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Eat My Dust

Brian Coltrane

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I'm gonna recommend a couple o' flicks for all us motorheads. Most of these will not be Oscar nominated movies...but hell, we're Dukes fans, so critical acclaim ain't no concern.

For a Hazzard-esque feel, sans moonshine, I recommend a little-known movie called "Eat My Dust", starring Ron Howard, circa 1976. Rated PG by the standards in the day.

It's my own opinion that some of the Dukes writers borrowed a little bit from the look and feel of this movie. There's a scene in particular that will be instantly familair - where an orange car goes barreling around in a field, spitting up clouds of dust to confound a police cruiser. It looks so much like the end credits scene in the Dukes eps, I can't get over it.

The plot of this movie is easy to enjoy. The son of a country Sheriff rips off a stock car right from the racetrack, in order to impress a girl. He picks up his friends and they all go screaming around the county in a joyride. This jaunt results in the predictable property damage and the destruction of several police vehicles.

It's lighthearted, easy entertainment, with an ending that leaves ya smiling.

One word of caution: In the VHS copy I purchased a few years back, the intro with other previews contained some unexpected surprises. Such as low-grade 70's era porn previews. Hello! I'm not sure if the same previews are repeated on the DVD, but you might wanna fast forward to the actual movie before bringin' in the family.


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