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A moonshiner, son of moonshiner. A cop, son of moonshiner. They were close friends, but how to be still friends when one of them decides to cross the line separating moonshiners and Law? Why did Enos decide to become a cop, and how did Luke react to his best friend's decision?

For the ones who're reading "Shattered", yeah, the fight between Enos and Luke because of Enos' decision to become a cop is "summed up" in the chapter "Water's circles". When I wrote that chapater I was planning to add, at some point, that fight as a long flash-back, but along the story I've decided to put this idea aside (there's no need of this long flashback). So, if while you're reading this story, you start to wonder where you already read this idea... you're right, you already read a hint of it in "Shattered".

For the ones who aren't reading "Shattered", there's NO need to read it in order to read this one-shot, 'cause it stands alone.

For everybody: I usually write of Enos and Daisy, but lately I'm enjoying to try to explore not just Enos/Daisy relationship but also Enos/Luke/Bo/uncle Jesse one. This one shot is centered on Luke and Enos (though at the end... uh, you'll see), and I hope I'm not going to disappoint Luke's fans.


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