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dukesfest 08 Pictures


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here are my pics from dukesfest 08

I am so sad that they never have such an event here in the maritimes, and I always wanted to go to ones in the state, but could never afford to go.

By the way Dukefan1, that pic you have on your profile, is that the one next to cooter's place???

I see on the net, inside the store, and I could have sworn they had a plastic 1:16 model of the General Lee on the shelf, still in the box.

I tried to zoom in so I could see the box number, so I can try to get it ordered, what a hard model car to get my hands on.:(

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yeah that pic is from cooters in gatlinberg, tn. That is from our dukesfest 05 trip i will post pics of it when I can they are all on floppy disc and our floppy drive dont work anymore. I will put more pics of of dukesfest 08 too. I also had our video camera with us and got some really good video of john signing autos. If i knew how to upload video I would.

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yeah I didnt get to meet john at first we were told that you had to have a ticket to meet him and a guy had an extra one and gave it to me so I gave it to my wife, then I went and stood in line with her untill I thought I had to get out but come to find out they quit taking tickets b/c so many ppl didnt get any so you could just get inline I was so close but atleast my wife got to meet him. She got her shirt autographed and got me a copy of collier and co. autographed.

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