boy obviously you could follow orders at some point, but why would you join the Marines air Force is the way to go.” Jack said.

“But...wait... you make moonshine?”

“Who do you think taught the Abydonians how, Jack?” Luke asked.

“Oh...” Jack started in realization.

Luke smiled.

“The president asked me to check on things here and wanted you to call him, Senator Davenport. He doesn't know about Daniel Jackson's real identity.” General Hammond said.

“Why would he care?” Luke asked.

“You don't remember Hazzard do you?” Cooter asked.

“No why?” Luke asked.

“Can I call him back with your phone?” Cooter asked.

Luke nodded. Cooter called the president.

“Ya ain't gonna believe this, Enos.” Cooter said.

“What is it, Cooter?” Enos asked.

“Luke's alive.” Cooter said.

Enos let out a rebel yell.

“Where is he?” Enos asked.

“The SGC.” Cooter said.

“Seriously?” Enos asked.

“Daniel Jackson is really Luke Duke.” Cooter said.

“But...” Enos started.

“He doesn't remember Hazzard.” Cooter said.

“So he couldn't help find Bo.” Enos said.

“We've been lookin' fer years. He is probably either dead or like Luke doesn't remember anythin'.” Cooter said.

“I haven't tried to find him since I became president. I could get the FBI lookin' fer him.” Enos said.

“Might have to.” Cooter said.

“Will do.” Enos said.

“Call me when Luke gets his memory back.”

“I will.” Cooter said.

“I gotta go. Bye, Cooter.” Enos said.

“Bye Enos.” Cooter said and hung up.

Luke looked confused and looked at Jack. Luke was giving Jack a look, Jack knew this was a look Daniel would give him when he needed some sort of assurances from Jack.

“Danny Danny Danny boy or would it be Luke now hm... But anyway Danny boy, I think I'm going to stick with that it rolls of the tongue Danny boy, you just realized you had a past thinking you know everything that'd be like thinking I actually know what Carter is talking about. But, we're still here so obviously enough gets through” Jack comforted Daniel while deflecting everyone's attention, because that last statement raised a few red flags with him.

Luke nodded.

“Y-Yeah.” Luke said and almost collapsed onto his couch clutching his head.

“Daniel...” Sam started.

Luke looked a little out of it. Sam looked at Jack.

“Danny boy when was the last time you slept...on a bed?” Jack asked.

“Last month.” Luke said sheepishly.

“Maybe you should make of use of that bed you have in your apartment and I don't know sleep.” Jack continues.

Sending a look at Sam as if to say there problem solved

“I think I am going to take my own suggestion bye folks see you in the morning barring any more emergencies.”

Jack said and let the mic drop walking out.

Cooter moved to help the exhausted Luke to bed. Luke was asleep almost instantly once in bed. Sam and Teal'C left.


Luke woke up three hours late. Luke quickly took a shower changed into his base clothes and headed to the SGC.

“Jack... sorry I'm late.” Luke said.

Luke looked at Jack half expecting him to be angry with him for being three hours late. Even though the Daniel side of his brain was telling him he'd shown up later and only ever gotten a sarcastic groan

"Hammond hasn't given us our mission yet." Sam said.


Luke sighed.


"Guess I was really exhausted." Luke said.

Of course when 'Daniel' had been later had been before Jack knew 'Daniel' was a Marine so wasn't sure if Jack was going to react different this time. Jack rolled his eyes.

“Now we know you're still Daniel Jackson.” Jack said.

Luke smiled.

“I don't remember my training to well but, maybe my body does... first mission since I changed after all.” Luke said.

“Or maybe I'll remember.” He added.

The team were soon being sent through the Stargate. SG-1 found a site but some guys showed up aiming weapons at the group and one grabbed Luke. The man held a weapon at Luke's head. Luke had his hands up. They were saying something in another language and Luke knew they were talking about taking the artifacts. Luke elbowed the one holding him and flipped him over his shoulder taking the weapon and pointing it at the men.

