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Everybody is talking about their hobbies and here's mine


Does Anybody collect Die-Cast on the group?  

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  1. 1. Does Anybody collect Die-Cast on the group?

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Well, for the past ten years I've been collecting die-cast and now I have two Corvettes 1/24 scale from the Corvette museum it's just american to go to that museum and not buy something Corvette related.

At least three Dodge Chargers and they are a 1/18 scale General Lee just got a couple of weeks ago. A 2006 1/24 scale Dodge Charger in a display case, and a 1/32 scale 1969 Budweiser Dodge Charger that my brother got me for Christmas one year.

Two 1957 Bel-Air same exact model just different colors. I couldn't believe I did this until pulled the first one out.

Three Ford Mustang all 1/24 scale just different years and different colors, two of them was gifts and one I bought.

Various 30's and 40's car can remember exactly all them right now.

Vincent's car from The Fast and The Furious and in 1/18 scale as well.

The Coors Bandit Trans Am WestCoast Choppers edition maybe y'll seen it at your local Wal-mart.

Oh ya, some kind of Porshe thatmy younger brother bought me. I keep them in their boxes for display cases and they stay dust free. Oh wait a minute a I forget a NYPD Ford Crown Victoria in 1/24 scale I think well, anyways I would have to pull it out to see what size it's exactly right now.

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