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Blue Christmas


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Tonight on the Dukes unexpected snow blizzard causes trouble for the Dukes.

Well Winter time has finally come to Hazzard but unfortunately for the Dukes

it's been more of a pain then a joy on account of the snow their crop has

really taken a beating and to make matters worse Luke was out driving in it

due to the fact that he volunteered to pick up presents for the orphans.

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Luke Duke had just finished picking up the presents for the orphans and now

he was making his way back to the farm but then suddenly it started snowing

and he was having trouble seeing and just to make matters worse he hit Ice.

Then Suddenly the General Lee started going airborn and landed upside down

and unfortunetly Luke who had been thrown freely from the car was laying

outcold in the ditch and he had two big bruises on his forehead.

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