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Chance of a Lifetime


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(Ok, this my first attempt writing in quite a few years, so have patience with me)


The black Bronco kicked clouds of dust as it turned off the main highway into the dirt road on its way to Hazzard. But the woman behind the wheel had barely notice, as she was deep in thought. Chance Walker was still trying to convince herself she was doing the right thing, at 28, leaving the lucrative career at a surgeon at the Atlanta General Er for running a family medical practice in the town of Hazzard, probably for about a fifth of her usual salary

*That's cold.* Chance told herself *You know why you left, you're tired of patching up people with blood achohol levels high than their IQs and bullet holes in kids young enough to be your son.* Chance's blue eyes narrowed at the last thought, Dr. Henry Appleby had offered her the position at his practice over a month, because he planned to retire at nearly 50 years. Most the younger doctors at Atlanta had laughed at his offer, Chance had accepted. She had just walked out of surgrey of a victim of a drive-by shooting. The kid was 13, he had survived, but would only walk with months of rehab when the bullet had grazed the spinal cord. Most of her colleuges had called her crazy for walking away. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a darn."

At 5'10, Chance was a unusally tall woman, towering over most of the other females at the ER. She has a lean, athletic look from keeping in shape to deal with somtimes grueling 12 hours ER shifts. Her long blonde hair, as unruly as its owner, hung loose down to the middle of her back, not for any sense of style but for the fact Chance never had the time or inclination to deal with it, except to pull it back for the OR. But the young doctor's most striking feature was the cool, cobalt blue eyes that could one moment show warm amusement to glittering intensity when she worked on a patient.

She was headed to meet Applyby now at his office in town. Chance had bought the entire building from Henry and planned the renovate the attic into an apartment, so she could reached quicky, in case of emergency. *If I can find the place..." She glanced down at the drawn map the good doctor had given her. *Hazzard isn't even on the map.*

Unnforatuntly, when she glanced down she missed the speed limit sign. The sudden blaring of a police car siren brought her head with a start. She glanced backward and saw she had caught the attention of the local law, she inwardly groaned.

*What a fine way to start my new life in Hazzard.*

(Ok, I think I left that wide open for anyone to jump in if they want)

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Kristy sits tiredly behind her small scarred chesnut desk staring blankly down at the few pieces of paper that lie spread out in front of her. Anxiety rushes down her spine as the slow rhythmatic ticking of the small circular clock echos off the tannish white hollow walls that surround her. Her mind remains clogged of thoughts from last night as she stares blankly at the sheriff's messy hand writing that lies on most of the papers that lies upon her desk.

Suddenly, her thoughts are interrupted by a loud thunder of knocking upon her scarred wooden door that she had closed. "It's open," she says dryly as she forces herself to look as if she was working.

Abruptly the door is thrown open to force the hinges to squeak, echoing off of the hollow walls. Kristy slowly looks up to find the short round County Commissioner dressed in his normal attire of his three piece suit standing in the door frame with a smoking cigar in his right hand. "Where's the Pentman report?" he demands bringing the cigar to his mouth to inhale before exhaling it in her face to force her to cough. "You know the one Rosco wrote up yesterday?"

For a long moment she stares blankly at him, trying to hold back her temper before searching her desk. "Here it is," she says shoving it at him and he only glares back at her.

"There is a visiter here for you...I give you two minutes...top," he grunts and Kristy glares at the open door way to find her six foot two inches tall brother standing there watching, "runs over two, he's under arrest and you'll be recieving a pay cut. Understand?"

"You're so kind Boss," Kristy snarls at him as he glares over his shoulder as he exits.

"I keep tellin' you that you should find a better job," Garrett, Kristy younger brother says walking into the office, "you deserve better than what he gives you."

"So you keep tellin' me, but I need the money," Kristy shrugs glaring up at Garrett who runs his right muscular hand through his sandy blonde hair before rubbing his silver ear ring ring in his right ear. "So what brings you here? Is Shay OK? Who is with him?"

"Relax, Uncle Jesse and Daisy are taking care of him," he sighs leaning over on my desk, "Doctor Appleby was over this morning due to Jesse callin' him. This morning he woke up with a 102. 1 temperature. A degree worse than last night."

"Damn it," Kristy sighs tiredly as her night awake with her ten month son crying and screaming echos in her head, "what did the doctor say?"

"Somethin' about retiring soon," he says before getting an angry glare from his sister, "Oh right, about Shay. He tested him...says it seems that Shay has caught a bad case of strep throat."

"Dang," Kristy shakes her head as she is washed with worry for her son, "probably caught it from Shawn from day care...he went home last Thursday with a high temperature...Shay's teacher told me on Friday what it was."

"Well from wherever he caught it, he has it," Garrett says, "I am in town to grab some medicine for him...says if gets any worse he may need his tonsils out. But the medication should work it for now."

"Great," Kristy says under her breath, "like I have the money for surgery! I hardly get a dime from this job and I am racking up medical payments, now surgery?"

"Relax Kristy...Appleby says he should be fine, that was what the worse case could lead to," Garrett says rubbing his inch long side burns, "I just figured that I'd stop by and give you the update. I better get -"

He is quickly is interrupted by the CB radio that rests upon the small book shelf that lies against the wall. "Enos," the sheriff's familiar voice calls through the static.

"Yes sheriff," the deputy's squeaky voice responds quickly with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"I want you to pull up a road block up by the Hazzard Pond on Cotton Mill Road," Rosco repliles, "there is a new suspicious vehicle that I am now following on Cotton Mill Road, a mile from the pond. Be on look out for a black Bronco...don't want no dangerous criminal on the prowl in Hazzard. Khee khee."

"But sheriff," Enos replies nervously, "just 'cause the car isn't familar around these parts, that don't make it dangerous?"

"Oh shush you dipstick!" Rosco yells over the CB, "We'll find out then when we ticket the owner, until you keep it quiet. We don't want no one finding out and spookin' him!"

"Yes sir," Enos replies with restraint.

