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Attn: UK Fans-My E-Mail From Warner Home Video UK

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Hi folks,

Please read below for a transcript of a recent e-mail sent to me from Warner Home Video UK. I had sent them an e-mail enquiring as to why the episodes of DOH had been released onto DVD randomly and whether there would be any season boxsets. Here is the reply;

"Thank you for your note on the Dukes. To answer your questions, the reason the non-sequential episodes appear on the DVD is because these were the only episodes we could get clearance for in the UK at the time and we felt that it would be better to put some of the episodes out on DVD rather than put nothing out. Since we have put out these episodes it looks like we have kick-started further interest in the franchise in America and we are now hoping to put out the first series on DVD next year. This is all tbc at the moment."

Don't be afraid to e-mail/write to Warner Home Video UK to register your interest or thoughts on DOH.

The postal address is;

Warner Home Video UK

Warner House

98 Theobalds Road

London WC1X 8WB

Telephone 020 7984 6482

Fax 020 7984 6427

It's probably better if everyone writes to really register their interest as letters and phonecalls seem to be taken more seriously than e-mails (of which Warner Home Video probably get thousands)

Boss Hogg's Long Lost Son

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