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White over Hazzard

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(Winter 2006)

Jesse Duke (Bo's son) sat at a table by the window in the recently remodeled Boars Nest and watched the snow come down in sheets. Suddenly a cold blast of air came through the door. Jesse looked towards the door. It was Madi, she ran to where Daisy was.

"Madison Renee Duke, I just swept that floor and you come in here and get snow all ove the place!" Daisy said.

"Daisy, I drove here as fast as I could. It's time." Madi said with snow falling off of her Carhart and off the brim of her cowboy hat.

"Um Let me get my coat." Daisy said, running towards the coatrack.

"What?" Jesse asked.

"Dawn Come on!" Madi replied.

Daisy ran out to the pickup and tried to start it. Dead.

"Madi I gotta ride with you. Jesse, come on." Daisy said. They both hopped in and Madi started her Dodge Truck. Not long after, Madi's cell phone rang. Daisy picked up, it was Dusty.

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*Sighs* "Hi, Daisy I need to talk to Madi." Dusty said.

"Okay, here she is." Daisy said.

"Hi Dusty. No baby, but we're almost there. We're pulling in to pick up The Doc. , I love you too. We'll be there any minute. Bye." Madi hung up.

Balladeer: I know ya'll are probably real confused about who Dawn is and What is so all fire wrong. I was kinda wonderin that myself.

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When they got to the Duke Farm, Madi and Jesse ran to the barn. Madi ran all the way to the end stall where the stall door stood open. She knelt down beside Dusty and motioned for Jesse to come and sit.

"That's a girl, easy Dawn. Take it slow. Shhhhh." Madi said, as she stroked the mares soft muzzle.

"It'll be O.K." Dusty soothed. Doc came in and began preparing the stall for the birth of Dawns colt.

"I'm gonna go get some coffee for ya' Dusty." Madi said, kissing Dusty before she left.

In the House......

"So, you and Dusty." Daisy said raising her eyebrow.

"Me and Dusty what?" Madi said, pouring two cups of coffee.

"Oh, don't act like nothin' ever happens when ya'll go out to the barn together at night." Daisy said, starting dinner.

"Nothin' happens." Madi said deffensiveley.

"Oh and don't act like noone saw ya'll kiss in the barn just a few minutes ago." Daisy said, still smiling.

"That was a "thank you" kiss. Do you know how long he sat out there with MY horse while I went to the boars nest and got YOU?!" Madi asked.

"No I don't." Daisy said, "But I do know that Dusty would do ANYTHING for you. He told me so."

"You gotta be f'in kiddin me." Madi said, shocked.

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"But I don't care. He's not my real father I look nothing like him at all." Madi replied. A look of shock and horror overtook Daisy's face.

"And just how are you so sure he isn't?" Daisy prodded.Madi rolled her eyes in dissmay. She walked to the door and began to open it but then she reclosed it keeping her hand on the knob.

"Daisy, ain't you seen the birth certificates? It says the father is Trenton Tomlinson. You think about all the lies you told to me, " Madi said replacing her hat, "I gotta go and help an deliver my damn horses baby." Madi finished, slamming the door hard behind her. Daisy, shocked, slid into one of the kitchen chairs. Never had she seen madi so unwilling to cooperate and just believe in something. Her mind shot back to another time, another place.

Madi breaking her first horse...

"Come on girl, Dawn you can do it." Daisy heard Madi cooing to Dawn. "Just don't buck. We're gonna work on the trot, ok?"

"She used to be so loving," Daisy thought,"What changed her?"

Just then she heard Madi yelling that it was a boy. Daisy smiled, she could tell it was one of Madi's sweeter moments.

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