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The Virus

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Tonight On The Dukes : Luke Duke comes down with a bad bug of virus.

Ya see the trouble all started when a van carrying a very dangerous chemical

then suddenly it passed a hump in the road and caused one of the barrels

to leak and unfortunately someone is gonna be very sick unfortunately it'll

probably end up being one of the Dukeboys who have a knack for trouble.

They were just driving along when suddenly they hit a nail and it was flat tire

and they had to pull over and stop little knowing that they were in Hazzard

Unfortunately at that same time the boys was just driving by thought they

would see if they could help out they looked like they could use some help.

" Howdy Y'all need some help". asked Bo

" um no were fine why don't y'all get back in your car ". said Carl

Unfortunately the boys ended up getting into a fight and unfortunately

one of the guys caused Luke to crash into one of the barrles and he

ended up getting some of that stuff on his clothes and his pants.

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Finally the leader of the group finally climbed out of the truck and walked over

to where his buddies was fighting with the boys and told them to knock it off.

" finally they stopped fighting but unfortunately Luke was all covered in that

stuff but at the time he felt fine but I don't think he'll be feeling okay later.

As the boys was making their way back to the car Luke started feeling funny

like he was about to pass out but then he started getting this bad headache

the last thing Luke saw before he passed out was the General Lee".

" Oh my god Luke you okay ..., Luke speak to me ". said Bo

But unfortunately Bo didn't get any response so he quickly got on the CB

and called on over tot he farm Jesse happened to feeding the chickens.

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Seeing as how Jesse was outside feeding the Chickens still he didn't hear Bo

seeing as how Daisy was inside peeling the corn for tonights supper picked up.

" Bo what's wrong ?". asked Daisy

" Well uh me and Luke had come in contact with some bad dudes and uh

Luke had gotton into a fight with one of them and he got some chemical

spilled on him and it caused Luke to unfortunately pass out ".

" Oh No that's terriable okay I'll call an ambulance where are y'all ". said Daisy

" Where down here by old Mill rd and Daisy please hurry , tell Uncle Jesse". Bo

So Once Daisy got done talking to Bo she quickly hurried outside to tell Jesse.

" Uncle Jesse the boys is in trouble Luke got some chemical spilled on him ".

" Chemical that ain't good I sure hope it ain't poison, did you call ambulance.

" I did but we better hurry and get their sounds like Luke is in trouble ". Jesse

If Uncle Jesse didn't hit the nail on the head the stuff Luke was covered with

was poision but hopefully help will get their in time before it's too late.

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Jesse and Daisy wasted no time in getting to where the boys was and when

Jesse saw Luke laying in Bo's arms this was happening to his poor boy.

" Oh Luke .. I'm so sorry boy ". said Jesse

How did this happen Bo ?". asked Jesse

Me and Luke had gotton into a fight with this guys who we thought had a flat

but it turns out that they were just fooling us and then Luke had gotton

into a tumble with one of them and he ended up pusing Luke into one of them.

" Is that how Luke got this stuff on him ". asked Jesse

" Yes sir that's how it happend ". said Bo

Fortunately the ambulance didn't waste no time in coming and so one of the

attendents walked over to Bo and Jesse and asked him what the problem is.

Bo told the man that his cousin was drenched with some type of chemical ?.

when the guy asked Bo what the name of the chemical Bo said he didn't know

So the guy wrote on his chart unknown and theny they got busy loading

Luke into the ambulance and head off to the hospital ".

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When they arrived at the hosptial Luke was rushed back into the ER

and he was hooked up to everything you could name once the docter got

to Luke's bed he called Luke's name about 3 times but he didn't get answer.

" Unfortunately Luke still remained unconcious and was running a fever".

The doctor didn't like the looks of Luke's temp the machine showed that his

temp was " 110". so the doctor told his nurse to put some medication IV.

So she did what she was told and she put some lquid tynole in his IV.

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Unfortunately the next day at the hospital wasn't that much on account of

that Luke was still pretty much unconcious and he was still running a fever

the fever unfortunetly is what is keeping him in the Comatose state.

