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Hazzardous Night


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Bo Duke was making his way back from a hunting trip when he came upon a

couple of bad dudes who looked as if they were having trouble little knowing

that he was about to walk into a bear trap and get foot stuck in it.

" Howdy y'all need some help ?". asked Bo

" Our car just seemed to quiet maybe you could help us " . said Snake

So Bo stuck his head under the hood and noticed that coal wire had come off

so he put it back on then all of sudden the guy pulled a gun out on Bo.

" Now why don't you just get in the backseat of our car ". said Snake

So Bo figured he better listen to the man and so he quickly got in and then

they took off and he was hoping that they wouldn't think of hurting him.

Meanwhile back over at the farm Luke was wondering why Bo hadn't shown up

and so he figured he would go look for him and so he went out to look for him.

Meanwhile O'l Bo was being tied and gagged in what appeared to be a barn

before the bad dudes left they threw a match into one of the haystacks.

Meanwhile Luke was looking for his cousin when he suddenly came upon some

car tracks so he figured he would follow them once he arrived their he

saw what looked like two men talking about something but he couldn't quite

make it out so he figured he would walk closer when he accidently

stepped on a twig and one of the guys heard him so Luke quickly ran away.

Luke was running down the hill little knowing that the guy was still following

Luke was praying that he would get to the General in time but unfortunately

little did Luke know that the guy had gotton into his car and was now.

Following Luke on the road Luke was still trying to get to the General

but unfortunetly Luke wasn't so lucky he went over the guys hood

and he landed hard onto the pavement and he wasn't moving.

The guy quickly took off before any Witnesses saw what happened.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Meanwhile Luke was laying out colder then a dead Samon on Possom Hollow Road

and Luke wasn't looking too good he had two big bruises on his forehead , he was also

bleeding some , not to mention the fact that all the ribs on his right side are broken .

Meanwhile Deputy Enos Strait was on Duty that night he was just driving along minding

his own business when suddenly he spotted something on the side of the road

at first glance he thought it was a deer that some hunter shot and forgot to get.

Then he thought that maybe he should get out of his car and get a closer look

but nothing could ever prepare him for what he was about to set his eyes on.

" !!!Holy Smokes LUKE!!!.

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So Enos raced over to his patrol car and he called an ambulance for Luke

who seemed to about the same he wasn't moving at all or making a sound

So Enos quickly called on over to TRI-COUNTY HOSPITAL once he was done

calling the ambulance he thought he stay until the ambulance arrived.

It didn't take long for the ambulance to arrive the first thing they did was

check to see if Luke will be okay for the ride to the hospital once they loaded

him into the ambulance one of them started checking out Luke's vitals

then one of the EMT's in the front seat asked his partner how Luke is.

So the guy replied " Comatose , unresponsive , possible concussion ".

Then his partner picked up the CB and told the hospital the news.

Meanwhile Poor O'l Uncle Jesse was wondering what had happend to Luke

Daisy was still over at the Boars Nest so he figured Luke would was probably

over their so he figured he would call on over their to make sure.

Unfortunetely Daisy told him that she ain't seen the boys all day .

" Well that ain't good thanks anyway baby". said Jesse

Just as Uncle Jesse was about to turn in for the night he heard a knock on

the door and so he walked over and when he saw it was Enos.

" Well Howdy Enos come on in would you like some coffee ?".

" No sir Uncle Jesse ... I got some bad news to tell ya ". said Enos

" What's wrong Enos you look like you've seen a ghost ". said Jesse

" You see I found Luke on the side of the road tonight ". said Enos

" He was bleeding some soaked to the bone " . said Enos

" Uncle Jesse it was hit a run ". said Enos

" You Mean To Tell Me Someone .... !!!. said Jesse

" Enos would you stay here until Daisy get's back ". said Jesse

" yes sir Uncle Jesse hope things turn out okay ". said Enos

Meanwhile Luke had just arrived at the Hospital the EMT's wasted no time

in getting Luke into the ER and onto a bed but unfortunetely he was still

out colder then a dead samon and they hooked him up to alot of machines.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Uncle Jesse felt like he had been waiting forever when suddenly he heard

the doors open and saw a middle age man step out carrying a folder.

" Mr. Duke I'm Dr. Chestnutt I'll be Luke's doctor while he's here".