"I wonder who they framin' this time?" Garrett mills when the CB goes back to silence.

"Dunno...just lucky it ain't you or Bo and Luke this time," Kristy says looking up at Garrett, "Now you better git before you get yourself arrested."

"Sure thing, I'll meet you at home this afternoon," he says heading to the door before stopping, "And Kristy?"

"Yeah?" she asks.

"Shay'll be fine...every kid gets sick every now and then," he replies before disappearing around the corner.

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Meanwhile, sitting at the booking desk, MaryAnne glared at the CB box after hearing Rosco and Enos's exchange. She picked up the mike.

"Rosco P. Coltrane, yer the last person in this county that I'd expect to be harrassin' the tourists!"

"Will you hush! It ain't no tourist!" the Sheriff repiled back.

"How do you know?"

"Because I know. For one thing, they's speedin' and that means they're runnin' away from something! And I'm gonna nail 'em. Khee! I'm gone..."

MaryAnne rolled her eyes and felt sorry for whoever was about to be introduced to the Sheriff of Hazzard County...

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Chance had no intention of getting into any more trouble than she was already in. However as luck would have it, the moment Chance took to look behind her at the police car was the same Enos chose to pull his car in the middle of the road. All the good intentions in the world couldnt have helped what happeaned next.

Chance looked foward, only to find herself not 15 feet from the passenger door of a second squad car.

"Holy Sh.." she slammed on the brakes and on the horn to avoid the squad car that had suddenly appeared. But the big black car couldnt stop on a dime and the next sound was the sudden crunch of the Bronco slamming into squad's front right side. followed closly by a second crunch as the policecar following her also didnt make the stop in time.

Chance took a moment to collect herself and instinctivly checked for injuries. When she found none, thankfully, she got out of the car, to find herself once again unpleasantly surprised, this time to be looking at the business end of the pistol owned by the lawman has had been behind her.

"Alright, Fr-eeze! Just Freeze! I'm arresting you for speeding, reckless driving, damage to county property..."

"I beg your pardon, officer, but you didnt give me enough time to sto.."

"Officer?! OFFICER?! I'm not petty deputy, I'm sheriff in this county Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane and if you know whats good fer you, you wont adding resisting arrest to the charges."

Chance idly rubbed her temples, this just wasnt her day.

(OOC: Ouch, girl's got trouble. Looks like I named her right. MaryAnne, I hope I got Roscoe done right.)

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Rosco was so busy rambling on and attempting to arrest Miss Chance that he didn't knotice one of his new deputies pull up and stop behind his smashed patrol car. The new deputies car, a 69" Olds Cutless, came to a slow halt with front head lights flashing on and off. The young deputy in a fresh new uniform got out of the car and slowly walked up to the sheriff, Enos and Chance.

"Hey, waz up? Anyhing I can help with?" Harlond asked the Sheriff while turning his gaze to Chance.

Harlond looked Chance up and down, she was right down cute in his mind and maybe a little over dressed. In L.A. most girls wondered around in nothing more then a bikinni top and shorts.

(Nice to meet you Chance 8) )

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The sound of metal hitting metal also caught the attention of another car which was also racing down the backroads of Hazzard. The General Lee, with Bo and Luke Duke inside, came to a screeching halt.

"Sounds like a wreck, better go see if anyone got hurt." Luke told his cousin.

"Ten-Four." Bo swung the orange stockcar around, within a few moments they had the accident in their sights. A rather amusing sight at that. "Looks like Roscoe got another tourist." But what had the boys attention was not the black Bronco wedged between the two Hazzard's county sheriff's department vehicles, but rather the woman leaning against it as Rosco wrote tickets between his usual fits of giggles. Even from the distance, it was obvious the woman was unusually tall and not that bad looking either, although she didnt not too happy at the moment.

Chance was too busy trying to explain her business in Hazzard between Roscoe questions, to which he didnt pause to give Chance a break to answer and his repeated exclamations of "Hush!" to notice the General Lee pulling up behind them. It wasnt until she heard the sound of the "dixie" that she turned to see what had to be the most oddly colored car on Earth. And the two occupants climbing outside the windows, no less.

"Hey Rosco, he heard the crash, we came to see if anyone needed help."

"Well, I dont need help from no Dukes, so you just git! This is offical police business and im arresting this here.." Roscoe glanced down at the ID Chance had given him. "Chance Walker and bringing her in for questioning."

"Sheriff, I have to ask again, what did I do that warrents an investigation? I already admitted i was speeding and told you I'd pay for the damages to the ano.."


Chance rolled her eyes skyward, as if seeking divine guidance. Bo chucked at her predictament

"Dont mind Rosco none, hes probably so tickled to actually have someone willing to pay for both the ticket and damages that he's stringing this out as long as he can."

"Be that as it may, I do an appointment in Hazzard I cant miss."

"Oh Tiddely-Tuddely, And just who would a city-slicker like yourself be meeting in Hazzard?"

"Dr. Henry Applby. He's expecting me at his office."

Luke gave the newcomer a once over while idily rubbing his chin. "You sure dont look sick to me."

Chance's glare clearly showed Luke was winning any points with her with THAT comment. "I'm not sick, I'm a doctor. I'm taking over Henry's practice when he retires next week."

"That's funny, Doc Applby never said anything about a replacement. Certainly not a lady doctor as pretty as you." Bo grinned widely. Chance wondered which episode of the Twightlight Zone she had blundered into.

"Will you all just Hush! This lady, doctor or not, is coming with me. I'm arresting her. Khee!"

Chance sighed wearily. "Alright, if it will simpify matters, I'll go with you, sheriff. But what about my car?"

The deputy whose cars Chance had plowed into had been quietly observing until now "If you'd like, I'll call Cooter and have him tow your car to his garage and let Doc Applby know you're gonna be late."

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"Oh, there ain't any need for that Sheriff," another womans voice said. Everyone turned to see another young woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. It was none other than Cooter Davenport's second cousin, Hilery Ann Davenport.

