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Dukes on Youtube

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I'm startin' this thread so that when we find cool Dukes related videos on Youtube or other sites we can share the links here. There are some I would like to share but I don't have time right now.....another day.....

So whatcha got?

By golly...it's funny you bring up Dukes videos, 'cause we've been posting some! For those who haven't already seen them, there's a shortcut right at the bottom of the Forums screen. There's an orange toolbar down there. Click YouTube Dukes of Hazzard videos on the toolbar, and wallah!

Because of copyright, we can't post full episodes (Warner Bros would hang us then sue us) so we've been focusing on rare scenes that have been deleted during syndicated re-runs. Also we post clips of special moments or insightful/funny scenes that are just plain fun to watch. See the info section of each video for scene details and factiods.

If you do not see the toolbar at the bottom of the Forums screen, you can visit the YouTube channel here. We got 30 clips so far and more are coming. You can also watch our Facebook page for new clips as they're posted.

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