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Cuore Sacro


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Last night, on Italian TV, I saw a beautiful film, named "Cuore sacro" ("Holy heart"), produced in 2005; I don't know if it had broadcasted also in USA.

It's a very slow film, with mystic items inside. A strange film, but I've liked it very much (also because I like very much the actor Massimo Poggio :oops:http://www.sorrisi.com/sorrisi/photogallery/art023001030900.jsp, and Andrea Guerra's music)


At the beginning of the trailer you can heard these words:

"Ciascuno di noi ha due cuori, ma uno dei cuori eclissa l'altro; se ognuno di noi riuscisse, anche per un solo istante, a intravedere la luce del suo cuore nascosto, allora capirebbe che quello è un cuore sacro" (Everyone has two hearts, but an heart overshadows the other one; if everyone can see, also for only one moment, the light of his hidden heart, then everyone will understand that it's an holy heart)

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