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DOH Cartoon Series

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I guess no one feels that strongly about this...I still would want the series on DVD. Maybe John would be able to do something about it if enough people expressed interest.

I think a lot of people feel strongly about this and have for many years. There's been attempts to rally about getting the cartoon series and "Enos" on DVD for at least the last ten years that I can recall. I had had hopes when the 7th season of the Dukes came out on DVD that WB would tuck the cartoons in with that. Or at least the three episodes of Enos that had Daisy, Jesse and Rosco in 'em.

I seem to recall a rumor that if the Duke reunion movies did well on DVD when they were released last year that WB would consider putting Enos out on DVD. Haven't heard much beyond that.

Then again, there might be copyright issues or contract issues that could be impeding the release of these shows. We have no way of knowing.

Still, it's obvious that there's an audience out there that would buy these programs. If folks are buyin' the Dukes DVDs, you know they'll buy the cartoons and the Enos.

If WB would just release the silly things so we could buy them! :wink:

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