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Love rhymes with death


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I thought I was goin' to take a pause from fanfiction, feeling I had no good or new idea, so avoiding to become repetitive. But... I decided to start this new story for several reasons:

1) Scenes of the prologue came to my mind in a sort of limbo between sleeping and awakening, and I loved it, so I HAD to write it.

2) Looking back at my previous stories (and, in particular, at readers' number and reviews from different stories) I realized there are a lot of people enjoying angst out there, people who love to see Enos in serious danger... as I love to put him in serious danger (yeah, I really like writing angst). :innocent:

3) I feel the urgency of writing, I can't help but writing something. I started a lot of stories like that, following the urgency of writing and starting from an image, a scene or an idea but without a developed plot in my mind. Usually my muse doesn't fail despite my confusing starting, so I hope I'm goin' to write a good story.

I hope you enjoy, and feel free to give me any advice or hint.


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