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High Valley!


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So there's this new group out that I think y'all should know about.

They're name is High Valley and its a group of three Mennonite brothers from LA! That is, La Crete, Alberta, Canada (In Alberta, we call La Crete, LA, but that's beside the point). Now relatively speaking, they are from my neck of the woods. They are really awesome guys, I've been to some local festivals that they've played at and I also got to jam with them in a guitar store (That was really sweet! I was just sittin in the sound room playin a guitar and High Valley walks in and joins me. IT WAS AWESOME!! lol)

They have some real good songs on country radio called 'Stand By You' and 'On The Combine'. They're really funny guys too, if you check out their website www.highvalleymusic.com you will see what I'm talking about!

I think that folks in Hazzard would listen to High Valley. They're kind of a good 'ol country band from the middle of no-where that in Alberta we like to call La Crete. So, umm, I guess what I'm tryin to say is, CHECK THEM OUT! :D

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