“Danny?” Jack asked surprised.

Luke shrugged.

“Don't mess with the artifacts.” Luke said.

Luke was directing this to the men that had tried to steal the artifacts. Who had begun to inch back towards them while he was distracted

"Don't... because I will shoot." Luke said.

The men ran off and out of sight. Luke tossed the weapon and looked at Jack. Luke's movement had been so fluid when he elbowed the man and flip him that it reminded the team that 'Daniel' had military training. Jack and the team stared at Luke a moment.


"You OK, Danny?" Jack asked.


"Fine lets get these artifacts back to base and I can look them over there." Luke said.

Luke hadn't noticed someone walking up behind him with a knife before he felt the pain of the knife going in. Luke paled and collapsed. Teal'C had his Staff weapon in hand and Jack had his gun. A puddle of blood started forming under Luke. The man was still standing over Luke with the knife in hand. Luke tried to move away but his vision was darkening so knew he was going to pass out.


"Teal'C...J-Jack..." Luke started and lost consciousness.


"Daniel!" Sam yelled shocked.


Sam's gun was on the opposite side of the site. If the team didn't take down the man fast Luke could bleed out.

“Teal'C, we gotta save Danny.” Jack said before opening fire at the man.

Teal'C shot stunning the man and restrained the man while Jack ran to try and stop the bleeding. Sam ran to dial the Stargate but got a signal from the dialing device that the address was busy. Then she dialed the address of a Tok'Ra base.

“Dad, I need your help.” Sam said into a communicator.

“Sam?” Jacob asked.

“Daniel was hurt on our mission and we can't dial home.” Sam said.

Jacob and a team came through quickly and Sam led him to Jack and 'Daniel'. Jack was trying to stop the bleeding. Jacob moved to pull Jack back while his team stopped the bleeding and took 'Daniel' on a stretcher through the event horizon to the Tok'ra base and the SG-1 followed. Eventually Jacob returned to the team and looked down with a bowed head a moment before looking at them.

“It would seem now your team has a Tok'ra in it's mists.” Selmek said.

“You had to put a Tok'ra in to save Daniel?” Sam asked.

“Yes.” Selmek said.

“What's his name?” Jack asked.

“The Tok'ra is called Enlil.” Selmek said.

“Can we see him?” Jack asked.

“Daniel is unconscious while the Tok'ra works to heal his injury.” Selmek said.

“So, no?” Jack asked.

“One of you may sit with him if you like but let him rest.” Selmek said.

“I'll sit with him.” Jack said.

This was going to be one of those situations where Jack sat by one of his team in a bed an infirmary. Selmek led Jack to Luke's bedside. Jack sat by the bed. Jack had both hands in front of his mouth and touching his nose palm to palm watching Luke worriedly. Jack knew the Tok'ra couldn't heal all injuries but he also knew this Tok'ra was going to try as hard as it could to save Luke. Jack knew it would take time. After a week and a day of Jack refusing to leave Luke's side he was sedated and dragged away and back to the SGC to rest. But, as soon as Frasier would allow it he returned to Luke's side. This happened on schedule. Every week or so they had to sedate Jack and drag him back to the SGC to rest. Luke was in a coma like condition for two months before he stirred. Jack was sitting by his side.

“Danny?” Jack asked.

“Jack?” Luke asked a little disoriented.

*Lukas relax you've been though quite an ordeal.* Came to Luke's mind.


*Who are you?* Luke mentally asked the voice in his head.


*I am Enlil your Tok'ra.* Was the reply.


"I'm a Tok'ra?" Luke asked Jack.

“You scared the hell out of me, Daniel.” Jack admitted.

“Jack...” Luke started.

“Until Jacob and that medical team showed up I thought... if I just reacted faster I could've...” Jack started guilt could be detected by those that really knew him.

“Jack, it isn't your fault.” Luke said.

“I let my guard down. I didn't consider that their might have been more of them.”

*I will help you remember your past. Slowly though so as not to overwhelm you.* Enlil said.