" How's my boy doc ?". asked Jesse

" Unfortunetly Mr. Duke your nephew Luke suffered a bad head injury".docsaid

" Um... "(deep sigh) how bad doc ?". asked Jesse

" Well we don't really know the extent of the damage until he wakes up". doc

" You see Luke is in a deep coma I don't know when he'll wake up". said doc

Cue Sissy Duke

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" And unfortunately Luke also has a moderate Concussion ". said doc

" if you want to see him now you can ". said doc

So Jesse followed the doctor to Luke's room and before she let Jesse in she

wanted to warn him that he was hooked up to stuff and don't be alarmed.

Jesse thanked the doctor and then he went in to see his poor boy.

" Oh Luke.... I'm so sorry ". said Jesse

So he made his way over to the chair beside the bed and he sat down

and he picked up Luke's hand that one that didn't have the IV in it

and he slowly started talking to him hoping that he could coax him wake up.

Meanwhile back at the barn Bo was trying his hardest to break free

before the barn exploded and luckily he made it out in time

then he quick ran over to the General and made his way to the farm.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Meanwhile Bo had made it back to the farm in one piece with no trouble

not realizing that he was about to walk into a mess of trouble .

Daisy and Enos was just sitting at the table drinking some coffee when they

heard footsteps coming up the front porch and then the front door opened.

" Hey Bo where have you been all this time ?". said Daisy

" I was on my way back from a hunting trip when I got hijacked ". said Bo

" so Enos what are you doing here ?". said Bo

" Um Bo I got some rather bad news to tell ya it concerns the hijackers". Enos

" Well .. um.. you see Bo there was a hit and run commited tonight ". Enos

" unfortunately the person that was hit was Luke ". said Enos

" Oh my god is he okay , where is he ?". said Bo

" He's over at Tri-County Hospital in a coma hooked up to life support".Daisy

" Oh No he was trying to find who kidnapped me must been too close". Bo

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  • 2 weeks later...

Meanwhile back at the hospital Luke was still about the same dead to the world.

Jesse was getting ready to go visit Luke one more time before he leaves for the night

but unfortunately Luke's doctor was coming out of Luke's room he doesn't look happy.

Mr. Duke I have some bad news unfortunately Luke started going into seziures.

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  • 2 weeks later...

" Oh No is he alright did you stop them ?". asked Jessie

" Yes sir we managed to get Luke stable but sadly he is still comatose ". doc

"Do you suppose Luke will ever wake up or will he be a vegetable ?". Jesse

"it's hard to say you see Luke suffered a bad blow to the head and at the

moment he ain't been showing any signs of coming out of the coma

only time will tell if he comes out of it but right now it doesn't look good.

" Say doc can I see him one more time before I leave ?". said Jesse

" yes you can but not for too long cause visting hours are almost over".doc

So Jesse made his way into Luke's room before he opened Luke's door

he caught a site of him he couldn't hide the fact that his heart was breaking

at the site of his boy hooked up to heart monitor , ventilator.

Jesse coaxed , pleaded , and begged Luke to open his eyes nothing worked

" Luke , Luke , it's your uncle Jesse boy .. c'mon open your eyes ". said Jesse

but unfortunately the only sound Jesse heard was the ventilator.

" unfortunately O'l Luke's luck wasn't running too good ".

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As Jesse was driving on back to the farm he tried to keep good thoughts

about Luke but unfortunately he couldn't shake this bad feeling that he had.

Meanwhile back at the farm..................................................................

Daisy was just finishing up washing the dinner dishes when she heard some

footsteps on the frontporch and saw Uncle Jesse walk in looking pretty sad.

" Uncle Jesse I've been worried sick how is he ?". asked Daisy

Jesse fixed himself a cup of coffee before he answered Daisy he was hoping

that it would help calm his nerves then he took a couple sighs.

Once the dishes was done and put away Daisy sat down with him and she

asked him once again how Luke is and Jesse didn't quite know what to say.

" Well we just have to hope for the best baby ". said Jesse

" But how bad is he ?". asked Daisy

" He slipped into a coma baby ". Jesse said

" No ... No... not Luke please ". said Daisy

Jesse stood up from the chair and he gave Daisy a big hug and she let out

a few heart wrenching sobs and she just couldn't believe this was happening.

Meanwhile in the boys bedroom Bo couldn't help but feel a little strange

sleeping all by himself in their bedroom and he couldn't help but look over

at Luke's side of the bedroom and wish that his cousin was here.

