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When Starsky and Hutch big screen movie came out, they didn't release alot of new merchandise except for tv show (season 1) on DVD that I am aware of.

If that's any indictation, there might not be new action figures, like when the first big screen movie of Charlie's Angels was done a few years ago.

ERTL issued a 1/18th General Lee in 2000 and 2002, so it's possible that they may have one out for the holiday season this year.


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You can bet the Duke farm, there's gonna be movie merchandise. This is all my personal guess, but I'd venture that posters will be among the first items marketed. The movie soundtrack will be heavily promoted. Die-cast cars will probably hit the shelves before the movie itself is in theatres. A fast-food chain will sponsor a promo in the form of a McHazzard meal. (Though they might name it somethin' else. Heh! )

It also wouldn't surprise me if "retro" Dukes merchandise, featuring the original cast, went into new production. This possibility depends on the type liscensing agreements that WB plans to make available to manufacturers.

Another possibility to ponder...WB might choke off the "old" Dukes of Hazzard liscensing agreements, in order to make sure the movie merchandise gets full opportunity. I hope they don't go this route, but ya nevah know. Anybody following the "with or without rebel flag" threads concerning the General Lee, realizes where I'm goin' with that.

At the least, bootleg merchandise will be widely available. That hasn't stopped in over 20 years, so no change there.


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