"Jit jit, where did you come from?" Rosco asked. Bo and Luke both looked at her with puzzled faces too.

"I heard the accident from teh otherside of those tree's over yonder on that other road. There was another incident over there where some folks had run off the road and into a ditches. Ol' Coot's finishin' up with them now. Took me a few minutes to get over here though because my cuz and I were so busy... that and the extra mud between roads. It ain't dryi'n out too well over there."

"yeah, we'll need a tow truck Hilery," Enos told her.

"Or atleast a mechanic," Luke added.

"You two have driven these patrol cars enough in worse condition than this." Bo finished for Luke.

"Oh, by the way, My name is Hilery. I'm one of the few mechanics in this town. My kin and I run the garage." The two women shook hands and Hilery turned to Harlond. "Don't believe i've met you either." Hilery smiled. "I think i heard of you though, bit's and pieces from Bo and Luke and Rosco." She said and walked over to the General and used the CB to tell cooter that he was probably needed over there. He had already finished with the other cars and was on his way over already.

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*What is this? The Hazzard social event of the year?* Chance normally wouldn’t mind the large sudden gathering of Hazzardites, not if she just hadn’t wrecked her brand new Bronco, and in immediate danger of spending her first night in Hazzard in the county jail. But right now jail would be preferable to the attention she was attracting now.

"All right! ALL RIGHT!" Chance raised her hands, as if to ward anything else happening. She felt her temper reaching a danger point. "Sheriff, I'll go with you and straighten this mess out. Let's just get out of here before the three piece band gets here as well. If this "Cooter", whoever he is, can repair my car and the patrol cars, I'll pay for damages." Chance got into the patrol before anything else could happen to complicate matters.

"Jit, Jit! You just don’t go causing no trouble or I'll have to cuff ya and stuff ya." Rosco warned Chance as he got into the drivers seat. The patrol car pulled away.

The Dukes cousins watched Rosco and the doctor lady leave with interest.

"Doctor or not, Applby's pretty lady friend looked ready to spit nails." Bo told Luke.

"Don’t blame her, hell of a way to be welcomed to Hazzard." Luke walked over to inspect the damaged Bronco, when he spied Chance's folder of papers lying on the front seat "Seems she’s gonna be even more sore when she found out she forgot these." Without reservation, he began leafing through the contents. The folder contained Chance's resume, references and all the other papers needed to practice medicine in Hazzard. "As pretty as she may be, looks like she has more education that half of Hazzard."

"Well, that would figure. You know what they say...never date a woman smarter than you are."

"Bo, if you followed that, you'd in be line for the priesthood."


Meanwhile, back in Rosco's patrol car, Roscoe was lecturing Chance on the basic Dos and Don’ts of Hazzard Law, since for the

first time in a long time, he had someone at his disposal too polite to interrupt and not inclined to run away."...And you better watch them Duke boys if you know what’s good fer ya, I’ve arrested them for everything from running shine to indecent exposure."

"Is that so?" *Bet that was a sight *

"Khee! That's right. Those two have no respect for the law, and I'm the law in this county."

"So you've mentioned before." *Dear Lord, what have I gotten myself into?* Chance leaned her head against the seat and wondered how she was going to explain her situation to Henry. Mercifully, they pulled into the town of Hazzard only a few minutes later.

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Luke Duke picked the folder up from out of the seat of the Bronco, but before he had it in his hands long Harlond snatched it away.

"Thanks, I wouldnt mind at all returning this to that fine lady." Harlond grinned knowing that both Duke boys had been eyeing her.

He turned and walked away from them and towards his car, Harlond noted the strange car that they drove. Fact was, it was the weirdest thing he had ever seen in all his years of going to the races in L.A. The 442 Olds came to life and pulled away around the General Lee leaving the Duke boys a little perturbed in its dust.

Harlond drove to the sheriffs department where Rosco and the fine looking young women who claimed to be a doctor and was no doubt were still trying to sort things out. He entered the sheriffs office looking forward to seeing the pretty young lady again.

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The town of Hazzard turned as to be just as quaint and charming as Applby promised, except Chance wasnt feeling very charmed at the moment, getting out of the patrol car in front of the Hazzard County Sheriff's department. Chance had barely reached the steps with Rosco when she actually heard her name being called.

"Chance, Chance Walker!" Doc Applby was looking none too please "What in tarnations happeaned? When you were late, which you never are, I called Enos on the CB and he told me you were ARRESTED?!"

"Apparently, there was a slight misunderstanding coming into town."

"Slight?! Enos said you wrecked two patrols cars and your own.."

"Jit, Yeah, scuffed them but good."

"Sheriff, please, not now. C'mon, Chance, let's get inside and see if can get this squared away." Chance and Applby followed

Rosco into the office. The Sheriff shook his finger at Chance sternly.

"Now you just stay here while I have a talk with the Boss and he'll decide what to fine ya."

Once Sheriff was gone, Chance looked wearily at the older doctor. "Things always this quiet in Hazzard? Makes me think the ER

would be good for a vacation spot. Maybe have our pysch patients come down here to see that they're not all THAT crazy."

Applby chuckled. "You have no idea."

Chance didnt have to wait long before the sheriff returned, followed by an extremly rotund man in a white suit, a fat cigar hanging from the corner of his mouth. *Theres a cardiologist's worse nightmare, or dream come true, depending on your point of view.*

"Boss, there is the suspicious character I was telling you about. A heres the list of charges."

"Boss", if Chance got the name right, leafed through the papers Rosco had handed him. "Well, well, Speeding, reckless driving, damage to county property, resisting arrest..

"Resisting Arrest?!"


" and driving with a broken turn signal."

"Now wait a minute, my turn signal was working fine...before the crash, that is."

"oh.." Boss Hogg looked skepical. "Can you provide evidence to that fact?"

"Well, no, but.."

"No Buts, except yours...in the county lockup, if you cannot provide payment for damage and fines, to the amount of..." Boss considered this, and added a bit for his own trouble "three hundred dollars."

