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The Good Reverend...

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Alright, so I'm writing a story, and a plan on using a pivotal member of the Hazzard community for a scene, the good reverend... but... I cannot remember his name or age! Help!

I am fairly certain the good reverend appeared in the episode where there was a mixup with the little black books, where Daisy was in a church play as a nurse.

Someone, please assist me!

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Just to clear up what we've been discussing privately, and add a few more details, here's a summary:

The episode is 'Close Call for Daisy' in season 6 and the other notebook belonged to "Nervous" Norman Willis. The Reverend is called "Reverend" at least twice in dialog, but not given a name. The credits just say "the PASTOR". The name J.P. Frawley comes from the sign outside the church:


This screengrab actually comes from a few episodes earlier, but can be seen at the end of the scene where the notebooks get swapped.

The Reverend/Pastor was played by Joe Mays who sadly passed away just 10 years later at the age of 45.


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