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Some intersecting facts from my Vacation to the Corvette Mus


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Number one did you know that in Southern Ohio there is a gas station called "Dukes" and they have a restaurant called "Duchess" oh and by the way if happened to stop by and have travelers check shey will give you a hard time if you try to use them.

Second when you first get into Kentucky on 1-71 there is a water tower big as daylights that reads "Florence Y'll" and there is "Hazard,Kentucky" in Southern Kenucky.

Here is the fun one and test your friends on this right did you there was a Corvette before 1953 and it wasn't a chevy actually it was Canadian Battleship that patroled the waterways of Canada againist the German U-boats and it was called the "Corvette" and it's french for "Fast Slope".

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