"Three Hundred!" Chance can afford it, but it was a bit of a stretch, considering she had snck most of her savings into buying Applby's office building.

Applby leaned over. "Trust me, its be easier to just pay it."

Chance sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "All right, if it'll clear up this..mess." Chance took her checkbook from her pocket.

"Well, that aint considering also....court costs, taxes, and other legalities."

*Legalities?* Chance looked at him warily. "Bottom line?"

Chance poorly choose her wording, the term "bottom line" to Boss Hogg was like saying "Free Beer" to a drunk. "Bottom line..five hundred dollars and not a penny less!"

Chance'e eyes widened, three she could have managed, but five was beyond her budget. "I'm sorry, Mr. Hogg, I don't have..."

"Then you'll have to go to the lockup, case dismissed" Hogg huffed away.

*Case dismissed? Was I in court?*

"Boss, maybe we can come to an arrangment, perhaps I could provide community service. I'm a doctor and.."

"Oh, Is that so?"

*Why is that so hard to believe around here?*

Applby, who had silent until now spoke up in his friend behalf. "I can attest to that, Boss, Chance is one of the finest surgeons Atlanta has to offer. "

"Well..." Boss considered this. "If you are in fact a 'doctor', let's see your medical papers."

"Absolutly, I'll just..." *ohhh...DAMN!* "I left them in the car."

"Ha! A likely story, Rosco, lock up her up before I add impersonating a doctor to her charges."

"Jit. jit, alright, lady..."

"Now, wait a minute!."

"No papers, No deal!"

Chance was getting peeved, to say the least. "I assure you, Boss, I am completly and properly paper-trained."

Applby choked on his laugh.

"even if that is so, well I dont..."

"Boss, How would feel if I first act as Hazzard's new medical offical is informing your wife of your new dietary needs. I mean, a man of your..stature, my professional recommedation would be to cut out all cigars, booze, red meat, sugar...." Chance grabbed a pen and paper from the nearby desk and starting writing her "prescription" for Mrs.Hogg.

Applby saw what Chance was getting at. "Better add a regime of heavy cardio excercise to that, Chance."

Hogg eyes had widened with every beloved vice Chance had mentioned and was in the process turning an unattractive shade of red. "You..you wouldnt dare!"

"And, with Dr. Applby's here to concur, what devoted wife wouldnt listen to the advice of not one, but two doctors."

"Thats blackmail!"

Henry grinned. "Seems she catches on to Hazzard thinking fast, what ya say, Hogg, your freedom for hers."

"But, but...All right, all right! Rosco, tear up those charges!"

Chance looked concerned at Hogg's color, which right now was going from red to purple. "I hope he doesnt have a heart attack, I don't want have to rusitate him."

Applby visible shuddered at the concept. "Don't look at me!."

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Kristy tiredly looks up from one of the papers she is editing as a roar of angry voices explodes through her closed door from the sheriff's station. Glaring up at the clock to reveal she has over an hour of work left to be done she slowly arrises from her old wobbly scratched wooden chair and makes her way stiffly to her closed door. Warily she opens the door as she lets her curiousity catch a hold of her to know what is going on. For a long moment she takes in the familiar scene of another arguement upon the local law, but this time with a new face. A pretty face to a tall woman that she has never met before standing besides the local doctor, both of them looking angry enough to shoot fire balls from thier eyes at Boss and Rosco.

"Oh is this the poor guest into our fine county that you labeled as being dangerous, eh Rosco?" Kristy snarls at him to recieve a hard cold glare from Rosco's icy blue eyes.

"Ghee ghee...you stay out of it Kristy Duke!" Rosco trips over his words, "I already warned her 'bout you Dukes!"

"Is that so?" Kristy asks sarcastically, "Have you also warned her about how you like to implant speeding traps, how you and Hogg there frame my brothers and cousin none stop? I bet you forgot to tell her that."

"You Dukes are all the same...y'all just lie," Rosco accuses me, "and if you just have to know, Kristy, she managed to wreck both Enos' and my patrol car, resisted arrest, and now impersonating a doctor."

"I thought you dropped them charges?" Appleby cuts in placing a protective arm around the new comer's tense shoulders.

"Ghee ghee."

"Well, knowing you Rosco...you and Enos wrecked your patrol cars not her," Kristy snaps.

"That is all I need to hear from you Kristy!" Boss yells from behind his cigar, "Where's Rosco's report on Garrett?" he blows smoke into Kristy's direction, "You know...from him illegally parking that heap of trash he calls a car. You better not have found a way to misplace it elsewhere like last time or you'll be out looking for another job!"

"It's on the desk," I answer, "I just heard the commotion out here and figured I'd see what's -"

"Well I suggest you to get back in there and work on your own business!" Hogg snaps at her.

"Well I need to talk to Appleby 'bout Shay," Kristy says quietly.

"Too bad," Hogg snaps, "We all agreed when you started that family wouldn't interrupt with your work, so get to it!"

"Yes sir," Kristy says before backing back into her office to finish her stack of reports to edit.

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Watching all this from the booking desk, MaryAnne had kept quiet. This Chance Walker was certainly getting a crash course education on Hazzard County. She stood up and came down from the booking desk to join the group.

"Well," she said.

Boss looked at her, pointing a finger with his cigar in grip at her. "Don't you start with me too, MaryAnne."

"You mean I can't join in on the fun here?"

"Jit! MaryAnne, hush."

MaryAnne turned to Rosco, blue eyes regarding her cousin in a cold stare that made Rosco flinch. "YOU hush. Seein' as there's an audience here I'll save my riot act for the both you later!" MaryAnne turned and faced Chance and Doc Appleby.

"I apologize for the conduct of our Sheriff and County Commissioner. Doc told several of us that you were coming. I hope you understand that this ain't our usual red carpet treatment for new arrivals."

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Just then the booking room doors opened up and a tan and olive green clad officer came in the doors with a leather schale over her shoulder and a manillia folder in hand. She smiled brightly holding the folder in hand high above her head, "Crickets and Crocs! Good news everyone! We got three G's coming to the Hazzard County Department of Wildlife! We got the grant!"

