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Updated: March 2006

1. Stories posted under this category are NOT open for just anyone to post to. The author has to do one of two things. They either have to....

A. Put a specific request in their post saying they are looking for suggestions or help with a story, and whether or not they want folks to respond privately (ie, email, private messages) or if the author wants to open it up for folks to post to the thread, keeping in mind that said author is free to request that any inappropriate posts deleted from the thread.


B. Author has asked another author to co-write a story, thus they take turns posting back and forth.

If you have not been asked to post, either privately or by public announcement from the author here under this category, then please don't post!

2. Please keep in mind that there is wide range of ages of folks who visit HNet. Try to keep the language at a minimum. try keep your story within the G to PG13 range. Slash fics are not allowed at HNet.

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