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Some days ago I saw the last episode of 7th season "Opening night at the Boars Nest" and I discovered that John wrote the episode, too, not only directed it.

It made me laugh that, while on the initial theme song, when we see the names of the actors, John appears as "John Schneider". In this episode, on the credits (written and directed by) he appears as "John R. Schneider", as for example for "Collier and co.".

Maybe a director needs the complete name, ah ah?

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I watched the movie "Mary Christmas" and he directed that movie as well and he puts his name as "Jonathon Richards" in which his "R" stands for Richard. Maybe he didn't want it too obivous but that is the only thing he directs under "Jonathon Richards". I wonder is "Richards" was his mothers maiden name if he would choose to use it like that.

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It just sounds more professional as a director to put John R. Schneider, because when you just put John Schnieder you automatcially think 'Oh Bo Duke!" or 'Jonathan Kent!" or any other roles he's done lol. He wants to, I think, distinguish himself from his characters as its him being the director, its his ideas not someone else's.

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