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Knight Rider

General Jackson

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Since Knight Rider has been brought up, I'll mention that a Knight Rider big-screen movie has been pitched more than once to Universal Studios, but Glen Larson's suit against Universal has stalled all discussion of the project.

And I shouldn't post this link, because it has swearing and contains adult humor ( crass humor at that) but it has some fun with that whole new-Knight Rider vs. original thang. From the animation studios of "Robot Chicken". Not appropriate for sensitive viewers:


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On 5/14/2015 at 9:11 AM, Lucas_Duke95 said:

I remember this episode where they made fun of the Dukes, they had an orange 69 charger blowing up and two hicks where driving it.

I posted some screengrabs from that episode ('Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death') here.

Earlier this year I finally got around to watching my Knight Rider box set all the way through. I still prefer Dukes, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It's also fun spotting guest stars who also appeared in Dukes.

The show is obviously still popular here in Ireland as there were at least two KITT replicas at a car show I attended recently (one was complete with a replica interior). I say "at least two" because there was a third Trans Am with the red light on the front, but it had the wrong wheels and no other KITT modifications.


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