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When I Come Home to You

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[b]Bo clutched the note in his hands. It was the only thing he had left of Molly and wanted so much for her to come back, to be with him. He finally, after two hours of waiting, started to read the letter. It read:

"My dearest Bo,

If you are reading this letter you now know that I have passed on while in labor with our beautiful daughter Madi. I wanted so much for us to be together but unfortunate events of my having to return to Our lord and savior, took us away from each other.

I have arranged for our daughter to live with some of my relitives until the 14th year of her life. Then she will return to live in Hazzard with the rest of her family. I miss you and will wait for you at Hevan's Gate.

Love you forever,


Bo's son walked out and began to ask where Mommy was. Bo didn't answer.

summer 2004,14 years later....

It was all arranged. Madi was to come to live with Bo and the rest of the Dukes within two days. Bo's son Jesse got in the General Lee to go get Madi at the station. Jesse's friend, Dustin, came along. When they got to the station, a girl who looked like Jesse sat on a bench by some suitcases. She had bulky arms and football player shoulders. She wore a cowboy hat and tan cowboy boots. She pulled a picture out of her pocket. The picture showed Jesse and Bo. She looked up at Bo and Jesse.

"Hey Daddy, Jesse!" She pulled them both into a hug. "I been to Hazzard before and I never saw you before." She said to Dustin.

"Whats yer name?" Madi asked.

"Dustin Rhode. But call me Dusty."

"I like at name Dusty Rhode."

"Oh Daddy wheres Daisy?"

"She's over at the boars nest. Workin. We can drop by and see her." Bo said. Giving her another hug.

"Hey sis, you want to go huntin later?" Jesse asked.

"With what?" Madi asked.

"Guns." Dusty and Jesse replied.


"Why not?" Jesse asked.

"Probation. 8 more years that I can't use a gun." Madi responed.

"What for? When?" Bo asked.

"Um I'll explain later somewhere more priavate." Madi said.

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