Later on that afternoon Luke's doctor had finally figured out what Luke has

and it turned out that he unfortunately had developed Aurora fever

which is a very bad dangerous virus and if not treated right away the person

can die and unfortunately that person happened to be poor Luke.

Luke's nurse came into check on him and she was hopeful that he was okay

but unfortunately he was still the same which wasn't so good. So she wrote

on his chart that Luke was still comatose and not doing good and then she

put his chart out on the front door and left the room.

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Early the next day Luke's doctor came into his room to check on him.

" Good Morning Luke and how are we this morning ?". asked Doc

Unfortunetly Dr. Winston didn't receive a reply so he sadly shook his head

and he wrote down on Luke's chart still comatose , unresponsive.

but he figured while he was here he would check Luke's vitals .

" Luke's temp had slightly gone down from yesterday it was now 102 but he

wasn't really liking the fact that Luke still had a fever it should have broken.

Once that was done he figured he would check Luke's concious state to see

if he was awake yet or not so he got out his penlight and he lifted up his left

eyelid and he shined the light in hoping to get a response not even a blink.

" Well that ain't good well Mr. Luke Duke you are in bad trouble.

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Later in the day, Bo arrives. He goes into his cousin's room and sees that he was

still connected to all of the machines. He takes a seat next to the bed and

grabs Luke's free hand.

"Mr. Duke?" Bo turns and sees the doctor walk into the room.

"That's me sir. How's my cousin?" Bo asked not moving from his spot.

"His fever's gone down just a little but he's still unconscious." Bo looks from the

doctor to his cousin. The doctor walks over to Bo and lays a hand on his

shoulder. "I'm sorry about your cousin, son."

Bo hears what he said but just couldn't say anything. The doctor realizes that

the two of them should be left alone for a while. He walks out the door and

leaves the two cousins to them selves.

"I can't believe this Luke." Bo says to his cousin. "We've been through tough

things but this just doesn't compare to them."

He looks into his cousin's blank face and tear weld up in his eyes. "The farm's

not the same without ya there. Chores are boring without ya. You need to

wake up so things can be back to normal. You need to get better Luke. Daisy

and Uncle Jesse are having a hard time without you. And so am I."

He gently squeezes his hand in hopes that he would squeezes back. After a

few minutes of nothing, he gives up and leans back in his seat. None of them

Dukes have been in something this bad. And when one Dukes away, it makes

everything weird. Seeing his cousin laying there, he thinks of all the worst

possible things that could happen. He shakes his head. He knows he shouldn't

think like that. He needs to think positive in hopes that they will happen.

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Well early the next morning Luke's doctor had come into Luke's room check

his vitals but he didn't really notice much of a change of Luke's condition

he noticed that his temprature and gone up since yesterday and wasn't good.

Luke's doctor had put an order in Luke's chart about putting him onto a cooling bed and see if that may help break his fever , wake him up.

So as luck would have it Luke was put onto a cooling bed that afternoon

and the nurse turned it up to and covered Luke with a blanket so that he

wouldn't get cold and then she left the room and prayed that it worked.

Meanwhile back at the farm Uncle Jesse was just now pulling into the hospital

for his visit and when he walked in he saw Luke's doctor standing at the front

desk and so he thought he would ask him about Luke's condition.

" Hello Mr. Duke how are you ?". asked Doc

" I'm fine doc I was wondrering how my boy was doing ?". asked Jesse

The doctor sighed and shook took off his glasses and he gave a look.

" Unfortunetly Mr. Duke his fever hasn't broken yet , he's still out cold. doc

" He will get better eventually were hoping and neither should you ". doc

" Can I see him now or not ?". asked Jesse

" Sure you can see him but you will have sign in to get into the ICU." doc

So Jesse followed Luke's doctor down to the ICU and department

when they got their he told Jesse to sit down in the chair to wait .

