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If y'all are bored here's a young Bo type of game that I'm sure you'll get a kick out of.

Type a random word as a text message into your cell/mobile phone. Then, scroll through your phone book without looking randomly hit send. DO NOT LOOK AT WHO YOU SENT IT TO! Wait for a response and see what they say to find out who you sent it to!

Then post all the responses you get on here.

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haha!!!!!!!! we play that all the time! lol when we get bored at practice or something or when we r just hanging out! sometimes we'll just call random people at 3 in the morning and ask to use their bathroom!lol

Did you ever ask if their fridge was running, and tell them they had better go catch it.lol. What about sending this message to other's people's cellphones. wait one minute here. Recipient Has Insufficent funds to receive message. Lol. great way to mess with people. Oh, wait a minute why not sending there message right back to them and mark it urgent.Lol. What about this one right here.Just Because I ask for the butter, don't butter me up. Just joking around, pass it to all friends that you know. Lol. I think I'm getting carried away now well let me know if any of these work wanders for anybody.

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