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Hi yall....

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I saw Kels workin this area, thought I'd come and check it out. :D

So's anyways, how bout a little bitty of meh, eh? I'm random...I like to eat tacos, tacos are awesome, uum....Oh yea...Of course I like the Dukes, but I think Rosco is funny, though meh friend Kels blurts Rosco's sentences at times (not of randomness), but unlike mehself, I like to be random at odd times. :-o I just wrote alot here....eat bananas! :p

As meh name says...I like Rodney Atkins, got to meet him more then....:-o...well actually I've seen him for, what? Six years now, he's a nice dude. If yalls wonderin who he is, well....he's a country singer since his 2005 hit single... If Your Going Through Hell! =D I just love his music!

In fact, went out to see his special concert and in one of his singles (Take A Backroad) he sung Ole waylon's song (Good Ole Boys)! It tickled me pinker than a baby's hide! I was so thrilled to death!

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