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Cold day in Hazzard


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It's winter time in Hazzard and unfortunately half of Hazzard down with the flu

over at the dukefarm while Bo , Daisy , was enjoying a nice country breakfast

Luke was still in bed sleeping he's been sleeping which wasn't like Luke.

" Bo why ain't Luke up yet ?". asked Jesse

" Luke's been sleeping alot lately yesterday he slept until noon". said Bo

" well that ain't like him he's usually up with the sun ". said Jesse

" Sure hope he ain't coming down with something like the flu ". said Jesse

Cue Anyone

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After breakfast was finished Daisy had said goodbye to Bo , left for work

before Jesse washed the dishes he decided he would go check on Luke.

so he walked into the boys room and he noticed that Luke was sleeping

so he quietly walked over to Luke's bed and he called the boys name out .

" Luke , Luke , come on boy it's time to wake up ". said Jesse

All jesse got out was a few moans and few grumbles .

" Luke come on you need to wake up ". said Jesse

" Uncle .. Jesse I don't feel good I have a very bad headache ". said Luke

" Okay well you just lay down and rest and how about some tea ?". said Jesse

" Well ... Okay but my head is spinning ". said Luke

Unfortunately as the day went on Luke started feeling a little better

but he still felt a little dizzy but he couldn't let it stop him from doing his

chores so he walked on over to chicken coop and he went to get the eggs.

When suddenly he was hit with a dizzy spell then he was hit with a sharp pain

in his head and then he passed out onto the hay stack and was unconcious.

Cue Anyone

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