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Can someone tell me?

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Hi Sam!

The first five episodes of the Dukes were filmed in and around Covington Georgia. The Duke farm was actually a Civil War era cabin that had been added on to as a house, the Boar's Nest was a real cinderblock roadhouse, the town square is downtown Covington, the city of Atlanta was really the city of Atlanta. LOL

After that, filming moved to California. The town square was built on a backlot of WB, and the exterior shots (the Duke farm, some of the country roads, the Boar's Nest, ect...) were filmed in various CA towns that I can't recall at the moment. (I think Brian knows this. Cousin! Can ya help?)

Eventually all the filming starting around the 2nd season would take place on what is/was known as the Disney Ranch (the dirt roads, bridges, ponds, the Duke farm, ect...). Apparently part of this land has since been developed and there are now condominiums or something built there now.

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The CA studio filming took place in Burbank at the WB studios, and the chase scenes were filmed in Lake Sherwood CA, and later Valencia, CA.

That about covers it! We'll have a whole new round of trivia when the new movie is out....and then MaryAnne and I aren't gonna know diddily-squat anymore. Thankfully, we're quick studies. Heh!


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