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I have some old video games. . .


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I have some old Sega Genesis video games that I would like to know the value of (if there is any that is). I was wondering if anyone knows a website(s) that gives you informartion on how much the value of them are.

~Some of them include:

-Jurassic Park


-T2 Terminator 2 Judgement Day

-Wrestle Mania The Arcade Game

-Super Wrestle Mania

-American Gladiators

-Pit Fighter

-Mortal Kombat

-Lotus Turbo Challenge

-Toughman Contest

-Bull vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs

-Sports Talk Football '93 starring Joe Montana

-John Madden Footbal '93

-John Madden Footbal '94

-John Madden Footbal '95

-John Madden Footbal '96

-John Madden Footbal '97

Thankx everyone.

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