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It's an idea I had recently.

Looking at my traffic stats on fanfiction. net, I was really surprised 'bout how many people keep on reading my FIRST stories, stories I wrote in 2007 (WOW, nearly 6 years ago).

I wondered why and how it happens: NEW readers starting from my last story and then going back to all my previous ones 'cause the liked my last one? (GREAT) or my usual readers that, time after time, need to go back to those stories? Do usual readers miss my oldest stories 'cause they prefer them to my recent ones?.. mmmhh not so great... Or do they simply have fun to re-erad them, sometimes? (GREAT, it means they've liked them very much).

Anyway, NEW or OLD readers, I decided to.. ehm.. fix these stories because of poor grammar and poor execution: they were my first stories written in a foreign language... and, reading them NOW I feel a bit ashamed 'bout my writing skills at that time (but, anyway, I had to start, somewhere).

In effect, I've started here on this Forum with a round-robin... and I wrote my first fanfic thanks to one of your challenges (old times, when there were so many great authors here and so many round-robins and fanfic to read, HERE :().

OK, stop regretting the oldest times.

I'm starting a "re-writing" of my oldest stories: I'm not going to change plots but I'm fixing grammar (or I hope so) and improving the style (adding some lines and deleting or changing some other ones... so the story "flows" better).

People who's already read these stories won't find anything really new in it, but some hints and for sure a better style (so, if they want to re-read them, I hope they'll enjoy them more than the first time... when they had to "endure" grammar mistakes and poor writing). And people who's going to read it for the first time, I hope they'll enjoy these "new" stories.

Anyway, I'm trying, the more as possible, to keep my original style, even if a bit naive and elemental: I can't deny my origin. Improve but not deny that spirit, even if a bit childish and naive (it's matured along the years, but it's not changed so much :innocent:).

I want to find again THAT atmosphere and spirit, to find again my personal way to write fic and to imagine DOH's universe (lately I've a bit lost this way), focusing on characters' development and relationships (not only Daisy and Enos, but Bo, Luke and uncle Jesse too); I need to refresh the DOH I've always had in my mind: a mix of love, friendship, honesty, trust, family's bonds, sacrifice, where nobody is never alone or abandoned because of the strong idea of justice, family, friendship and love... a world full of good and sweet feelings.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3560374/1/Reflections-Daisy-s-diary (this is my OLDEST story, edited and "re-freshed" :wink:)

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5275673/1/The-cure (one of my oldest one-shot)

More "old" (edited) fanfics to come.

A sweet look at the past.

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FINALLY I fixed the story I think I love the MOST.

It REALLY needed to be fixed: again, as for my previous re-installed stories, I didn't change the plot not the spirit of the story, but I only improve grammar and style (and yeah... I changed some phrases here and there, adding some ones and deleting some other ones: nothing fundamental, anyway).

I hope you enjoy to read it (for the first o second time... or even more) the same way I enjoy to write (both so many years ago and today) it.

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http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1212726/i1976# (up page, under my nick)

Here's a poll to vote your favourite story, so I can understand what story I should edit, first, and what's kind of stories to write after the end of "Carry that weight" (no, it's not ended, yet, :), posted a new chapter yesterday, and I hope you're enjoying it, even if so different from my previous stories).

Thank you.

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Another re-installement: "Cherry blossom". This is a sequel of "Snow".

"In the cherry blossom's shade, there's no such thing as a stranger".

The summary is a poetry of Kobayashi Issa, a japanese poet (1763-1828). In the "shade" or, you might say, beneath the canopy of enlightenment (in japanese Zen poetry, cherry blossoms are often used as symbols for the simple, natural, unfolding springtime of enlightment), there is no longer any sense of separation; nothing and no one is foreign to you; there is no such thing as a stranger.

Uh, I know, it's a weird thing to use this kind of symbol in a DOH's fanfic, BUT.. you should know I LOVE Japan (Zen, poetry, movies, animation, culture... and spirit). :wink:

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