*Thank you.* Luke replied with.

“I do seem to remember the General Lee... me and my cousin build the engine from the ground up.” Luke said.

“Jack...” Jacob started from the doorway.

“Yeah, Jacob.” Jack asked.

“Dr. Frasier wanted Daniel to rest at home until farther notice after he woke up.” Jacob said.

“I know you maybe having a hard time believing I'm Daniel Jackson.” Luke said.

“If I was going souly by my eyes yes but we did a DNA scan and you're DNA is just the same as always.” Jacob said.

“Oh if I could get you a DNA sample could you keep an eye out for it.” Luke asked.

Jacob nodded.

“It's my cousin.” Luke said.

“If you can get us a DNA sample we will watch for it, Daniel.” Jacob said.

Luke nodded.

“So I can go back to Earth, Selmek?” Luke found himself asking.

Jacob looked down a moment and Selmek looked at Daniel.

“You can.” Selmek said.

“I was going to take time off anyway.” Luke said.

“I brought you a change last time I went to the SGC.” Jack said.

“Thanks, Jack.” Luke said.

Selmek handed him a Tok'ra suit so he would have one. Luke took it and put it in his bag and went to change he came in a pair of dark blue pants, black t-shirt and was putting on a blue long sleeve button up shirt on when he came out. Selmek looked down and Jacob looked up as Daniel got to him. Daniel saluted and Jacob instantly saluted back then lowered his hand.

“Military training may make him stay until you dismiss him.” Jack told Jacob.

“I explain later.”

“Dismissed, Jackson.” Jacob said.

“It's Duke, Luke Duke.” He corrected.

“I'll correct that in our file of you and try and remember that.” Jacob said.

Luke picked up his bag and went to the Stargate's dialing device and started dialing quickly. Soon Daniel pressed a hand on the center stone and the wormhole opened. He and Jack walked though and Jack took Luke home. They found the door ajar.

“Hello?” Luke asked.

“Lukas...” Started a familiar voice.

“Cooter...” Luke started.

“I was trying to help unpack some of these boxes.” Cooter said.

“Thanks, Cooter.”

“You need a garage.” Cooter said.

Luke laughed.

“Daniel Jackson never owned a car. I only half own one now because you destroyed mine years ago.” Luke said instantly.

Cooter laughed.

“I said I was sorry when... wait you remember that.” Cooter asked.

“Vaguely.” Luke said.

“I was going to call the Dukes... Coy, Vance and Jeb are in Hazzard keeping the farm running.” Cooter said.

“For what?” Jack asked curiously.

“One to let them know Luke is alright and second to see if one of them could drive out a certain car.” Cooter said.

“The General Lee?” Luke asked.

Cooter stared.

“You remember that?”

“A little.” Luke admitted.

“Course Daisy might have already called them to tell them Luke was OK and in Colorado Springs.” Cooter said.

“Daisy... I remember that name.” Luke said.

“Your cousin.” Cooter offered.

“How would she know already?” Jack asked.

“I'm assuming Enos told her the day he found out.” Cooter said.

“Right the first lady.” Jack said.

“I think Enos was going to call Hazzard today.” Cooter said.

Balladeer: Now folks maybe we should check in on the folks over in Hazzard.

The phone in Rosco's office in the police station rang.

“This is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane what do y
a need?” He answered.

"Please hold for the President." A voice said.

"Sure, I'll just hold for the...the-the-the WHAT??? Lady, I --hello? Hello? Must be on hold...." Rosco started.

“Sheriff Coltrane...” Started a familiar voice as the president came on the line.

It was Enos Strate's voice on the phone.
Rosco paused a moment recognizing the voice on the phone.

“Enos?” Rosco asked.

“That's right, Sheriff.” Enos said.

“Now I'm on lunch break right now here in the oval office. But, I wanted to ask you to contact the Dukes and let them know that Luke is alive in Colorado Springs, Colorado. But, tell them that Luke doesn't remember anything.”

Cue anyone

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