The heads turned and Val made her way straight to Boss. Boss's eyes lit up like a fireworks display as Val started to show him the paper work.

"Three thousand dollars! Hee he he! Now's what I except outa MY employees, bringing in money for MY county!" Boss chuckled as he looked over the folder.

Val bit her lower lip and grinned. She knew she was a state employee but she didn't argue with the man. Her main goal was distraction, which seemed to be working. Rosco leaned in over Boss's and Val's shoulders to see what the grant was about. Val then gently slipped off to the side and let Rosco come in closer. The two men were now drooling over the paper work. Val then slipped back to Dr. Walker and MaryAnne.

"Whew!" Val exhaled and then offered her hand to Dr. Walker, "Hello, you must be Dr. Walker. I'm Valerie Strate, Hazzard County's Game Warden. Hopefully that will keep those guys busy and they'll forget all about the charges. Besides, wave a dollar bill over Boss's nose and he's like a coon dog after a coon skin cap."

Val then glanced over to MaryAnne, "Um... M.A. you wanna go down to the Busy Bee later for lunch with me..."

Val then stopped and glanced at Chance and realized Kristy would probably want something too. If Boss would ever let Kris out of that dang office maybe she would feel better. Val then smiled, "Say, Dr. Walker, MaryAnne... would you gals like to join me for lunch down at the Busy Bee. I'll buy."

Val then realized she'd have to ask Kristy if she would come too, but one step at a time.

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*Hazzard County Public Health Notice - Any medical stuff I put up in here, I'm either making up on the spot or got from MASH or ER. Now, on with the show....*

Chance had heard enough, between her own situation and watching Boss Hogg talk down the woman who has just entered, Chance temper finally exploded. Placing her hands on her hips, she glared at Hogg. "You know, on second though, you're in no danger of a heart attack, Hogg, you have to have a heart first! As for you.." She poked Sheriff Coltrane in the chest, who had been the source of most of her aggaravation.

"Chance! C'mon lets get out of here, before you DO end up in jail." Applby knew Chance well enough when she started, then usually she ended up regretting it. "I have to talk to Kristy about Shay anyway. And Hogg, I wouldnt make Dr. Walker mad if I were you. Never anger a woman who knows her way about a scapal." Applby added over his shoulder before entering Kristy's office. "Miss Valerie, I'm sorry, maybe later. I want Chance to see her newest patient as soon as possible. Thanks."

Chance turned to the female deputy. "And I apologize for my behavior, Deputy.." Chance glanced at her badge."Coltrane?" Chance looked between MaryAnne and Rosco and shook her head, as if not believeing the two could be at all related. "Its been a...unusual morning." Chance nodded politly and followed Applby, vowing to herself to keep clear of the Hazzard county law from now on. When she entered, Applby was already getting an update from Kristy's to Shay's condition.

"Kristy, if you don't mind, I'd to take Chance down to the Duke farm and take a look at Shay, she's had a lot of experience treating children in Atlanta. Now that Chance will be Shay's regular physican once I retire, I'd like to include her on this."

Chance pulled Applby aside and said quietly. "Wait a sec, Henry. Until my papers gone through the local offices, I can be an consultant, not perform medical care."

"I trust you, Chance."

"What the dianogsis?"

"Right now, i'm thinking a severe case of strep throat, probably tonsillitis. Shay's has high fever, inflammation of the throat and hes off his feed."

"Any family history?"

"No, The Dukes are one of the healthist families in Hazzard."

"From the two I met earlier on the road, I'd say so, maybe a little TOO healthy."

"Don't mind those two,Bo and Luke, I swear they have radar that goes off when a pretty girl enters Hazzard."

Chance made a noncommital sound, right now she was more interested in helping Henry's patient then being chased around by the local farmboys. Although the brunette Duke boy *Was* fairly attractive..ok downright handsome but she pushed that thought aside for later.

"What's the treatment so far?"

"I prescribed some antibiotics this morning. But if the inflammation doesnt go down soon, the tonsils may need to be removed."

"I'll do it, if I can get that..dipstick commissioner to send my license through the county system."


Back at the crash scene, again....

The Dukes werent about to let Harlond play the hero all by himself. Climbing into the General, Luke said. "You know, Bo, if that new city-slicker deputy is all fired up to meet that doctor lady, there gotta be something to be seen there. Besides..." He grinned as the General sped off towards Hazzard. "I saw her first."

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Kristy takes in the two doctors in front of her as they talk back and forth about Shay's condition. Listening to them talk, to Appleby filling the new doctor in on Shay's condition, makes her heart tighten in painful realization on how serious this is. Before she only took it as it being a ritual child hood sickness like ear infection. But of what she is hearing seems to be a lot worse than any normal sickness that a child may go through at his age.

"Is it OK that I have Dr. Walker stop by later today to look at Shay? To get her prognosis of his condition?" Appleeby says turning to Kristy, "I think it fit that she gets to it as soon as possible since she will be his doctor real soon now."

"I don't have a problem with having her come by tonight to check on Shay," Kristy says feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders.

"But what?" Appleby says stepping up to her desk, "I hear a but in that statement, Kristy."

"But you know he'll have a fit," Kristy answers, "you know he don't take strangers well...he don't take you lookin' at him well."

"Seperation anxiety," Appleby inserts, "every kid goes through it sooner or later, Shay may have it worse than others, but all the same. He'll have to grow use to Dr. Walker sooner or later...as will you."

"I know," Kristy forces a smile at the two doctors, "I'll be home at 6:00 or around there, depends on when Hogg lets me out of here. . . How bad is it? Shay's condition?"

Kristy looks at the two doctors, fighting back the tears that threaten to fall as her imagination plays games with her on how bad Shay's condition could be.

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"I know what you mean. I got college friends who meet Enos and can't believe we're twins." Val shook her head and giggled, "Yeah, I thought you'd like to catch a bite at Busy Bee with me, durring our lunch hour. I was gonna invite Chance and Kris but I think they're a little busy right now."

