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The Brady Bunch go to Kings Island


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Now I just have to know, but has anyone here seen the episode of the Brady Bunch where they go to Kings Island? The episode was called "The Cincinnati Kids" and it aired in 73' when the park was only open for a few years.

I live about half an hour from the park and my has it changed. It is so fun to go to. I got a pass for it and that means it will be a good summer.

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Believe it or not, The Brady Bunch isn't that well known over here. It originally only had a limited showing (before my time), and the reruns in the early 90s were on a satellite channel before most people had satellite TV (myself included). I do remember seeing about 10 minutes of the 1995 movie with Shelley Long.

I found a blurry clip of 'The Cincinnati Kids' on YouTube for people like myself who haven't seen it:

The whole episode is supposed to be on TV.com, but they don't want anyone from my geographical region to see it :(. Maybe those of you in the US will have more luck:

The Brady Bunch - The Cincinnati Kids

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That's interesting to know. When I posted this, I was watching it on tv.com.

The youtube clip you shared do show quiet a bit of it. But I will say that it does not take that long to run from one end of the park to the other. But it is weird to see the park like that compared to it now. Here is the map of the park this year. If you look, you can tell how much it's grown.

There is also a video on youtube with pop-ups. It's not the whole episode put it has most of it. It isn't the best quality but it's decent.

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