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A Beautiful Day

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It was just one of those ordinary days. But then in Michigan days are not very ordinary the weather changes as often as Mit Romney's plan for America. It was an overcast dark morning & Courtney was not in a hurry to get out of bed as she laid there next to her sweetheart, Bo. She felt sure that the day could not possibly get better, she was in for a surprise, she rolled over and hugged Bo gently kissing the back of his neck. He stirred slightly but did not wake up. "Perfect! she thought "This is the perfect moment!". She kissed him again and slowly inhaled his wonderful scent. She loved the way he smelled! Especially first thing in the morning so fresh. So Courtney made one whispered wish "Please don't let this moment end. I wish it could last forever!" Bo turned his head and said "What was that you said, Courtney?"

"Oh gosh, I didn't mean to wake you!" Courtney said

Bo whispered "That's ok, I'm glad to be awake and enjoy the moment too! What was that you were saying a moment ago?"

She said "Oh nothing much! Just a small wish that time would stop forever!"

"Oh is that all?" Bo chuckled

"What do you say we get up and make the most out of this beautiful day" Bo said

Courtney replied "I thought I already was. Anything you want me to do is fine with me

"Come with me!" said Bo and grabbed Courtney's hand coaxing her out of bed.

"The last one in the shower has to wash the other one's back" he said

"Oh Bo" Courtney said "That's not a punishment, I love washing your back! You go ahead and get started I will be right there."

Bo said "Great!" and went into the bathroom and began running the shower. Meanwhile Courtney went to her closet and began searching for her bathrobe but before she found it she came across her favorite negligite. Holding it up she thought to her self "Now this is something Bo will enjoy!" She quickly slipped out of her clothes and slipped into her silky lingerie.

"Did you get lost?" Bo hollered from the bathroom or did you change your mind?"

"Oh Bo!" Courtney said "Hold your pants on or maybe don't hold your pants on! I'm coming!"

Bo was standing next to the shower when Courtney came into the room.

His eyes brightened when he saw her. He was almost speechless, but managed to whisper "Wow!"

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Courtney Walked over to the sink picked up the lighter that was next to the candles & lit 2 of them. She always kept them there because she enjoyed them when taking a relaxing hot bath. Bo was just motionless. Just standing there watching Courtney move. Courtney reached past him to turn out the light.

NEXT SCENE: When they were done they wrapped the towels around themselves and went to the bedroom to get dressed.

"Let's go for a nice long walk together" Bo said "Put on your walking shoes"

They both got dressed and Bo said "Come on,Courtney, let's go!" And off they went to enjoy a beautiful day hand in hand not a care in the world.

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