The Game Warden then glanced at the Deputy for a moment. Then gave MaryAnne a serious but sincere grin, "And yes, I'm buyin'..."

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(Kristy's Office)

"I won't lie to you, Miss Duke, your son's illness could be very serious. But I won't know for sure until I see him for myself." Chance smiled reassuringly. Kristy Duke was obviously very worried about her son. " But rest assured, he's in the best hands in the South with me and Doc Applby looking after him."

"I would really prefer to take Chance down to the Duke Farm now and let her take a look at Shay, Kristy, the sooner we can nail down his condition, the sooner we can begin treatment."


OUtside Kristy's Office, Rosco had firmly planted an ear on the door while Boss was still drooling over the grant, probably trying to decided how to misappropiate it. "Jit, Jit, You hear that, Boss? If we can nail that city-slicker doctor doing ...well, doctor stuff without her medical papers, we can run her outta Hazzard but good! Noone threatens my little fat buddy, Khee!"


And outside the sheriff's office itself, the General Lee had pulled up only moments after the deputy's Olds. Just as Harlond as entering the main office, Luke snatched the papers from him "Thanks, but I think I can handle this." He said as he shut the door in Harlond's face...hard.

(OOC: I did have permission for the limited control of Harlond via his author's permission so we could continue the story while keeping with the ban)

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"You are welcome to come take a look," Kristy sighs feeling her lack of sleep catch up with her in a wave of worry, "but I can't get out of here until six if not later than that."

"Her uncle and brother is watching him now," Applebee speaks up, "But I think it'd be best to wait for Kristy to get -"

The elder doctor is quickly interrupted by a roar of yelling out side of Kristy's closed door a moment before the door is abruptly thrown open. Kristy glares up in expectanting it to be either Boss Hogg or Rosco and is surprised to see Bo and Luke standing in front of the open door breathless. A long moment of silence fills the room as all eyes lay upon the boys as Bo slams the door shut as Luke holds up some papers in his right hand.

"Dr. Walker," he smiles stepping up to the new young doctor before discovering the elder doctor there as well. Focusing his attention back on Chance he smiles at her, forcing his sky blue eyes to dance flirtasiously at the young doctor. "we found these papers in your truck and we thought you might want or that they may be important."

"I guess I shoulda counted on see you two again...and I should thank you for your trouble of coming here to give these to me, but if I guess right, it wasn't much trouble to you," she forces a smile at him.

"Of course not," Luke smiles at her.

"No trouble at all," Bo smirks deeply in sarcasm, "not if don't count stealing them from cop before knocking him with the door in ...Owe...why you do that for?" Bo looks accusatory at Luke as he is elbowed in the stomach by his older cousin, "knocking him witht he door in here."

"Bo is lacking serious amount of oxygen in that small brain of his and has no clue of what he is talking about," Luke covers only to recieve angry glares from Bo to force Chance to laugh.

"Very funny," Bo smirks at him before sitting on the edge of Kristy's desk.

"Do y'all mind?!" Kristy snaps after a long moment of silence to glare at Doctor Applebee to Chance before glaring at her brother then at Luke, "While my son is at home dying of pain, hunger, and lack of sleep...oh and probably dehydrating due to being to painful to swallow anything...all you can think about is yourself! Don't think of my son who may be dying from all this...don't worry about it at all! Go ahead and follow your hormones into MY office just so you can get another glance at the new FEMALE doctor. . .and while you are following your hormones into MY office, go ahead and forget about MY son!"

The room is silent as everyong glares at Kristy in surprise at her anger, the temper she rarely looses. "Didn't you two ever stop to think," she forces a laugh, "I forgot...you two keep forgetting to think at times, especially when following a pretty girl! Doh me...I shoulda knew better than to think that you would be thinkin' at a time like this!" she pauses to shoot more daggers of anger at Bo and Luke, "Did you two ever stop to think that they are in my office for a reason? Perhaps to talk about MY son?! Or do you even care? Obviously not!"

Tears quickly flood down her face, first at how sick her son is to embarrassment at loosing her temper at her own family. Quickly she hides her face in embarrassment at the tears and at loosing her temper, something that she usaully can control.

"Kristy," Luke finally says, cutting through the uptight silence that has filled the room, "I am sorry...we weren't...I wasn't thinking. For once, it had nothing to do with Bo...he just kinda followed. Don't be mad at him...be mad at me. I wasn't thinkin'...I didn't even stop to think that she may be here because of Shay. I'm sorry."

Kristy wipes her face harshly to rid of the tears before looking up at them. "No...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped...yelled at the two of you like that," she finally says, "I am just upset and took it out on you, I'm sorry. There's no -"

"You're right to be worried about Shay," Bo cuts in to give her a hug, "you are lacking sleep and that alone will make you edgy. Shay is in good hands...you need to have faith in the good Lord and in them."

"Now you are starting to sound like Uncle Jesse," Kristy smiles slightly at her younger half brother, "the bad thing is...I know you are right."

A broad smile takes over Bo's face as he glares over at Luke, like a child would do before saying, "Here that Luke...Kristy says, that I was right."

"I guess Uncle Jesse was right," Luke smiles back at him, "when saying that there is a first time for everything...which will make it your last!"

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"Alright then, its decided, We'll go down the farm now to see your son, and you’re coming with us, and Boss be damned. You're

mentally and emotionally exhausted. No arguments. Doctor's orders." Chance smiled softly as she helped Kristy out of her chair. "And I'm sorry for upsetting you. I worked in the medical version of an assembly line for so long, I've forgotten that there’s a person behind the patient."

"We'll be happy to give you a ride to the farm in the General, seeing that your car is on its way to Cooter's." Luke was quick to offer. But before Chance could respond, Applby cut in.

"That sounds good, boys, Kristy you better go with them, Leave Chance alone with these two and we may never see her again!

