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The Lone Ranger....Rides Again.


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Howdy Folks,

Since this is the off topic thread I thought this would fit right in here nicely, for whom it may concern.

Disney has released information concerning a Lone Ranger Movie that will be in production for release in Dec 2012! All though I highly disagree with there choice of cast for it I hope that this will grant an opportunity for the children of today (adults too) to meet a Legend of yesterday. The Lone Ranger, most famously played by Clayton Moore was one of my greatest hero's while I was growing up. A character who stood for law and order, who fought for the just.

So in honor of the one and only, in memory of the man who not only potrayed as a man of law and order but LIVED it in his every moment of life. Heres three cheers in the spirit of The Lone Ranger!

Hip-hip-hoooraaa! hip-hip-hooooraaa! hip-hip-hoooraa!

Hi-yo Silver Away!

~Chet Duke

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