" Hey Judy Luke Duke's uncle is here to see him ".doc

" Oh okay but he's still the same he still wont' wake up ". Judy

" anyway if you wanna see him you can he'll have to sign in ". said Judy

So Doc signed Jesse in and then he told Jesse to follow him and to Luke.

So Jesse followed him when they arrived at Luke's room the old man's heartbroke at the site of his boy hooked up to stuff at first glance

Luke looked like he was just asleep but he wouldn't wake up.

Jesse said " Luke Luke , come on boy you gotta wake up I can't lose you.

" you know Luke I can remember when you was a baby you had terrible colic.

" Their was some nights when you couldn't sleep you would cry ". said Jesse

Come on Luke you need to wake up I can't take anymore of this ". said Jesse

Jesse at first thought he was seeing things but he didn't seem to he noticed

that Luke's eyelids was blinking and as Jesse held his boy's hand he could feel

Luke's fingers moving some and he started getting his hopes up .

" Oh My God that's it Luke wake up , wake up ". said Jesse

Jesse couldn't help but tell Doc the good news so he followed Jesse over

and he called Luke's name out 3 times and he said " Luke , Luke,Luke.

He saw Luke's eyelids moving some and with that doc got a smile on his face

because he figured that Luke finally was making some progess and waking up.

" Well Mr. Duke it appears that Luke is in a lighter Coma / he still has a fever.

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Unfortunetly during the night Luke was resting comfortably but then around 11:00 pm

Luke took a turn for the worst his temperature went up then he started going into

a seziure and his room button started going off at the nurses station everyone started

running down to Luke's room and one of the nurses started freaking out.

" Quick page doctor Winston ". said Pam

So Luke's doctor who had just finished eating his Tuna sandwitch heard his name over

the inercom so he started taking a mad dash Luke's room and when he arrived their

he couldn't believe his eyes so he quickly picked up some medication and he said.

" Quick give him 33 CC's so the nurse injected something into Luke's IV and he started

to relax again and then he fell back to sleep and he pretty much remained the same.

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  • 9 months later...

Once Luke was stable again but still comatose doc Winston thought he would check

the machine that was watching Luke's temp and saw that it was now 112

Unfortunately though Luke still remained in a coma and sadly still with a fever.

" Well Goodnite Luke sleep well and no more tricks ". said doc

The next day Luke was still pretty much the same his nurse came in to check him out.

" Well Mr. Luke Duke are we awake ?". asked nurse Peggy

So she lifted up Luke's left eyelid and shined the light in but no response still.

So she wrote in his chart still comatose no change and then left the room.

Later on that afternoon Bo had pulled into the hospital parking lot and then he made

his way into the hospital and he just happened to spot Luke's doctor getting some coffee

and so he figured he would walk over and ask him how Luke's progress is going.

" Hey doc how's my cousin doing ?". asked Bo

" Unfortunately Luke had a bad night last night but he is doing better now". said doc

" Oh Well that's good news at least he's still hanging in their". said Bo

" Can I see him ?". asked Bo

" Sure but not for too long ?". said doc

So Bo followed the doctor down to the ICU room and he signed Bo in and then showed him to Luke's bed he still looks like he is asleep it's just he won't wake up.

" Luke Please .... you gotta wake up cousin ..please don't leave me". said Bo

The only sound that met Bo's ears was the sound of the ventilator hissing .

" Luke please you gotta wake up you can't go yet you ain't ready.

Cue anyone

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  • 1 month later...

Fortunately Luke's body was doing it's best to fight off the infection

Bo came by every afternoon after chores to visit him and he prayed , prayed that Luke would wake up or that his fever would break but all through out the week he remained the same and the chances of Luke actually making a recovery were slim.

Bo stayed by Luke's side all through out the day when the nurse came into check on him she noticed that Luke was sweating some which told her that his fever maybe starting to break which is a good sign but sadly it may not stay that way.

" Oh .. Luke come on cousin please open your eyes ... please don't leave me yet you ain't ready yet.

Unfortunately Luke was still out like a light but at least he was still hanging on ".

Cue Anyone

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