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Meeting Mr. Best


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I remember it like it was yesterday...hmm...maybe it was yesterday... nevermind...just kidding. I am now living in Hawaii, but I was a resident of Chuluota, Florida for about 6 months. During that time, I met a lot of wonderful people. One day my Landlady dragged me to the Taste of Oviedo fair. Not having much money, I was kinda reluctant to go, but she told me it would be fun.

I agreed and accompanied her up past the food booths and back down. I had $15.00 in my wallet, but told her I only had $5. So we separated and agreed to meet in half an hour near the entrance. It was a hot summer day in Florida and I wandered around for a bit and I came across a large selection of beautiful framed oil paintings.

I walked around admiring the paintings and saw a table. What I saw on the table made me do a doubletake. Sitting in a box on the table were publicity shots of Mr. Best and Flash. There was a small handwritten sign that read, "Personalized Autographs $10" I glanced over the large painting that was blocking the edge of the table and lo and behold, Mr. Best was sitting there. I immediately picked up a photo and pulled out that $10 bill and walked up to him. About that time, my landlady just happens to walk by and shouts, "I thought you only had $5!!"

I turned to her and told her that I had saved for a rainy day and this was going to make the rain disappear. I spoke with Mr. Best for several minutes about film school and he handed me his card with my autographed photo. I thanked him graciously and said goodbye.

I moved twice after that wonderful day and I still have his autographed photo in a folder waiting to be framed. His business card for "Best Friend Films" resides in a special place in my business card index. Now that I am in pre preproduction on my film, I am hoping to get Mr. Best for a cameo appearance...Crossing my fingers.

Well, Story time is over, if you have any wonderful stories about Mr. Best, please reply. I love hearing about meeting actors. He was indeed one of the kindest actors I met. And I have met only one other actress who stands toe to toe with a large heart, and that is the lovely Meg Foster.

But that is another story....


I'm gone...

JD Jr.

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