Plus, at my age, I can't crawl in and out that danged stockcar."

"stockcar? As a racing car?" Chance asked warily.

"Yep" Luke said proudly. "The General Lee is the fastest thing on wheels in Hazzard."

"Makes sense, since its got the fastest drivers."

"Alright you two, you can flirt later." That earned Applby a unamused glare from Chance. "C'mon, Kristy, Let's down to the farm and see your son. Chance and I will deal with Boss." Applby opened the office door. "Heard enough, Rosco?" he said as the sheriff nearly fell into the room after having been leaning on the door. The Dukes and the two doctors nearly have to step over Rosco as they leave the office.

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"You can use my medical kit, Chance, its in my truck. I'll follow you up to the farm." Applby was saying.

"Ah ah ah ," I dont think so." Hogg warned them as they were leaving Kristy's office. "If you so as lay on doctoring hand on that boy without your papers, youll be arrested for practicing medicine without a lincense! and you, Kristy Duke, you lay one foot outta this office and dont bother coming back!"

"You mean these papers, Boss?" Luke held up the folder he had yet to give to Chance. He handed Chance the papers, who in turns handed to Boss Hogg, rather forcfully slapping them into his hands.

"I'm sure you see that these will go through the proper channels, I would HATE to have to sue the county for medical liabilities and damages if anything happeans to these, not to mention my bill for taking care of the boy." Chance added with smile as she shut down the sheriff's office door.

"Rosco, did you hear that? what kind of sheriff are you, just standing while a stranger threatens the health and wealth of the offical commissioner of Hazzard county."

"I know, that's a shame shame."

"And shes gotten mixed up with the Dukes and in my book, thats the worst offense of all, now you git after them and arrest the whole of them."

"For what?"

"Make something up!"

"I'm Gone!"

Unaware that she just made Hogg's black list, Chance climbed into the General (without some explantion to why the doors wouldnt work) with Bo, Luke and Kristy. They werent long out of town before the famailar sound of Rosco's siren caught up with them.

"Unbelievable!" Chance said. "The commissioner and the sheriff must have something against young, cosmopolitan doctors."

"More like something against us Dukes"

"We dont have time for this. I thought you said this is the fastest car in Hazzard?"

"I did."

"Then what you waiting for, a written invitation, hit it!"

Yes, Ma'am!

Bo grinned. "Doctor, I think youre gonna fit right in."

"Hold on back there," Bo says as he glares in the rearview mirror at his older half sister, Kristy. He is filled with worry at the look of her paled complexion and at the sight of the worry and concern that is etched on her face. Never before had he witnessed the fear and worry to conquor over her as it is so obvious has now. Of the little amount of time that he had gotten to know his sister she had always had this strong air of calmness around her, no matter the situation; always holding up her shield of toughness to hold back her emotions. Now tears clearly cloud

thickly in her greenish brown eyes, tears she fights harshly back.

"Don't worry 'bout me...just move it!" Kristy snaps at her brother, "I am in no mood to deal with Coltrane nor Hogg. Knowing them, I have now lost my job."

An air of silence fills the crowded car as Bo swurves the car off into some large weeds and begins to wonder aimlessly through the thick weeds. Sirens pierce louder as they grow closer to the Dukes' orange stock


"Watch this," Bo's worry turns into smiles as he lets off a rebel call as he parks the car in front of small creek in a deep ravine. Kristy watches with little interest as Rosco appears driving crazily at her side of the car at top pace. Nervously Kristy holds onto a roll bar just as Bo presses harshly onto the accelerator to send the General a head to barely miss

getting hit. Sighing in relief of the sense of safety, Kristy watches as Rosco jumps clumsily into the ravine behind her. The crashing of metal rings out through the ravine as the car lands. "What did I tell ya?"

"Fine...but let's go," Kristy says from the back seat, "let's go see Shay."

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Chance was looking a little peaked herself after the jump, she wasnt used to being airborne in a car. She was holding onto the rollbar and back of the seat a little white-knuckled.

"You guys do that often?"

"As often as Rosco chases us."

"Great. I suppose this would be a bad time to tell you I get airsick" Chance said sarcasm.

"Not in this car you don't!" Bo was indignant was the thought.

Chance ignored that. "Kristy, when we get to the farm, I need you to keep Shay calm while I give him a complete physical.

When Applby joins us, we can discuss treatment for your son." Chance said while we checked out the contents of Applby's medical bag.

Concerned, Luke glanced back at the two women. "What you think I may be, Chance?"

"Can't say yet, Applby's dianogsis may be correct. It may simple be a case of severe tonsilitis, but there are a couple things I want to be sure of before we schedule him for surgey. Don't worry, everything will be fine."

Moments later they arrived at the Duke Farm...

Jesse Duke can running down at the arrival of the General, which slid to a its usual stop mere feet from the house. "I told you boys NOT to swing that blasted car in so close to the house! One day you're going miss that stop and go right on through our kitchen! Who's that?" He. asked as Chance climbed out of the car window.

"Uncle Jesse, This is Dr. Chance Walker, from Atlanta. She's here to see Shay."

"I didn't realize it was so serious that Henry had to call in someone from Atlanta."

"Actually, Mr. Duke." Chance said. "I'm to be Applby's permanant replacement at his practice."

"Well, its nice to meet you, Chance, I'm sure you'll agree with we skip the formalities for now, you probably want to see Shay right away." Jesse ushered Chance into the house, followed closely by the boys and Kristy. "I just put him down in Daisy's room, the the quietest he's been all day."

"Thanks, Applby should be joining us shortly, we kinda left him in the dust." Any other time, Chance would have found the small farmhouse warm and inviting, but right now, Chance's thoughts were on the patient at hand. She forced herself to block out other distractions.

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Kristy numbly walks into the old farm house next to Bo who walks besides her for support. Her mind swarms of thoughts upon her ten month old son who had kept her awake the past few nights. Heart seems to relaxes a notch as Jesse says he's been quiet for a while in thought of him actually catching some sleep.

