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Silent Hill


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I just got back from seeing this film last night and I loved it. The visuals are amazing and the creep factor is through the roof. I almost jumped into the lap of the guy next to me several time during the movie, which wouldn't have made his date very happy.

I will present one warning, this movie is very VERY gory. So if you like that kind of movie (which I do, sick puppy that I am), you will love this.



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At first I was a little angry they didn't stick to the game story. I'm a big horror video game fan and when I saw the Silent Hill movie after loving the games so much.

But in retrospect it had amazing visuals, it actually felt like some places in the game. And it is one of the best Video-game to movies I've seen. Much better than Resident Evil movies and truer to the original story. Then there was the complete and total Bloodrain failure.

So, yeah, it was good.


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