Meanwhile at the hospital Luke was still about the same one of his night

nurses was coming into check on him and so she got out her penlight

and she lifted up his left eyelid hoping to get a response.

" Mr. Luke Duke are we awake yet ?". asked nurse EllyMae

so when she shined the light in she didn't get any response so she then

wrote on his chart still comatose and nonresponsive which wasn't good

unfortunately the longer Luke stayed out the longer his recovery will be.

Early the next morning the Dukes arrived at the hospital to visit Luke

and his doctor was standing by the nurses station looking over Luke's chart

and he didn't like what he saw Luke should have been awake by now.

" How's my boy doc ?". asked Jesse

" Let's go into my office so we can talk privately ". said Doc

So the Dukes went into the doctors office and he sat Luke's folder down

then he began to explain to the Dukes that Luke is recovering well physically

but mentally is another story on account of he stiill ain't shown any signs

of waking up from the coma and his concerned that Luke maybe a vegetable.

" No that ain't possible Luke can't be a vegetable ". said Bo

" Bo I think what the doc is saying is that Luke ain't good ". said Jesse

" I can keep Luke here for another week but he may have to go to a rehab.

" What no way you can't put Luke in a place like that ". said Bo

" Doc can we think about it and then get back to you ". asked Jesse

" Yes you may but as far as I can tell Luke is still same ". said Doc

" he still stands a chance of waking up ?". asked Bo

" Yes he does I just want you to be aware that he may not ". said doc.

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As weeks went by Luke still remained in coma even though all the tests the doc ran were

coming back normal for brain activity but unfortunately he can still end up a vegatable

anyway Luke's nurse was just now on her way into Luke's room to check him out.

" Good Morning Luke how are we this morning ?". said nurse Pammy

So she got out her penlight and lifted up Luke's left eyelid and shined the light in

but unfortunetly she didn't get a response and so then she put it back down.

So she wrote on his chart and then she checked Luke's IV it was a little low

so she figured she would put up a new one then and then go report to the doctor.

Meanwhile at the old abandoned Coffin Works two bad dudes was up to no good.

" Charlie this job has been easier then taken candy from a baby ". said Sam

" You got that right partner seeing as them Dukeboys can't ruin our plans now ". Charlie

" That one you hit with the car probably is feeling pretty rotton ". said Sam

" he's probably out colder then a dead Salmon and none the wiser (evil laugh)". Charlie

Cue SissyDuke01

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  • 3 weeks later...

Unfortunately the Dukes luck was still about the same even though Luke was

making some improvements most of his bruises was gone and he was healing

pretty good physically but mentally that was a totally different story.

Anyway Luke was still about the same laying in bed out cold even though

every now and then his eyelids would move but he wouldn't wake up.

Anyway Luke's nurse was in the room at the moment about ready to check

on Luke to see if he was awake yet so she walked on over to the bed

and got out her penlight and was getting ready to exam Luke's reflexes.

" Mr Luke Duke are we awake yet ?". asked Nurse Pammy

But as luck would have it Luke was not awake yet unfortunetly so she put it

back down and sadly wrote on his chart still comatose.

Unfortunately the longer Luke stays unconcious the more chances he stands of being a vegetable but in his case I hope it won't happen.

Meanwhile out in the hallway Luke's doctor was now making his rounds

when he thought he would stop by Luke's room and see how he's doing.

" How's are patient doing nurse ?". asked Dr. ChestNutt

" unfortunately he still remains in a Comatose state ". said nurse

" if he doesn't wake up soon he could be a vegatable ". said Doc

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  • 4 weeks later...

Unfortunately Luke's doctor was not too happy with Luke's progress he hated

to do this to the Duke family but he was getting the feeling that he may have

to put Luke into a rehab center that takes care of people in Luke's case.

So he tried doing some research on some places that can take care of Luke

and he managed to find one in Atlanta called " Summer Breeze" Rehab Center.

and they had a 100 percent recovery rating which would be good for Luke.

So after he had written down the name and address of the place he made

a call over to the DukeFarm and he asked to speak to Uncle Jesse.

" Hey Doc how's my boy doing ?" .asked Jesse

" Well Unfortunetely Mr. Duke Luke's condition stiill remains the same". Doc

" I've made some calls on over to a rehab center for Luke's care". said Doc

" That's a shame I thought Luke would have been doing better by now".Jesse

" Well physically he's doing alot better but not mentally ". said Doc

" Just do what you think will be best for my boy ". said Jesse

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