Together they all slowly migrate from the large farm kitchen and into decently sized living room. Tiredly Kristy taks in the toys scattered across the floor and smiles fondly at seeing her four year old daughter, Jamie sitting in the middle of the room playing with some blocks. Behind her Jesse ushers Chance to Daisy's room that only seems to be a vague echo in Kristy's ear. For a long while Kristy stands still in a trance watching her daughter building a tower with the wooden blocks. The four year old's light blondish brown hair remains tightly up in pig tails and wearing the denim jump suit that holds a Winnie the Pooh design on the front.

"You OK Kristy?" Luke asks from ahead of her to bring the child's attention to them.

"Mommy!" Jamie yells in excitement, knocking her blocks over as she rushes to her mom in excitement. Kristy smiles back her tears of fear as she picks Jamie up to hug onto her tightly. "I love you."

"I love you too honey," Kristy smiles, "every part of you, even each one of your freckles."

She giggles to make her bluish green eyes dance in a child's delight as Kristy touches her nose that is lightly covered with light brown freckles. "I missed you," Jamie says as Kristy sets her down to hold her hand, "Shay is really sick, isn't he?"

Kristy sighs looking into her child's eyes that looks up to her for answers, truthful answers. "Yes he is sick," she responds tiredly.

"How sick?" Jamie asks, her eyes covered in concer, "Is he gonna die?"

Tears threaten at Kristy's eyes and Jesse comfortly picks Jamie up and sets her on his lap. "Nah of course not kiddo," he forces a smile to her, "he's a tough boy, he just needs some help. We got two doctors here to do the job...he'll be fine."

"Really?" she asks looking into his eyes.

"Yeah really," Jesse says without knowing the extent of Shay's illness.

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The young boy was laying in the center of the bed, very quiet, hardly moving. In any other case, it probably would have been a good sign that the boy was resting, but Chance noticed the bluish undertone to his skin or the very slow rise and fall of his chest.

"How long has he been like this?"

Jesse looked confused. "About an hour, maybe longer. I was relieved he finally settled down after crying all day."

*Crying nothing, this kids is out of breath. Wheres Applby when I need him* As if Chance summoned him, Applby came jogging in, out of breath.

"I got here as fast as I could, I saw Rosco in the ravine on the way and checked up on him. I figured the General Lee came that way." At Chance's unspoken question. "Don't worry, nothing hurt but his pride. Have you seen Shay already?"

"Just about to. Have his noticed his color?"

"He was pale before but nothing like that."

Chance placed the medical case on the bed and retrieved a stethoscope and small handlight. Placing the scope around her head and onto Shay's chest, She listened intently to his breathing. Frowning, she shook her head. "Its too slow." Using the handlight, she looked down Shay's throat. The inside was fire red and swollen so far that even in his listless condition, the toddler squirmed and winced as Chance gently probed his throat column with her hands. "Oh yeah" she said, "Those tonsils are more than ripe, and his throat's not just swollen, its infected as well." Chance shined the handlight over Shay's eyes, checking for a pupilatray response. She paused, frowned and repeated the procedure. When Chance looked up at Applby, she spoke quietly so as not to spook the worried family, which was now waiting patiently just outside the bedroom door. But her eyes held true concern.

"This boys got more than just strep throat complicated with tonsiliitis, look to this." Chance handed Applby the handlight and let the older doctor shine it into his eyes, checking the pupils.

"My God, how did I miss that?"

Chance nodded grimly. "His throat is closed shut, hes not getting enough oxygen. We have to move fast."

"What do you want to do?"

"What's the closet hospital?"

"Capital City Memorial."

"Ok.."Chance thoughts raced. *What I need is a sterile OR, a tray full of equipment and a capable nurse, now what do I HAVE?* "Call the ER and get an ambulance down here, tell them we have an child with breathing complications that needs to go into OR stat."

"It'll take about 45 minutes to get here."


"Old back roads, Chance, And theres no shortcuts."

"Alright, we need to get his airways unblocked and quickly, if we can cut down the inflammation, we can gain some time." Chance looked around, thinking quickly. "You think we can set up some sort of IV here of anti-inflammatories and antobiotics."

"I have those at my office, can we move Shay?"

"I think the extra stress would make things worse? Can you get those things here?"

"In about a half hour, maybe longer."

"Damn!" Chance run her hands through her hair, totally frustrated. She sat back and thought, with the grim realization that there was one course of action. She took from the medical bag a small sterile knife, alcohol swabs, and a piece of clear hollow tubing. A quick slice of the knife chopped the tubing to about an three inch length. Applby looked confused at first, then it dawned on him what Chance was about to do.

"Chance, wait, you take give a tracheotomy here!"

"We can't wait for the IV or the ambulance, we do this now and get that ambulance here on time and Shay might have a chance!"


"No Buts, you can either give me a hand or leave the room, Henry." Chance voiced quieted to a whisper. "If we wait until the ambulance gets here or the drugs to start working, this child will be dead."

Applby was quiet for a moment, he looked out at the Dukes sitting in the living room. "We have to tell them what we're about it do, we owe Kristy at least that much." Applby went into the kitchen to make the call.

Chance nodded grimly, straightening. She approached the group. As one it seemed, Bo, Luke, Jesse and Kristy looked up at her, expectingly. Chance found she had to swallowed before speaking. "Kristy, your son's condition is much worse than we thought. His throat is swollen to the point that he's having difficulty breathing. Dr. Appbly is calling an ambulance to take him to Capital City Memorial ER right now, but in the meantime, I'm going to have to perform a tracheotomy on him so he can get enough oxygen."

Jesse, who was sitting with Kristy, comforting after hearing this news. "A tracheotomy? What's that?"

"I'm to make a small incision in his throat and place a small piece of hollow tubing so air can get through without going through his mouth and nose."

"And if you dont do this..?"

Chance swallowed again and hoped she can say the words without stammering "Then Shay will die before ambulance arrives."

Pale, Luke asked. "Is there anyone we can do?"

"Just pray."

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