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Bad Blood

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Bo decided to wait for Doc. Appleby out on the front porch twenty minutes later a pulled up into the farm's driveway and Doc got out

and he followed Bo into the farmhouse carrying his little bag and Bo showed him to the boys bedroom .

Luke had fallen back to the sleep by the time doc arrived so he slowly walked over to the bed and shook Luke's shoulder a few times

and the boy slowly opened his eyes and he said "so Luke how are you feelin' heard you fell outta bed and onto the floor"?".

" I got this dizzy spell but it's gone now I feel much better ". said Luke

No sooner did Luke get up out of bed did he start feeling dizzy again so he sat back down .

So the Doc Applebee got out his penlight and he shined it into Luke's eyes and he asked Luke to follow it and so he did

And Doc Applebee couldn't seem to find anything wrong with Luke except that he looks really tired.

" Well Jesse has Luke been sleeping good lately ?". asked Doc

" Well last night he was pretty restless he seemed to be tossin' and turnin' ". replied Jesse

So with that in mind Doc got out his thermomater and he checked Luke's temperature it seemed to be high.

"Oh Boy this ain't good Jesse it says here that Luke's temperature is 105 ". said doc

" I'm gonna write Luke a perscription for some Sleeping pills now these should only be taken twice a day". said Doc

" Now I don't usually prescribe these pills because they are really powerful but seein' as how Luke is restless I'll make an exception.

Before Doc Appleby left he gave Luke a shot of a sedation medication so that he could get the rest he needs".

No sooner did Doc Appleby leave the boys room did Luke fall into a deep restful sleep Jesse tucked Luke into bed ,and shut the door.

Early the next morning Jesse drove over to the pharmacy to pick-up Luke's medication that Doc Appleby had written for him

by the time Jesse arrived back at the farm he figured he would check on Luke so he walked on over to the boys room door.

And he peeked and Luke was still sound asleep he figured he should let Luke sleep he can use all the rest he can get.

Cue Lizzy Jackson Davenport

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Luke managed to sleep throughout the rest of the day even though Jesse would come in to check on him everytime he finished chores.

The medication didn't really wear off until around late afternoon Luke let out a few short coughs ,then he tried wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

then he tried to see if he could sit up without feeling dizzy no sooner did he sit up he felt his body telling him to sit back down".

" Oh my head is spinning I'm seeing dots oh this ain't good ". worried Luke

Meanwhile in the Kitchen Jesse couldn't help but hear some footsteps coming from the boys room so he figured he should check it out.

" Oh well good afternoon Luke so how you feeling?". asked Jesse

" I wish i could say that I feel better but i still feel about the same uncle Jesse ". said Luke

" Well that's to be expected you just gotta give your body time Luke I know you ain't used to being sick". reminded Jesse

" I can't stand this Uncle Jesse I have to be better soon I've had this bug for almost a month now ". complained Luke

" Sorry boy but their ain't nothing you can do about it but give yourself time and take your medicene". reminded Jesse

" speaking of medicene it 's getting near time for your second dose but I know you hate it but it will help". said Jesse

Luke hung his head and sighed he knew that if he wanted to get better he had to take his medicene but he couldn't stand it ".

" I really wish I didn't have to take it uncle Jesse it makes me feel plum worn out ". complained Luke

" I know it does but that is because you really need alot of rest in order to get better ". reminded Jesse

Seeing as how Luke had no choice he figured he better take it so he tired his best to swallow down the OXYCODEAN.

Before Jesse knew it Luke had fallen back into a deep sleep and so he then left the room and slowly closed the door".

"Meanwhile Bo was outside working on the General getting it ready for the upcoming race on sunday in Charlotte ".

As Bo worked on the General he couldn't help but notice that the General's fuel line was looking like it needed to be replaced".

So he figured he would go in and tell Uncle Jesse that he was running on over to Cooters to fix the General.

" Hey Uncle Jesse I'm gonna run on down to Cooters the General's fuel line needs to be replaced how's Luke doing?". asked Bo

" Well wish I could tell ya that he was doing better but he still ain't up to par yet if he was I would let him go with you ". explained Jesse

" Well he has to be better by sunday that's the day of the race it won't be the same if he can't go ". complained Bo

" Doc did say that Luke stands a chance of making a full recovery just takes time I'm afraid that frustrates him ". admitted Jesse

Cue Anyone

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Today is the day of the Charlotte race and while Bo was in the boys bedroom packing for the race . O'l Luke was in his bed fast asleep.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Uncle Jesse was busy making his famous clam chowder for poor Luke who was still not feeling his best.

" Hey Uncle Jesse I sure wish that Luke could come but I guess since he's still sick I ain't about risk of him getting worse". confessed Bo

" I know Bo if he was doing better I would let him go but he ain't well yet but listen you just go win that race for Luke". confessed Jesse

Cue Anyone

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