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Why Do We All Love The Dukes So Much ?

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I think Garrett said it best! The DOH is so appealing to so many people in my mind because it represents and celebrates a lifestyle that most people want to live or already live. Not to mention it always has a happy ending. Its so nice to see a positive TV show in contrast to todays negative programming. This show has somehing for everyone and it teaches good moral values as well as things the Good Book teaches us.

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I am a second generation fan, as the show went off the air when I was only 1 or 2. I love the Dukes because it is a very clean show that anyone can watch. I love Bo, Luke and Enos and love watching the boys drive. I always wished I could drive like them and be a part of the family. But even though I am second generation, I will always love the Dukes!

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