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Worst House


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So me and my brother share a room and it's in the front of our house. Our house is also an apartment. Well our new upstairs neighbor was plunging the bath tub with a plunger and I'm pretty sure that's what made our ceiling leak. It hasn't done it is years. We've had to move so much and put so plastic down. It's horrible. I hate our house.

I want to move so badly. I'm like an emotional wreck. Nothings been damaged yet, it's just who I am. Hope that it ends soon. But now I'm going to feel awful in school, all thanks to my neighbors.

So has any of ya guys had a house as bad as this?

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I think everyone has at least one bad neighbor in their lifetime.

My neighbors might be worse than yours though. Have you ever heard of Jersey Shore? Think of the girls from Jersey Shore with an Irish accent and you have my neighbors. There's two girls, around 21 and 19, and a boy about 15.

The boy is constantly in trouble with the law, and is only a matter of time before he's sent to prision for a long time.

The two girls, although may technically and physically be 21 and 19, have the combined smarts of a newborn baby. Hardly a weekend goes by when they aren't fighting about something stupid, usually fake tan or drink. At first nobody in my family took much notice, but now if we hear them fighting my brother, sister and I will open the windows at the front of the house to hear them better! Their amazing intelligence level is also reflected in their driving. The older girl was having a fight with one of her boyfriends. The boyfriend stormed off past my house and the girl got in her car, and took off after him. However because she has the intelligence of a brick she floored her car and crashed straight into my dads car which was parked on the street. She then tried to back her car up and drive off, but myself and one of my neighbors ran out to her and confronted her about it.

Needless to say I would have been better talking to a floorboard.

They also have loud parties when their mom is away ( I'm not sure where the dad is). Usually these parties end up being broken up by the police. But instead of using their heads and dumping the empty bottles and cans in their own trash can, the girls use to dump them in my neighbors and my own front yard. We slowly gathered all the trash they dumped in our yards, and one day while they were out we dumped everything we collected on their front lawn. Needless to say they stopped dumping their trash in our yard pretty quickly after that.

Just incase anybody is having a hard time visualizing these people, here's a toned down version (the girl on the left) of what they look like.


I was going to say they had the same iq as Paris Hilton, but I didn't want to insult her haha

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Well, I'll say that the ones now aren't the worst. We've had the cops come once for our upstairs neighbors and I think a little while later, the guy got arrested for trying to print money.

But we've had crazy people living beside us. It's even too hard to explain. Let's just say that most of them had to be evicted and only the sane ones stayed. Well maybe one crazy guy stayed.:confused:

I guess it's just that I've hated this house for such a long time. I think they just have added to that whole opinion.

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Boy, the neighbors are lucky I didn't get hurt worse.

So part of the ceiling in the living room fell on me today. There's always been a crack in it but since these neighbors moved in, it's gotten bigger. And today was the last of it. It was a little after 4 (eastern time) I think and I was right underneath it. I was wearing jeans luckly and just got a scraped knee which will be bruised and I will have a bruise on the side of my thigh. Not fun.

And now I'm paranoid when I'm in the room. I was fixing my beg and was underneath the hole. So my mom tells me I am and I supposedly get a scared look on my face and I flinch like I'm ready to run. We both laugh but I really am paranoid.


This is the hole. My dad has taken down the parts around it 'cause it is sure to come down also. It's only been a few days I think since we had the other room's ceiling fixed. Now we'll have the same guy come and fix this.

Lastly, this is right above the doorway to our bathroom. That is not convenient. Especially when it's being fixed.

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