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Jenyfer was driving her  1957 chevrolet belair convertible from running an errand for Uncle Jesse. The car was not running on all 8. When she pulled in on the Duke Farm Bo noticed it was not running right . She got out of the car and took the items to Uncle Jesse. Bo went over and raised the hood on Jen's car The engine was still hot to check the plugs on the car. Jenyfer asked Bo " Why is the hood up on my car" He said as he put his arm around her " Darlin'  I noticed the engine was not running right and I wanted to check to find out so I can see if I can fix the problem. The engine needs to cool off  but what size is the engine?" 283 she answered it was a birthday present from my Uncle he gave it to me on my 16th birthday which was this past July 4th.  I was born  July 4,1963." Bo told her he was born in 1960.

Uncle Jesse for got to ask Jenyfer to pick up another item . Bo told her it was Ok to take the General . Jenyfer got her purse because she also needed to make a deposit to her bank account . Bo kissed her and told her he loved her and she told him she loved him too. Jenyfer started the General and headed on down the road . All of a sudden Jenyfer looked in the rearview mirror and seen a white VW with horns on the hood . She noticed the driver was not driving normal. She sped up to get way from him but he caught up and was beside her . He ran Jenyfer off the road the car spun and crashed in to a brick wall. She was knocked out  and was there for at least 2 hours before help came.  

Bo started to get worried .Then he heard Cooter on the CB telling the Dukes that Jenyfer was in a very bad car wreck and she was seriously injured and was on the way to the hospital . Cooter was towing the General Lee behind his tow truck . Cooter told Bo that Jentfer was very badly hurt. Bo was very upset and broke down . Luke went to comfort his cousin .

Then the Duke family went to the hospital to see how bad it was. The doctor told the family that Jenyfer  had a broken arm , ankle and was badly cut and it took 23 stitches to close . Bo took a peek and seen she was also badly bruised Bo said " Uncle Jesse I plan to find out who did this to her and when I do and who ever it is will regret they did this." Uncle Jesse told Bo to simmer down . We will report this to Roscoe. Cooter already told Bo that is had been  reported and its being investigated but will need to talk to Jenyfer when she wakes up.

The Dukes left the hospital but Bo wanted to stay with her. The 2nd day Jenyfer opened her eyes "were am I " the nurse told her she was in a bad car wreck and was in the hospital."The police are waiting to talk to you about this. " Bo was sitting in a chair next to her bed. Jenyfer told the nurse to send the officer in. The cop asked Jenyfer about the details . Jenyfer gave a description of the other car involved . Bo knew right then and there  who the other driver was . Hughie Hogg Boss Hogg's Nephew. Bo decided he was going to go after Hughie . The cop told him to calm down and he will take care of the matter. Bo said "That low down weasel did this to my girl and he going to pay for what he did to her." 

Jenyfer told the investigating officer " When you catch this creep I want to press charges" The next day Jenyfer came home from the hospital but had to stay off her feet. Bo even carried her to the Couch and sat her down. She got the remote to the TV and changed the channel. Then she came across a movie that was released back in 1968 and was originally filmed in black and white. Daisy made some pop corn and got Bo and Jenyfer some cokes.  Bo asked her what the name of the movie was. Jenyfer told him Night of the living dead . She said "Why don't you sit down and watch it with me." Bo sat next to her and she leaned her head against his shoulder.

Boss Hogg found out what Hughie did and kicks him out of hazzard. He told his nephew that he did not want him to step another foot in Hazzard again. Boss went to the Duke farm to see Jenyfer.   Uncle Jesse  told Jenyfer JD was here to see her. Jenyfer nodded it was ok. Boss told her that he was very sorry about what Hugie did to her. Jenyfer told him that it was not his fault what happened. She told him I will bring a doctors excuse . Boss told her " I want you to get better you are 1 of my hard  workers."


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Jenyfrr thanked Boss for his kind words.  Hughie was plotting to break up Bo and Jenyfer. He wanted to make it a bad break up. Hughie hired a hypnotist to have Bo hypnotised   .Hughie had the Dr to to tell Bo he had to break up with his girlfriend Jenyfer.  The next day Bo told Jenyfer it was over. She was shocked and hurt. She asked him if she did any thing to upset him .Bo told her she crashed the General. Luke said Bo that was an accident she did not mean for that to happen.  Jen left the room in tears . Luke turned to his cousin and I cannot believe you did that to her. Later Luke told Uncle Jesse and Daisy what happened. Daisy went to talk to her best friend. Jen was very upset she told Daisy she was going to stay in town for a while until things cooled down.    The next day Luke snapped his finger .Bo asked were Jenyfer was  Luke told him what happened .Luke told Go I believe you were hypnotized and was ordered to break up with her. Daisy told him where Jenyfer  was . Bo and Luke arrived to the hotel wereJen was staying  Luke knocked. She answered Luke told her I need to talk to you and explain what happened between you and Bo. Jenyfer said OK I'm listening  Luke told her Bo was was hypnotized to break up with her.I Will be right back. Luke went to his cousin and said this tell her you love her .I am going to see if the. General is ready. Bo went to see Jenyfer and noticed her hair was down and not tied back it was down to her end of her back. Your hair looks pretty that way. Bo told her he loved her.She walked up to him and put her arms around him a d he did the same. Cooter told Luke the General was not ready yet.



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